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I also knew who he was and of course was curious. We are Star Wars fans and have watched the movies plenty of times. I love to read and once I started on the Legacy books, I had to read every book and comic with Boba in it. I like the reading better than watching movies you get so much more out of books. I also like the Republic Commandos books. I like Boba, the Clones and Mandos better than the Jedi. smile


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I will be definitely  getting Aliens Colonial Marines, it looks really good. GameStop has a release date of 11/11/11 which means they don't know when its coming out, but want you to reserve it. I read somewhere that they were waiting to see how well AVP  does before they give a release date. Here are some screenshots.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96lFtreY … re=related

I will also be getting Aliens vs Predator, it also looks very good. Gamestop has it coming out on 2/2/10. Here is an article with a video looks sweet.

http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/action/ … e=previews


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A sandwich. Most of our neighbors were also relatives. Our Aunt would make us come in and sit down and eat a sandwich. I guess that isn't a bad treat, but we were dying to be out Trick or Treating. We were not smart enough to skip her house. smile


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It's a great cover. I don't think I would have started reading the books if I hadn't seen it. I did go back and read the books that came before Bloodlines. smile


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Fett_II wrote:

Admiral Ackbar cereal would make a good Halloween cereal.

I think it would be a big mistakie. smile


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He caught my eye also. I didn't pay to much attention to Star Wars until I picked up Bloodlines. I had nothing to read so I went to the bookstore and was looking for a book and saw Boba looking back. I picked up Bloodlines and have been hooked ever since.

Sweet tattoos. The last tattoo I got hurt, so no more for me. smile

Well said  ZiviReywes. The canon will make you crazy if you let it. I don't watch Clone Wars on a regular basis. My nephew loves it, so I watch with him sometimes. I enjoy it and think it's a fairly good show for the kids to watch. It's a lot better than most kids shows.

Gamefuel is only out this time of year. It's the only Mt. Dew I like, so I wish they would keep it on the shelf all year. I don't like Mt. Dew, when I worked at GameStop I was buying GameFuel slurpies for the guys when it first came out for the Halo 3 release and tried it. I really like the orange one. I don't play WoW but my son does so I kept a WoW gameFuel to display. I have kept several of the Halo versions. I have a case of aluminum bottles, 2 liter, 16 oz, case of cans and the 4 different collectors cups from 7/11.

Fett_II wrote:

boba killing ewoks from robot chicken star wars episode 2.

That would be great. smile


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I find this topic to be a weird coincidence, since we have been watching the X-Men animated series on DVD for the last 2 weeks.

X-Men Origins
X-Men 2

I like his armor. He is quiet and mysterious. He has his own sense of honor and sticks to it.


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If you have a Wii you can download a lot of old games. We have some Super Mario Brothers games and Sonic The Hedgehog games.


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Don't have the 2600 any more. Still have a Nintendo 64 and a Sega Genesis. There is a place online that keeps track of how much you play on tour xbox 360.


I play way too much. smile


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I don't watch too much TV. I like House and Robot Chicken. I did enjoy Stargate SG1 when it was on.


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That was funny. Pew Pew Pew. He He.


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I'm not very good even after playing for a couple years, but I enjoy it. I can only play Guitar Hero on medium, I have no sense of rhythm. smile

Can't wait for Reach. Already reserved it.


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We had an Atari 2600, I didn't play much when I was young. My children have had about every console out there (spoiled). I would play with them when they asked, but was never very good or interested. I got hooked when my son got Halo 2. I watched him play and got interested in the storyline, I've been playing ever since. I've had my own xbox 360 for a while now, me and my son are currently playing ODST. Gears is my favorite. All kids love me because I will play video games with them. I don't understand why their parents don't play with them. That's how we spend time together at our house. Just about every Saturday me, my husband, my son and my daughter play Left4Dead. It's a hoot and we enjoy our time together.


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ZiviReywes wrote:

I'm 32.

I got to... quite literally.. grow up with Star Wars while it was new.

Yeah, me too. I remember going to the theater to see to see it. Of course we had all the toys, wish I still had them. smile

I know people think I'm nuts with all my Boba Fett stuff and love of video games at my age, but I don't care.

I don't want to grow up.

Seems like something that would happen to me. If there is a fuckup I caused it. It's pretty funny. Have you played firefight yet? Great fun.


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Halloween is my family's favorite time of the year. We love haunted houses, corn mazes and all the fall activities. The neighborhood kids always come to my house first for trick or treating, I give them glow necklaces and lots of candy of course.  My husbands birthday is on Halloween. We always decorate and have a party, there is usually a keg and a band.


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Gears of War 2 is my favorite right now. I also like Halo 3, Wolfenstien and Halo ODST.


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I didn't read this entire thread. I tried but couldn't do it. smile I think I am the oldest person here at 43.

I only bought the Wii for Animal Crossing. I don't really care for the motion controls, I'm not very good at it. I had The Force Unleashed for the 360 and didn't care for it, but I played it with my nephew on the Wii and enjoyed it. I might get it for the Wii. I like to sit on my arse with a cup of coffee and play video games. It's what I do most of the time. smile