No, definitely not. Boba Fett is much different than Cad Bane.


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The Six Actions or Resol'nare is practically the Mandalorian Culture, just in a simpler form.


1. Wear the armor.

2. Speak the language.

3. Defend yourself and your families.

4. Raise your children as Mandalorians.

5. Contribute to the clan's welfare.

6. When called to arms by Mandalore, rally to his cause.


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If there was no Internet I would continue living my life like I do every day, except for the parts involving the Internet. Just think, the world used to operate without Internet, and so when people say it would be awful, it would just mean you would be reverting back to older ways. Those ways worked fine, things just took longer, and honestly does time really matter so much? Native American tribes like the Hopis didn't even have a word for time so when you think about it, time means nothing.


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I'd have to go with neither. I don't believe that I am Light or Dark, nor do I believe in Light or Dark. I think those sides are chosen by the people, and the more people on a side, it becomes the Light side. I think each side likes to think of themselves as Light, and the enemy as Dark, but in actuality Light and Dark are just things created by factions so that they can feel good about what they're fighting for.


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Sometimes, when the weather is just right I'll get this feeling, it can be in the summer, fall, winter, whenever, but it has to be outside. I smell something and I ask myself 'What does that smell like?' And quite honestly, for some reason, I think it smells like Star Wars. then I get flooded by memories of things in the past. Sometimes I can look out a window and it looks like Star Wars, I don't know why. Overall though, the smells I associate with Star Wars are summer, sun, early morning, fresh dew, and so on and so forth.

1) Boba Fett
2) Jango Fett
3) Darth Bane
4) Bossk
5) Darth Maul
6) Mace Windu
7) Barada
8) 4-LOM
9) Zuckess
10) R2-D2

Well, while there might be some advantages to having two range finders I'd have to say I don't entirely think that new look is so great. But its not horrible either, and if your going for practicality, the double range finder might be the way to go.


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I honestly couldn't name an exact ship. But I'd say go with something subtle, but that has a lot of fire power. Maybe a couple blaster cannons and some concussion grenade launchers. A tractor beam and a missile launcher wouldn't be a bad idea either. Think, if you can disable a ship with a concussion missile, and then you grabbed it with the tractor beam and fired a rocket down to finish the ship? That's a pretty effective way of killing off an enemy. By the way, I got this idea from the book Tales From Jabbas Palace.


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Man, I'd have to go with IG-88. And quickly speaking of 4-Lom, he joined the Rebel Alliance at one point, call that ruthless. Anyways. I'd have to say that IG-88 is the most ruthless bounty hunter because he has no emotions, nothing. Just saying.

I think that in a way Boba Fett shaped me to be the person I am today. I don't really know how he did it, but he did. I guess you could say he's my role model, and I hold a great deal of respect for him. I have loads of books on Boba Fett, and get this, I've printed out and saved all articles on Boba Fett I can find. I also have tried to learn Huttese, just because Fett speaks it, and I think that its one of the most important languages in Star Wars. I have a titanium figure of Boba Fett, and It sits constantly on my desk, and a few other Fett action  figures. I guess Fett is more of a mental connection for me, and not so much physical, although I'd have to say, the physical part isn't exactly lacking.


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Kandossii vode.

Fett's morals and ethics and code of honor come before anything else, and he is actually an extremely picky man when it comes to taking bounties. So I think that Boba Fett would wage a war against an enemy like the Vong based on principle at any time.


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I'm 16.


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I have my own ideas about this, but I'm wondering what everyone else thinks.
If there was a bounty, and it was required that the bounty be brought back alive in order for it Boba Fett to be rewarded, but this bounty went against everything that Boba Fett stood for, was a coward, wouldn't stand up for himself and was willing to sacrifice his family for his safety, what do you think Boba Fett would do? Do you think he would capture the man alive, or would he think the man deserved death and so therefore would just kill him.


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When the guns blaze
And men die for their brothers
It is only then that you realize
The things which you fight for
Are the things you will die for
And your morals become clear
In this one moment
When everything is still
As the killing blow strikes
And you feel the impact
It is then that you know who you are
You are a Mandalorian
And you will protect your brothers


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My apologies for the double post, but I'd like to quickly put in my two cents about this topic. I'd say that Bossk would win hands down at the time when both he and Greedo were still alive, (Bossk still is but that's besides the point). However, I think that with some proper training Greedo would have been able to overcome Bossk and defeat him.


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Fett_II wrote:

Greedo had his gun pointed directly at Han, and still missed. Rodians are just crappy Bounty Hunters

Actually, Rodians are considered some of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy. Greedo became a bounty hunter based upon that fact, and was set up by two other Rodian bounty hunters in the Mos Eisly Cantina because they knew he wouldn't be able to take on Han Solo. Greedo is considered by Rodians to be a disgrace to their being renowned throughout the galaxy as excellent bounty hunters, and, unfortunately, Greedo marred that reputation, which leads to the common misconception that Rodians are awful bounty hunters.


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Well...lets see, your completely right about the fact that there are so many things to say about Boba Fett, but, I think what I respect most about Boba Fett is his code of honor and his morals, along with the fact that he doesn't just use his body to fight. He thinks things through carefully before putting them into action, and he always is making sure that he doesn't screw himself over and land himself in a heap of osik. I know that those are sort of two reasons, but I think that they are related in some strange inter-galactic way. Just saying.


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Well, fighting the Empire. Man, that sounds to me like a pretty idiotic idea. Even though I truly believe that Mandalorians are tough and can take a lot, the Empire is a pretty big army to go up against, even if you have a good number of determined Mandos. But hey, who am I to say that they shouldn't fight? But in my opinion, fighting the Empire (keep in mind that its just Mandos vs. The Empire) I don't think thats one of the smartest ideas ever made. And I agree completely with Ralin Drakus, the Empire would eventually just roll over them.

While its quite true that bounty hunters is a Fett-based game, I, for one prefer Republic Commando. To me Republic Commando seems to create this integration between you and the game. Its one of the few games that can draw some emotion out of my while playing. the way you get to know your squad and Advisor. Man, that game is great and I don't think I'll ever stop playing it.


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Either a Verpine sniper because it's completely silent or a Xerrol Nightstinger because its blaster bolt is invisible. Both weapons are great for bounty hunting.


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I believe the first Mandalorian was Canderous Ordo, but don't hold me to that fact. If your interested in learning more about these types of things I encourage you to visit, that is, if you don't know about it already.


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Man this is easy....Slave 1 hands down

I'd like to mention that Slave I is only useful in certain very specific situations.


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I'd say his Vibro-blades. They are subtle and he can use them to great effectiveness, given the fact that he is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat, along with many other fighting styles. Another nice weapon he possesses is hi Sonic-Beam weapon. It can deafen people in seconds and if he's in a dark room that weapon is amazingly useful, for when in complete darkness, your hearing is pretty much how you know where your enemy is, and without that ability, well, looks like that enemies gonna kill you quick.


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In my personal opinion, Boba Fett is not evil. He's just trying to a make his way living the only way he knows how. Also, I think that the term 'evil' is very loose and there isn't an accurate definition, because you see, evil is mostly perspective, its how you view the act that is perceived as evil and/or how your own morals and ethics view that act. Personally, I don't think Boba Fett is in any way shape or form evil. Survival is completely different than just a pure and outward act of genocide, or some horrendous and so-called 'evil' act. Maybe his actions are viewed as evil, but his actions are effected by his code, and his code is personal and its his own set of personal morals and ethics. This is something that can't be judged except in your own opinion, and so therefore I see Boba Fett as just a neutral man who only wishes to survive, and quite possibly, carry on the legacy his father left behind.