As far as I'm concerned, I will believe in the true Mandos. No cartoon is going to change my mind about them. I HATE that Lucas has chosen them to make a buck, mostly because those who have not read the RC books or the other KT books will not know how Mandos really are.
My point is that these characters can be whoever we want them to be. We don't have to subscribe to the new pacifist Mandos. They are passionate about two things: their families, and their wars smile Oya Manda!

Okay, found this on Wookieepedia, but when did this happen? Is it in a comic or a book? I missed something, and I hate missing anything Fett!!!
Dengar and Fett would become good friends, the infamous Fett even serving as Dengar's best man during his wedding to Manaroo.

Two questions:
A.) What book revealing new information about Fett (that Lucas canceled)?
B.) Dengar? Best man? WTH?


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Fett made Bossk look like an idiot on multiple occasions. He never really had to fight him if he didn't feel like it. I don't remember which book I remember this from, but I can recall someone saying it was really impressive that Fett could actually hold his own against Trando strength.


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I don't think he's evil. He had a rough life, and he had to do whatever he could to survive-at first. Then, later on, he obviously looked back at everything and wished it had been different. I think if he were evil, he would not have tried to help Jaina defeat Caedus, he would not have tried to make sure Sintas had money, and he would not have tried to take care of Mirta. Those are things that an evil man just would not care about. The only real reason he did things for Jabba was to earn money and gain a name for himself. He also had a strong desire to prove himself for his father's sake, which we all know was a moot point.

Yeah, maybe I'd run so he could use his skills to grab me in a dark alley...
Okay, this is quickly bordering on inappropriate. wink

I have to join in here as I have a HUGE thing for Boba. I mean, if he came to my door saying he had a bounty on me, I'd just let him take me wink
I think it started because of the armor. I mean, the man is such a mystery. I wondered what he would look like without all that armor! Then I started reading the KW Jeter books, and I have to agree with fairyblood; his personality is so intriguing. He is so smart and cunning, planning ahead, and there were so many times I thought he was totally screwed, and then found out he was way cooler/smarter than I thought! When I started reading the Legacy series, I liked him even more because of how Karen Traviss wrote his character. He was so worried about Mirta and Sintas. It was touching.
I think the other thing is that he's so manly and brave. And in Invincible, Jana Solo describes him as smelling like jet pack fuel. I can't resist a man who smells like that!
Okay, so yeah, I have now embarrassed myself being a total nerd/fangirl.

We downloaded it on the Playstation network for $3! If you have a Playstation 3, you can watch it now! I thought it was hilarious... My husband wasn't as crazy about this one as he was the second one, but I love anything Fett related. I Love Love LOVE the voice acting for him on those films!

I am ALL about it! Although, I don't have that much Fett stuff (yet!), but I would love to be able to have a wish list. It would also be really cool to know where the stuff is available. That would be totally awesome!

OOOOH I would sell my soul to read that!!!! DAMN STUPID CLONE WARS!


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I like Jango... he's def not as cool as Boba, but Jango is still awesome smile I like him because he has values, and he passed them on to Boba. I didn't really like Jango until I read the Republic Commando books, and he defended those poor Null boys.


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Well, I'm alive smile The procedure was long, but it didn't hurt at all. However, when the local wore off, I thought I'd die! I've been on Vicodin since last night, so have basically done a lot of nothing. Thanks for the good thoughts!


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Okay, I know this has nothing to do with Fett, so forgive me. I was wondering if anyone here has had a root canal in the past few years? I have to have 2 done tomorrow, and I'm a little bit terrified. Please, no horror stories!

Yeah, I always wondered what his face would really look like, but I didn't really want to see it. If I never see it, I can imagine him to look anyway I want! wink Yes, the helmet and armor are what is so attractive about him. Seeing him sitting around in a wife beater and cargo pants leaves me feeling let down (not because his comic body isn't great, but because I prefer the armor!)
It does sound like Xasha sees herself in some kind of partnership with him, but that he does not see it that way. They never actually say why the two are on Nar Shadaa. That is why I'm hoping this will be explained away in a later comic. I think maybe they will go back and say that Boba knew what she was doing, and he let her do it for some reason other than the nookie. OR that he had some use for her in this whole thing.
I got my copy from Amazon, and it was here in 2 days, so if you can't find it when you're out and about, I would go with them!

And I'm also feeling a little stupid, because I'm a 29 year old woman who is jealous of a fictional character because she is having an affair with another fictional character. Should I go see a psychiatrist now?

Manji_Ninja, we should totally get together and gang up on Lucasarts smile
This thing has ticked me off way more than it should! I feel like they have totally ruined Boba Fett for me. I mean, he was this mysterious guy who seemed deep down to be a decent guy. Now, he's a booty-hound, and apparently doesn't watch his back like we thought he did. Really, what kind of bounty hunter doesn't check someone out before they sleep with them?!
I don't like seeing his face either. I am totally into the masked thing. I mean, as a girl, I have spent a lot of time contemplating what this mysterious man would look like, but I never actually WANTED TO KNOW!!!
And yes, Xasha acts like a whore from the very beginning. I wanted her to disintegrate after the first page.
I am hoping (without hope) that they come back and say that Fett wasn't really having a fling with her... that he knew all along what she was doing, and that he had some reason for letting her do it.
Okay... :::::Nerd rage complete:::::.... for now.


So I finally got my copy of the comic today, and I have to say; this thing makes Boba look like some kind of player. And I think it goes against everything we have seen so far for his character. I mean, Vader hires this bounty hunter to get samples of his DNA, and she does this while he's sleeping?! When has Fett ever been known to let down his guard with anyone? And this totally screws my image of him being this guy who lives by a "moral" code. It's obvious that he's not into her because of his comments toward her and such. So, that leaves two options: Either they are making this look like a fling when it's really not, or Boba is just having random sex with this woman...
Sorry, I am ranting. I just hate the way the powers that be keep messing up everything that has been written to date. It messes with my mind. GRRR!

Okay, I just saw the preview from the Darkhorse website. Here's what I think: I think it looks like Xasha is the one who is drunk. She's acting really dumb. And that comment Fett makes: "I have to take this. Don't get too comfortable." That sounds to me like it's his place, but he doesn't want her passing out there.
I want this woman to die. hahaha smile

Actually, in Revelation, Fett tells Admiral Daala "There was only ever Sintas," after she told him he cleaned up well for an old man. She made a comment suggesting that Fett had broken a few hearts back in the day, but his thoughts were that if so, it was only distant admiration.

This really kind of pisses me off... Did they say for sure that the entire Fett/Sintas storyline was non-canon? I loved those books, especially because Fett was older, looking back on his life and it made him seem a little more human.
I had really hoped they wouldn't totally &%$@ up that story line. sad


I also think it would be cool in army green...
Ok, I'll shut up now. wink

Oh yeah, and I don't know how to take out the background on paint, so that's why the black box thing... that wasn't on purpose.

Okay, I'm no artist, but I messed around with the t shirt designer a little. I made the visor in paint, and I think the second F in BFFC should be backwards, but it wouldn't let me do it. Let me know what you think!

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Link no longer works.]


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I am reading the Legacy of the Force books for about the 10th time, and I was trying to figure out where Kad got his green gloves. I know that Jaing's gloves have to be made out of Ko Sai, but Karen Traviss made a point of mentioning Kad'ika's nice green leather gloves, and now I'm curious. Was there something mentioned in the Republic Commando series that should trigger a memory there?
This is definitely serious geeking. smile