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I dont agree... I thought he, along with McGregor was the best actor in the movies...


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No, you got me wrong... Its not about terrorisam. I am talking about Croatian Homeland War.


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"my only issue with jango beside's temuera's acting was that he should have INSTANTLY replaced that pistol he lost in his fight with obi wan"

Whats wrong with Morrisons acting?


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"Please tell me you at least know who Timothy Zahn and Kevin J. Anderson are right? As for this whole new Boba spiel, I don't read KT books because I don't have time to and now there's probably too many to get caught up to. I'm more of a movie/Han Solo/BHW/Dark Forces Boba fan."

Sure... They are great... But I like Travis better...



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Really? Well, when I met George I will be sure to ask him...

Oh, that picture is so great! I like the new look... Not to far from the old, but new enough to seem fresh...


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Oh, yeah... Shaak Ti is great... I remamber her from the old cartoon and from a few scenes in the movies... She is cool, but I think Aayla is better. Eclipse is also cool. How can a blonde officer girl with a british accent not be cool?


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Oh, man... I always wanted to go to Comic-Con, but since the war I am freaked out by the planes... One day, one day...


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That is drop-out, out-of-this-world, awesome!


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I think Karren Travis is great... She is really nice to her fans and writes the best SW books without competition... Though... I have to say I didnt read all SW books, but I have a hard time beliving there is someone better then her...


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Any of you going to play it?


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Anybody tryed DarkStar One? Thats a nice Sci-fi open ended game that can be played by both kids, adolescents and adults. Meaning... No blood, no swearing, but alot of great action and pretty graphics.


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Good rep? You and I disagree on the good rep... No offense, ofcourse.


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Oh cmmon... HORN DOG??? Cant a guy crack a joke without being tagged?


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It is good.


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Well, thank you for spending time to tell me those things.


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Nice guy? No offense buddy, but we just met. But... I like to think I am a nice guy...


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You are saying thing of which I am aware of. Its not about action or approach. Its about my nerveous nature and fear of rejection.


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"So much barbed wire around your heart, Croatian."

Isnt that kind of a too strong word? I am a classical pearson. I want a decent girl. Say... Polite, funny, pretty... Something like that you know?


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I have a nice family.


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Its not exactly on my priority list. I dont care much about relationships. Relationships are overrated.


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First time I saw an ad for the toys in a comic book. I thought... "Who is that badass, green stormtrooper?"


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