If I had the money, it'd be great!  I'd probably go for a Sev or Scorch, but I'm with ya--- Omega! cool

aka Darth Taiter

I'm glad a few people got to check that out!

I was watching Ace of Cakes tonight, and they made a Slave I cake complete with Stormtrooper, Boba Fett, and a Han Solo in carbonite!
Here's a couple of stills, not best quality, but I'm posting a link to a site that lists when the episode will be on again:

http://tv.msn.com/tv/episode/ace-of-cak … y-hunters/



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And remember, that the Mandalorians are now (in the Legacy era, I mean) trying to rebuild their homeworld after the Vong, and with that might come some changes to their society--that, I think, is what KT is expanding on.

Open Seasons is a great comic series, and gives a lot of insight to Jango's past.


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very nice!


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OHHH I like your "Another Mandalorian" drawing--gotta get that lady a name wink (if it doesn't take away from the mystery, anyway) That's very nice, and of course I love seeing Bardan pictures!  You do such awesome work big_smile


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I know a girl who had a kid at 15, so if her daughter has a child around the same time, that'd put her at being a 30-yr-old grandma...

And, my stepson is soon to be 16---I already told him that if he makes me a grandmother before I turn 30, I'm going to kick his shebs. wink

Back on topic, it is nice to see younger people here--SW is reaching the next gen!

Looks VERY good for Paint!!


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Happy Birthday guys!!


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Viking1 wrote:

Once again, thanks for thanking me on behalf of all the uniformed out there.  We don't do it for that, but it is nice to know that despite the constant buzz of the politics and rhetoric being thrown about that you all appreciate what we do. 

The ones who really deserve then thanks are the families that pray for us and send us goodies in the mail.

By the way I am a MEDICAL SERGEANT in the ARMY.

Like I said before, the TRAVISS CLONE stories are our stories, just take out the blasters and droids and there we are.

Great story behind your nickname.

Yes, Traviss definitely has a heart for the soldiers.

And, thanks!

Ralin Drakus wrote:
Viking1 wrote:

Fett would approve this message

I think he would.......good stuff Viking

I agree.


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Happy b-day guys!

Revan is also on my list now.


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My nickname is Taiter--has been since junior high.  My maiden name is Tait, so it just came naturally.  A couple people in my family have had that nickname.
I'm also known by family as "Little Miriam" as we had three women with the same first name, so additives came about. big_smile


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Hope you have a good day, Fett II


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I tend to make witty, humorous remarks....more like Han or Fi.  But my husband might agree that my temper can be more like Mara Jade in her Emperor's Hand days. lol


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We need to get some more old ones in here like me...haha

peter wrote:

As this is in the Creative section and is about the wonderful world of tattoo's, I was wondering if anyone knows where to get a character drawn up? U guys have great work and I wanted to know if you drew it up yourself or u had your artist do it? As my drawing skills reached their peak with stick figures it is hard to put my idea into reality! I had a great artist in Australia which did my leg, but I cant get in contact with him. Any help would be great!
  And it is so rad to see so many great tatts and people that are proud of who they are and what they love!!!

The pic of mine is one here somewhere and I drew it up myself.  Not a character, but a lot of people seem to like it wink

Nice tat, Flamethrower!


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Those look pretty cool, Alo!  The Mexican Penguin made me laugh big_smile  Loved the Mando pic!


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Si Titran wrote:

I wonder what would qualify an "elder" here? 20+ 25+ 30+? This is more of a comment on the abundance of youth rather than a comment on any older indivduals.

I guess I would definitely be an elder! lol  Yeah, there are a LOT of young'uns.

Has anyone heard of this new tat ink coming out?  It's easier to remove with lasers if the bearer happens to change their mind down the road.  One artist being interviewed on the news I saw has questions to the inks lastability if the tat owner does want the image forever.

That does look pretty cool, Grim! 

JediEd and Si....the meaurement of pain depends on the tat's location, I've been told and the arm is not too bad at all wink


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Novall Talon wrote:

I honestly enjoy Karen's books.  She's done more for bringing Mandalorian culture and character to light then any writer to date.  Until EP2, we had very little Mandalorian info short of comics and tons of books on Boba...which gave us little to no real insight at all.  She has humanized them into actual people, and not just suits of armor with a one sided brain. 

She's really helped put a story behind the helmets.

Agreed! big_smile  The Mandos are enjoying a surge of fandom thanks in a large part to her.


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Quite a few of us in our 20's here...Happy Belated, Wizard!

Novall Talon wrote:

We should be hitting Jeremy Bulloch in February and Karen Traviss in April smile

Are they making appearances in the states?