Anytime I wear a Fett shirt I usually hear something from someone, but not every time.

I tend to not converse with strangers much though, which almost defeats the purpose of being here hmm

I enjoy a good number of activities, but I usually find myself working and doing school work.  I'm currently finishing up a BS degree in Ecology, hoping to continue my education and get into herpetology more.  I like being outside and telling my friends 'useless' information about the outside world around them.

Bowie dropped out of pop culture?  When??

I guess the Bounty Hunter Wars series doesn't have that much backstory in it either, at least from what I remember...

So is what Lucas says 'true' now?  Or is there something better?

I still hold true to my first story of Boba Fett that I read, in which Jango was never mentioned.  I think it was Tales of the Bounty Hunters??

Clan colors have meaning too, so both ideas are cool with me.

In reality, I would have simple earthy tones with different colored plates.

What I think would be bad a is a true or rose red/ black and white trim.  Add a red visor to that as well.


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Finding a picture of a Eurycea to fit the requirements was a pain, but this is Eurycea bislineata, the Two-Lined Salamander.
Pen and crayon from an old school notebook.
My first 'real' drawing.  From the Bounty Hunter game commercial.

The last two were done a few years ago as sketches for my art class.


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From what I remember, I have been hooked since I saw Return of the Jedi for the first time.  Somewhere around '90...

I remember buying a Shadows of the Empire comic that came with IG-88 and Boba Fett figures, one of the first things I saved money for.


I remember being a part of this years ago, but the site went on hiatus and I have since forgotten my old name.

No better time to get back in than now.