I'm going to get one, but haven't decided on the shoulder.


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I think that it's rather simple to disintegrate an opponent, actually.  The hard part is capturing them alive.  Perhaps Fett had intentionally frustrated Vader from certain prizes...


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draco fett wrote:

But Jango used Boba to get a bounty. He risked his son's life.

That's rather lame, but maybe he knew that Boba wouldn't be in that much danger, (just enough to toughen him up a measure).  What's that source?

I almost took out Calo on Kashyyk, but for his Wookie thugs.  We had to run, and thanks for the tip about Tatooine.  I respect the guy, but he shouldn't come gunnin for me lookin like Elton John.  I've got a reputation to uphold too.

I escaped from a Sarlacc pit last weekend.


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Boba is supposed to be not only the best BH alive in the galaxy of his time, but possibly ever.  That means that he has to be better, even slightly, than his own father.  Let's give Jango a break.  How would you like to be compared to Boba?


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Well, there's something rather final about the amethyst lightsaber in Windu's hands...  For those of you who doubt Mace's power, read 'Revenge of the Sith'.  It's one of the best books that I've ever read.

If Mace Windu had a wallet, it would have 'Bad Motherf-er' printed on it.

Thanks Jaster.  You made my night with that link.

TW, as long as you're used to the heat, change your name to Boba, (I'd rather be defending that then Dino...).


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Thanks, TW.  It's a cool name, like Jango's grandfather that drinks a single glass of vintage red wine each night with his meal, (roasted mynock).  It's got a touch of class, almost too much for a man of action, but worthy of any lord or patriarch.


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True, I don't catch every ball thrown to me, but I was just wondering where he got the name.  That's all.

I'm very thankful for the name, too.  It turned out to be the luckiest thing I've done in that game.  Sadriel Fett is one tough barve, I'll have you know.  He takes on solo missions set on Normal (did I already say?), which are designed for a party of 1st level characters.

You go, Femme-Fett Fatale!!


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I made that DDO character under the name Sadriel Fett.  Now I need some background on the name Sadriel.  Is he from a story?

The span of the limbs on his Great Crossbow is just sick, well over a meter!!  And that Bastard Sword is so large it comes with it's own zip code!! LOL!

I'll give you that one.


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I stole this avatar from Mrs. Fett.  She had a green heart in hers, (can't say why).  The black heart shows his mood, and attitude.  It backs up his raised rifle (just to the left of his rocket).  It says, "You're gonna be one dead barve."

Boba statue-thing? 

I tried to make a DDO character of Boba Fett yesterday, but the name was already taken.  That barve better play it well.  I was going to run him as a human fighter with these profiencies:  Exotic Weapon Profiency- Bastard Sword (1-10 damage, the largest you can use with a shield), Rapid Reload (for crossbow), and Ex Wpn Prof- Great Crossbow (does a whopping 1-12, the equivalent of a 2-handed Greatsword).  As a fighter, I'd get to add a combat feat every level, but I'm tempted to take a level in Rogue or Ranger to add some stealth.  As a rogue I'd be able to use magic items that would normally be outside my ability, (wands and such), simulating Fett's extra weaponry.  He looked a lot like Temuera Morrison with a big scar crossing his face, and really mean eyes.  I planned on mailing him an appropriate helmet and armor from another character, but there would be a brief period where he could be seen without it as he cleared the Port District.  I should try it again under the name Jaster Mereel...

They should be Hunter Green...

To devalue life, especially sentient life, is to approach evil.  To profit off of a creature's ruin is quite evil.  The Fetts are both definatively mercenary assassins.  That's evil, and any culture that embraces such actions is evil as well.

To "cross the line" in D&D, the PnP original that started all gaming, an assassin must prove his evil alignment by killing for pay, thus qualifying for that prestige class (as opposed to basic thievery as a rogue).

Boba has been listed with 9 Dark Side points in the SW rpg.  He is my favorite evil character.

And he said the Y word, "yall".  *cringes*

I'd wear it everywhere!


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BalanceSheet wrote:

Eh...I've only changed mine once, and I'm never changing it again tongue

I wouldn't either.  It really fits your name, my favorite character from that story, (second to Fett, of course).

Don't sith out, everyone.  Breath...  That's it.  Beware your feelings, as they could be used against you.  Seriously now, they (Sci-Fi, Oblivion, whoever), win control over you without even being here every time you lose your composure on their account.  Why give them so much power?  Fett wouldn't.

"Be Like Boba."  J. R. Duart  -2006


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Don't forget these:

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The Dread Pirate Roberts
Tammy Fay Baker


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It was my understanding that Jango helped the Kaminoins to train the clones.

He's probably a soldier, since mercenaries wouldn't really have time to write on forums (they make fighting a way of life, as compared to soldiers that eventually retire from military service).  Today's bounty hunters tend to capture fugitives instead of killing them.

What else do I have in common with Fett?  We both like that cute red-headed alien in Jabba's Palace.  (I was sitting up in my seat when I first saw her, and then freaked out when Fett flirted with her).


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Miba wrote:

I don't really see how kid-Boba was bratty. o_0

You said it!  I wish my son were as well behaved.  I think it's the reading, very important.  He's a lot like I was as a child, only cuter, (by far).