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Seriously? Where did you hear that? That would be awesome! My husband would be SO pissed! wink


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I just finished reading the Boba Fett 1-6 (for about the tenth time!) and I was wondering:
My husband swears that he does not think Mace Windu died when he fell out of the window on Episode III. What does everyone else think? If someone has already asked this question, forgive me. I didn't search the boards for a thread wink
My husband is a HUGE Windu fan, so he hates it when I say that I hope a story surfaces about Boba finally killing him... hahaha smile


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Well, I am perfectly fine imagining him looking like Jango... Temuera Morrison is so sexy. smile
But I have thought about who I would like to see playing Boba in a movie... if it's a younger, say ROTJ aged Boba, maybe Jason Statham. If it's an older Boba, maybe someone like Bruce Willis... although I don't really picture him looking like Bruce.
Just someone really manly and gruff.


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Bats, don't you post about Fett's face about once a month? wink
I think not knowing what he really looks like is part of his charm!


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I watched an interview with Temuera Morrison on youtube yesterday. I don't know if I'm super late on this, but I thought it was cool. He is very funny! Here's the link:


I think it's kinda sad though that he is having a hard time finding work. I'm totally buying his book!


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I need to see that movie! I think he is so attractive... in that manly Bruce Willis kind of way. Of course those are the men that I like. My husband is like that; big and manly.
I love Jacob too, but he doesn't look so young. Edward is just too darn skinny for my taste.


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I'm way too old for him, so when I say "adorable," I mean I would love to pinch his cheeks. I could listen to him talk all day long though.


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Missle launcher! I want one for myself...


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I was just watching that interview with him where he's talking about doing the voice of young Boba in the Clone Wars series... and I just wanted to say that I thought it was absolutely adorable the way he kept saying "Bober"... instead of "Boba"
I know that's silly, but I giggled like a little girl. (And I'm 29) wink If you haven't seen it, I highly suggest watching.

As for answering the topic, I would first like to say that I have not read all of the responses because I'm just too damn busy, so if someone already said this, then sorry!
I think if there were as many stories/books/comics about Jango as there are about Boba, we would feel like he's more "worthy" of the Fett name. How would you feel if you discovered that Jango actually survived Geonosis (like Boba survived the sarlacc?)
And as for the shiny armor, I think that his armor was shiny because he was like the poster boy for the clone army... I dunno.
But, that said, I still think Boba is much MUCH more awesome. Boba would not have gotten himself offed at Geonosis. He is much more cunning than Jango.


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Personally, I would like to see the Boba Fett movie go further than his stint in the Sarlacc... I would love to see him crawl out of there. And I think it would be nice for those ignorant people who still think he's dead. I would watch that movie every day. *sigh*

Yeah, if Anakin had just done what needed to be done, none of that would have happened...
This is going to sound ridiculous, but I swear when I read Republic Commando Order 66, I was so distraught I was depressed for two days! It was horrible knowing that most if not all of that could have been prevented.

I think it's entirely possible. For one thing, both factions fighting had been deceived by Count Dooku. And if Anakin hadn't been such a douche, then maybe the message to the clones would never have been sent. Obviously, Palpatine had intended to execute order 66 from the beginning, but if the clone troopers had known that the Jedi were attempting to remove him because he was a Sith, then none of that would have had to happen. Also, after reading the Boba Fett 1-6, I wonder what would have happened if Fett had tried to sell the information about Dooku to someone else. I mean, he went to Palpatine about it, but did he ever try to let anyone else know?
If I'm getting my stories mixed up, forgive me. It has been a while since I read Republic Commando Order 66 and Boba Fett 1-6.


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Oh yeah, and Terra, I completely agree with you... there's really nothing better than being a geek. We have the best imaginations! It makes dealing with boring real life much more fun!


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We're playing Star Wars D&D, but I have played the KoToR game, and I thought it was awesome! I totally agree about the "cannon" stuff... Lucas changes his mind so many times, it's ridiculous, and then it screws people who have already written things.  I know a lot of people don't like Karen Traviss' books, but I loved them. I don't necessarily take everything she says as fact, but I enjoyed her books, I think that's all that really matters. I'm still mad that we won't be getting the next 501st book from her.
I just finished reading "Invincible" and I was really mad at Troy Denning because he finished the Jaina story, but never really finished the story with Mirta and Fett. I would hate to think that Mirta still believes that Fett purposefully sent her on a death mission. Are there any books past the Legacy series that address this? I'm dying to know. It's so irritating that there are soooo many books out there about the Jedi, and only a handful that deal with the Mandalorians!


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Oh, that game is how I got obsessed with Mandos, Boba Fett, etc. smile Honestly, I liked Star Wars before, but I wasn't such a nerd about it. It's just like D&D, except it's SW. I started out playing a Mando (not really knowing much about them) because I didn't want to play a Jedi because EVERYONE wanted to play a Jedi. Then, I started reading all the SW books, and I made my own set of trashcan armor for halloween... oh the downward spiral into geekdom. wink
And it only took me reading a few Fett comics before I was in love. hahaha


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Thanks for all the info! I personally like the idea that the City of Bone was built by the early Mandos, because it just makes sense, especially with the Mythosaur skull being the symbol of the Mandalorian culture. The reason I asked the question is because I'm playing in a Star Wars role playing game, (Kotor era) and I remembered reading about the amusement park theory. Right now, the City of Bone is playing a huge role in our adventure, so I wanted to make sure I understood the history. I have a love/hate feeling for the way Lucas is always uprooting things that have been written. Part of me loves it because that means I can believe whatever I want, the other part hates it because I feel like I never really know what is true!
Anyway, I really appreciate the info!


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Can anyone tell me when the City of Bone was built? I know it was supposed to be an "amusement park" and then later became the Imperial stronghold, but how long has it been on Mandalore?


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Ah... okay. *Puts away the kleenex*

Okay, there are SO many things... I like that he's so cunning, and that he's so mysterious. In the books, you never know what he's going to do. I also like his "moral code." He's not just some mercenary doing anything for credits. He has a purpose.

Now for the things I like because I'm female... wink There's just something so hot about a man who smells like jet pack fuel. *sigh*


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What do you mean about "we miss him?" Have I missed something?

Thank you! There are a few on that list that I haven't read. I loved the Legacy of the Force books, especially Bloodlines and Revelation. I am going to raid several book stores tomorrow, and will probably end up ordering them on amazon. What, in your opinion, are the best ones?

I have read all of the Bounty Hunter Wars books, the Republic Commando books, the 1-6 Boba Fett series for kids, and the Omnibus... and I want more Fett. Are the Young Jedi Knights books really good, or is Boba only mentioned once or twice? I desperately need more reading material wink Please give me some advice!!!


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That's the truth! I just thought it was funny when the headlines said "Phet wreaks havoc" hahaha wink Yes, I am a world-class nerd.


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Yeah, I wondered that too... My husband said I was being super nerdy. Oh well!