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Um... if we were living in the SW universe, I would be dark... because I'd definitely be Mandalorian... but if I had to be a force user, I would most likely ride the fence. I hate the Sith.

wink Thanks!

An update: I saw the 3rd grader again a few days ago, and he told me all about watching the movies with his dad wink He said he has watched them over and over again! Now I feel like a real educator! haha

Well, I teach music, so unless I teach them all about John Williams, I probably can't get away with showing SW! However, I did tell him that he had to go get the movies and watch them. I should have told him he would be getting a grade on it!

I just thought I'd share this little tragedy with everyone:
I teach elementary school, and there is a 3rd grader in one of my classes who is constantly wearing Star Wars shirts, carries a SW lunch box, etc. So I told him I liked his shirt (It had Boba on it)... and I told him that Boba was my favorite character. He says "Who is Boba?"
Anyway, long story short, this kid has never seen any of the movies! He watches the animated series, and he thinks that is Star Wars. I wanted to tell him to have his mother check him out of school immediately so he could watch the movies.


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Boba, of course wink
Jango is a bit too flashy for me. I respect the fact that he duel wields pistols, but all that gun slinging is useless. Although after reading the comics, I have more of an interest in Jango than I did before. His life was tragic too.


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Thanks...I just spelled it wrong... oops!


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This has nothing to do with Boba, but I couldn't find an answer on wookieepedia... What is an Ack? In the Karen Traviss books, there are a few times when they make jokes about a person with a pet Ack... is that an animal? Thanks...

I HATE it. It's total bs. Why do they want to change so much of the story? I have been brooding over this for weeks, and if I wasn't so tired this evening, I would rant for hours about this. sad

I personally think it would be great if they would use some of the story line from books to make the next 3 movies. The Legacy books, maybe? Honestly, I wouldn't care which ones they used, as long as it was new Star Wars movies. (I think the Yuuzong Vong would be last on my list, though, even if it would be great action.) I want to see more Boba!

Well, there's six movies and a ton of books. And a LOT of people who don't read. I didn't even consider myself a SW "fan" until I started reading the books. Don't stone me or anything... I just like to read, and I find the books so much more (how do I say this?) detailed than the movies.

I would love to know too... I read those books, then the Bounty Hunter Wars trilogy, then the legacy series... but I would like to read more. I know a lot of his story is in the comic books, but I am waiting for Omnibus to come out, since it is going to have them in it. But if there are any more that have parts of his story, please post! I am reading the Han Solo trilogy right now, just to get some more Boba action. wink

Why the F&%K is Boba riding a dinosaur? Is that supposed to be a krayt dragon?

It's funny you should post this... I saw a Twilight parody at Books A Million just a few days ago! I read a few pages of it... I think yours is funnier!

I just got done making some armor myself... Gunmetal gray and black. It was a long project, but totally worth it. I made my armor out of trashcans. It sounds stupid, but works really well, especially on a tight budget. After cutting out my pieces, I molded them in the oven... Anyway, I really prefer the darker colors. I would also like to do a Fett costume someday, just to do it. It would be really fun just trying to get everything perfect. I have a friend who told me he would help me cut the pieces out of sheet metal when I got the money. Other colors I think are cool- Black with Red trim, Dark gray with blue trim. I saw a girl at one of the conventions with pink armor... it was cute, but I don't think I would ever do that. (no offense to anyone with pink armor)


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In the bounty hunter wars books, he has a hiding place for extra equipment, so he can replace armor when it gets destroyed. Maybe that is why he has different pieces in those two movies. I don't know if anyone has already brought that up... I didn't read the entire thread, so forgive me if I'm saying something redundant.

That's kinda what I thought too. That's a great explanation! Thanks!

Well, the only reason I asked is because he makes comments in several of the books that point to his either not believing in the force, or thinking it is a fictional support for the Jedi. Personally, I can't see how he wouldn't believe it existed, because then he would have to wonder how the Jedi pull off some of the things they do. Maybe he believes in the force as a tool, but doesn't believe that the force "leads" the Jedi? My husband and I have been debating this, and I just wanted some extra input...

This may have already been brought up once, but I searched and couldn't find it. There have been several quotes in the books about Boba's belief/disbelief in the force.
For example: "That Jedi superstition? Gentlelady Organa, if the Force exists I have seen no proof of it, and I doubt it does."
Boba Fett to: Leia (p. 297)
My question is: Does Boba really not believe in the force? How could he not believe in the force when he can clearly see what Vader can do? (And other Jedi/Sith)
Or is this something that the authors of these stories/books have just invented? Opinions please!

I saw it, and I enjoyed it. I loved the books, and I thought New Moon was actually more "by the book" than Twilight. I only had three complaints: 1. The CGI on the wolves was terrible. They were SOOO fake. 2. Some of the conversations between the characters were a little awkward. Especially between Jacob and Bella. 3. Bella's screaming when she is having nightmares about Edward. It's way WAY over the top.
I read the reviews online, and I think it's way better than they are saying. Some of those people are just sick of seeing the hype, and they just want the movie to be crap. I had to keep reminding myself that it is "teen fiction," so there are going to be some cheesy, over the top moments.

My favorite is: "Everyone dies...since no one's paid me to kill you, sleep well."


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So, why do we need to see his face so badly? wink I think the mystique of the helmet is much cooler than seeing his face.


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Here's my question: Since Boba was a clone of Jango, wouldn't they look exactly alike?