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Its been awhile huh?  Whats up old forumies?

ARC and I just started EMT school a few days ago.  Its six months of intense/insane training O_O

Its going to be really awesome.

I'm gonna keep this thread updated for those who want to keep tabs on it smile


PS, Its good to be back smile


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lol. I love the new title for this thread smile thanks to who changed it smile


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Commander Appo wrote:

Hey Boba Dude! I am from your time. WB!

! Whats up bro?!?!?!


   lol. thats funny dude smile


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Whats up senior members of my time?

Wow, its been to long since I've been here. How is everyone doing?



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I agree with ARC 100%. In World War 1, 116,708 US casualties resulted within 4 years. In WWII we lost 416,800. we've brought that down to 4,000. now, considering these results, its not that bad. Yes I know, that sounds bad, (lose of Human life is never good) but its true.  I support the men and women fighting this war, not the war it self. I just wish It would end.

These numbers were found on Wikipedia.org



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wow, I have been gone far to long

Anyway, Mine is Trivium, at metal band
its really fun to play their songs.

whats yours?



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I play Guitar big_smile

I love it


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Crap. oh well.



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BFFC Admin wrote:

It's "instruments," not "insturments" or "istruments." Boba Dude, I'm a little worried about 'ya.

My bad Aaron big_smile

I'm a noob, I know big_smile


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Does anybody play insturments? I play guitar big_smile
I love it. It rules.

I've always been curies (spelling) to see if anybody eles playes anything.


Boba Dude

Slave I all the way. Jango's version. Thats the best ship ever!
But I also like the Star destoyer. Someting about a HUGE ship going around and blowing up everything is kinda cool big_smile



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I have a girlfriend now big_smile
She's pretty big_smile


I can't wait for Assasins Creed. That game looks frikin awsome!



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Hey guys, I was playing Xbox Live and I unlocked the Mark V helmet. (The halo 1 helmet) It rules


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what do you mean by "Success"?


I vote for Gordon Freeman because, We share the same last name big_smile


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I've never been stung! YAY for me!
Me and my Friend thought ARC was having a heart attack. lol.

http://www.atomfilms.com/film/bounty_hu … _fan_films



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http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f118/ … C01101.jpg

My hair is blue/green now.
I will get another pic later

green helmeted fett wrote:

yeah it does, hey miba, do ya know which consoles it's coming on ?

It will probably come out on PC and xbox 360....


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Sev Fett wrote:

lol.  Bad marketing on their part then.  I recently bought a video because my old mp3 player broke.  It was so funny, I was telling myself the night before, "Man I wish this thing would breakso I could get an Ipod."  The next day, it breaks.  Laughed and laughed.  And I had a nice gift certificate to Future shop so I decided to use it.  Got out of there paying 50 dollars for an Ipod Video.

Ipod Videos are $450.....

I got my Ipod because my old Sandisk 256 mb sucked crap.  It's a battary hog. But I have an Ipod now, and I love it.



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Mandalorian wrote:


Obviously spartans are lame... notice there is only one left?

As Fetter and Draco said, If you read the Halo books, you would find out more than you know.
There are several Spartans left.



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Manji_Ninja wrote:

Boba Dude and Arc, yes, I'm still in high school. >_>;; It was my senior prom. A lot of people where I work think I'm in college... I'm used to it.

Nice pics, Mandalorian! I think on some of them you forgot to press "flash" lol. tongue

you look like your 25 or so. I would have NEVER thought that you were still in high school....



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I just got a 2GB Ipod nano over spring break! Its frikin sweet!
Anybody else have Ipods?
I got mine at Costco for $155.00 with tax.



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JasterMereel wrote:

I'd love to say Boba would win, but in the end, I'm not completely sure.  Master Chief has performed many individual acts that were immensely powerful, impressive, etc., and has a fearsome reputation.  Yet Boba Fett is one of the most powerful men in the galaxy, and certainly the most powerful non-Force user.  If anything, he seems to view the Force as a crutch; yet he understands it enough to basically be immune to most of its effects.  That uncanny ability to simply not be intimidated by anything, including such "weapons" as the Force, accounts for a huge mental advantage for Boba.  While Master Chief may be stronger or have greater engineered abilities, and the shield is a huge advantage, Boba still has the edge, mentally.  I can't imagine that anyone, even Master Chief, could actually outwit our favorite Mandalorian. 

Another thing to understand in such a fight is the fact that the only elements of Boba's armor or weaponry that aren't actually feasible yet are his laser weapons, and having a compact jetpack that actually contains a functioning rocket; while most of Master Chief's load-out still falls within the realm of science fiction.  Not that that would necessarily be an advantage in an imaginary duel anyway, but its certainly worth considering.

I agree, I think Master Chief would win in the end.

Mandalorian wrote:

Master Chief is a faggot.

Now that I don't agree on.  Why do you think that?
I agree with Sev. Not the word I would use to Descride Spartan 117....