The world that never was, a world filled with nobodies and ancient to time and space with the hidden Organization XII. Other worlds populate the known universe.


To many nobodies have infected the area and all the new members must be sent to lower the amount of Nobodies in hope to decrease the danger in all worlds. Now all the Nobodies have been using alchemy to terraform the worlds into different abbesses. The Organization is now working on every thing to decrease the Nobodies.
Personality:Kind at heart but rude to who ever touches his pom-pom, he is also addicted to Sea-Salt ice cream
"Hello all new members, kupo, we each need you to go lower the amount of nobodies in the worlds im your new leader, kupo, my name is of no importance to you, you will refer to me as Moogle."

it sounded inappropriate


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ok one question who is green and what did he do... kill someone? (it was a joke.)

Ozzy was confused he didn't know were he was going or if hes even on the wrong side. He didn't like it that he was working with vampires, werewolves were ok but vampires didn't make him to comfortable he didn't like vampires even thou he was half vampire they had taken away most of his life and spread it out in a very confusing way that ruined it. A gangster vampire was in front of him dressed like a gangster, although he could some suspicion in the vampire as if the vampire had just noticed something very disturbing. Ozzy had heard the vampires name a couple of times, Drogan, the name was odd even for a vampire. As they cept moving Drogan would look back a couple of times, Ozzy couldn't stand the awkwardness and said:

"Ok, Drogan i don't know what your problem is but my name is Ozzy. And i would really hate to say this but, how about we work together instead of having an awkward phase. By the way whats in the bag it looks like a head."

Drogan didn't answer he just shrugged even more. Ozzy walked past him and went to go talk to the werewolf that found him that was talking to a female.


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Name:Ron Shillbocksi
Affiliation:RPD (Raccoon Police Department)
Weapons:Silenced and scoped night hawk
Personality:Always in a strange mood but good at heart to the people he knows."

Ozzy looked at his arm and saw the wound disappear. His phone rang.


"Ozzy were are you, today's my sleep over."

"Sorry Angie, must of slipped my mind but i can't leave now I'm sorry."

"Fine but next time put a sticky-note on the fridge!"

"Ok, love you bye."

Name:Angie Waters
Personality/History:Was orphan at the age of 3 now lives with Ozzy as a surrogate father to her.
He closed his phone and walked over to the door of the mausoleum.


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well i am still here... even though nobody knows me, and Miba i would post more if there were some post i liked.

ok Val i fixed it tell me what u think


Ozzy reached the graveyard and could here some one whistling. He reached a bent column and climbed it, he tuck a big whiff and was able to sense all around him. He jumped down from the column and began *flitting over do a mixed patch of humans, werewolves and...

"Vampires?" he said to himself.

He could smell the stench of dead surrounding him, he tried being silent but still had to fight a couple of the living dead. Ozzy had reached a tall mausoleum that was surrounded by a horde of zombies.

He could smell the mixed group and did what he could to keep them safe. Ozzy decided to jump in the middle and began shooting sucker punches to a group of heads, his
punches weren't enough thou. Ozzy began hitting the zombies again but no luck he was able to get a good eight but compared to fifty it was nothing. He jumped up to column for a breather. Ozzy jumped backed into the horde and began hitting them all over again this time getting rid of them. He sat himself onto a wall and screamed out of massive pain, he looked at his arm and noticed a big gash on his arm.

**Is this ok?**

Name:Ozzy Weintraut
Species:Half Vampire
Appearance:Looks 27
with scratches at his finger tips and pale blue skin.
Weapons:His half vampire powers give him a upper advantage and his custom M4.
Personality/History:Opportunist at heart. He was turned into a half vampire by his uncle that filled up half of him with vampire blood thus making him a hybrid. After that day he swore he would hunt down his uncle and any other vampire.
Ozzy walked out from his apartment, he could smell the scent of werewolves and vampires as they past threw the alleys and streets. He went down the fire escape ladders and put up his backpack. He headed to the graveyard at intense speed trying to keep up with the trail.