Anyone who played Galaxies before the combat "upgrade" knows thats a change that shouldn't have been made to the game.

Battlefront 2 should definately had hero ships and also i think mixed space and land battles would have been cool, drophips, reinforcements, ect.

i actually did't like bounty hunter only because it was annoying to have to bounty alot of enemies at once before you start gettin blasted.


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if you want a sig for another site, or any reason still, just tell me or post here again cuz it will give me more practice with my sigs


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True, a similar idea was used in the matrix but...

-There were no good Matrix Rpgs.
-The game is set in a galaxy where different aliens can be interacted with, unlike the matrix.
-All the Matrix movies (mostly the plot development) sucked after the first.
-And in the matrix it was about 1 guy who could control the world as he saw fit, Mass Effect is about a fight for survival.


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Hot pink base with a dark purple trim. Tell me who wouldn't want to wear that...

Hehe, actually i liked the idea so much, i decided to change my avatar.


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I'm pretty sure it's paint, because i have never bought flour that came in a can, and i don't think i ever will. =P


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Thought i might take a stab at it if you don't mind … irefox.jpg


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Surprised nobody has mentioned Tron yet. I think it would be awesome to throw a virtual frisbee at somebody and have it slice them in half =P . I can't even imagine 50 years from now, if they could go from atari to what halo 3 is gunna be like (and the amazing concept of the Wii) in less than 30 years, i have no clue to what the future holds...


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Mass effect will have gameplay similar to that of KOTOR while adding in the new real-time fighting instead of the "pause and plan" fighting. The story is that every 1 million years a robotic society comes to wipe out the human race and take its resources, and this is the 1millionth year. From the looks of the reviews and pictures, its going to be an advanced version of KOTOR without the star wars theme.

I believe the answer to this question involves the situation.

Lets say that you have all 4 commandos getting in a fire fight with Fett, i'd have to say Boba wins due to slightly underhanded tactics he has picked up over the years and agile movements while the military minded commandos may hae a squad based plan of attack, its impossible to forsee Fett's next move.

But if you have Sev a couple hundred yards out, Scorch as a distraction with demolitions, Fixer on support duty, and Boxx doing... whatever it is Boss does (strategy maybe). Fett would have his work cut out for him, maybe escape as a best option. Because there isn't a plan i can think of that doesn't involve his head being sniped off or his body blown apart.

And on a side note you can't really compare Boba Fett's intelligence to that of the commandos. He is totally different than them, they didn't have the same training or the same lifestyle. Bounty hunting teaches you alot different tactics than squad based assaults.


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Double sided Silver lightsaber =P

Oh and for anyone still interested, Kotor 3 is either not coming out or will be a long time in the making due to the fact that the company is totally focused on their upcoming release of "Mass Effect" which has the same RPG gameplay as KOTOR, but real-time combat. I can't wait.