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Name:Zeke Dunbar
Age:34 / Gender: Male
Affiliation: None
Personality: He is distrustful of the police and the government. He has several "Prison Tattoo" magazines strewn around his place, whether he is an ex-con or simply has an interest in prison and gang culture. Zeke is quite handy with a handgun and he has also shown to have some mechanical engineering skill. He is also a conspiracy theorist that believes that the 'Government' has something to do with every thing. 
WOC: (Weapons will be shown later.)

Zeke bit into his pizza and brought up his prison tattoo magazine, he had been there all day eating all the pizza he could eat. "Good bye Bill, thanks for giving me that last pizza it was.... it was good." Zeke walked out of the parlor and fixed his jacket, it was a cold night Zeke could see his own breath and almost slipped a couple of times along the way. Zeke was almost to his house when he herd a women screaming, he sprang to action and followed the voice into an ally. He squinted his eyes and saw a man about to kill the poor women, he reached for his gun and started firing. He reached for the women and said "Hey you, are you okay?", suddenly the women and the man jumped out at him, they were sick. "Infected" Zeke said to himself and shot both in the head. Zeke was quiet, he had just shot two infected in the face, he was a lucky man he "could of been zombie kibble" he murmured to himself. He began to walk back home... to make a blog on what just happened.