They need to make BH2!!! I am SHOCKED that there has never been a Boba Fett video game yet....

I made one today, I think it turned out pretty good seeing as I didn't use a template.

OK thanks. That makes sense with other info I've found.


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I'd say he's probably very cold and war beaten, but no evil.

But it looks just like Jango's old green one... seen here:

That would also explain why boba's armor is so beat up looking, because it's already been in battle before he even wore it.

If I'm right, where did he get it and when?

Is my theory wrong?

I meant fictionally speaking though. In the story of star wars, where does boba get his helmet and armor?

Read my whole post please wink

OK, so I have been obsessed with trying to figure out where Boba's helmet/armor came from. I think that it's Jango's OLD armor as seen on the cover of the comic book "Open Seasons #2". If it is, how did boba get it?

Boba's armor CAN'T be Jango's from AOTC and just repainted because:

1. There's no blue paint layer on Boba's helmet's vizor's frame(I have the Master Replicas Boba helmet and it has silver, green, and red colors on the vizor frame only, NO BLUE).

2. Jango's helmet gets a dent on the top middle during the fight with obi wan in AOTC and Boba's helmet doesn't have a dent there, his is more near the front.

Also, where did Jango's silver armor come from?

Someone please help me figure this out!