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Sam and Dennis stumbled out of the woods, finally free of the terrors that had been chasing them. The two breathed heavily, hunched over while they tried to regain their composure. The boys had been in the woods digging holes in the dirt to bury their heads when the spiders had found them.

"I told you that Ostriches are the only animals that can hide that way!" Yelled an exausted Dennis as he lay down his shovel.

"Well how was I supposed to know they had super powers that we don't?" Sam replied as he kicked the ground.

Dennis stood straight up and looked around to see that they were on a dark road with no cars or any signs of civilization nearby.

"Great!" he screamed into the night, "Now we're lost too! This is all your..."

His broke off his sentence as he looked to see what Sam was doing. His friend was pushing two fingers into his neck and then releasing them to allow a fountain of blood to spray from his jugular. He repeated this a few times before turning to Dennis and laughing, "Look... I can do the sprinkler!" He turned his body in a jerking motion and pressed and unpressed his wounds.

"WHAT THE HELL!?!" Dennis went pale as he saw e blood flow from his friend. "Did you get bitten by those things!!"

"Calm down you wuss, your just jelous because you know that now I am going to become a superhero, just like how Batman did it."

"First of all I think you mean Spiderman, and second, didn't you notice that the last person they bit in town went all Zombo freak on us!" Dennis began to slowly back away from his long-time friend.

Sam plugged his wounds with two small rocks and wiped the blood from his face. "C'mon, everybody knows that you have to be bitten twice by a zombie in order to die and come back as one of them, and I wouldn't be able to see my reflection in this puddle of blood here"

"Did you just make all of that up, or are you seriously this retarted? I think your brain is already deforming..."

Sam walked over to Dennis and patted him on the back. "Just take it easy man, we got away from those things and we are in the clear now. I already have a plan. You see, tactically these things will be sweeping the woods for food. So all we have to do, is go back to our holes and wait there since they already went through that area. It's like jumping in the crater made by an artillery blast because chances are the next one won't land in the same place."

Dennis thought for a moment about what Sam was saying. He then calmly picked up his shovel and smashed his friend's brains in.

Dennis was soon hit in the foot by a meteor and contracted gangrene. He died.


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Southpark is by far the most insightful show on TV, and one of the funniest.

P.S. GLOPINO, it isn't necessary to add the words "Of all time" to the end of all of your topics...


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Last Crusade is my favorite, but the scene from Raiders where he shoots the swordsman in the street is priceless.


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Karson Fett wrote:

So you don't want to be American......

What are you talking about? Nobody said anything about not wanting to be American. Where do you get these random ideas from?

Draco agreed with Fett_II who said he is loves America but doesn't completely support the war. I also agree with these two, however I think Fett_II is wrong about why everyone hates America. I think it mostly has to do with the fact that the stereotypical American is fat, has extreme bravado, and takes everything he is given for granted. This is obviosly not true of most Americans as is the case with most stereotypes. But we stereotype the french in the same way, as a bunch of cheese eating and wine drinking wusses. So it all evens out in the end.


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Karson Fett wrote:

I agree, what is it made out of?

It's called mat board. It's like a stiffer, thicker version of poster board. That plus some hot glue and an x-acto knife.


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So I started building a helmet about a week ago from some mat board I found at AC Moore. I just started spray painting at the moment and I finally took some pictures. I am also working on the armor, but that is gunna have to wait until the helmet is done.



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You might like to be a little more specific in your posts. Give a little info.

If you mean the Iraq war, then I agree it is nowhere near World War 3. Mostly because America is the only country with their army truly engaged in the war. Other countried have only sent a few troops (some already withdrawn) and our enemies are not Iraqi soldiers but insurgents. For it to be World War III there would need to be a few more countries, a much higher death toll, and ultimately the end of humanity as we know it.

" I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but world War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." -Albert Einstein


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Very nice overall. The only problem I have is that the eyehole you cut from the visor detracts from the whole look. Otherwise it's a nice helmet and I even like the shinguards. =P

I am in the process of making my own armor right now, I'll post my work in a few days.


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By Green do you mean Green Helmeted Fett? If so, he is still here everyday, except he now goes by the name Masterchief.

Valthonin wrote:

Yeah I get the whole plot twist that the aliens were worshipped as gods by the Ugha and stuff, but when I say that Indiana Jones Mac Guffins are usually based on artifacts related to God or the gods I mean like dieties and religions based upon supernatural beings that created all life and rule the heavens etc....not aliens from another planet that imbued the natives with knowledge. Its a different concept than a God that created life.

Actually... aliens from another dimension.


What was the "purpose" of the crystal skull as the main plot device?

~ The aliens came to Earth about 7,000 years ago and tought the local yahoos how to grow crops, dig ditches, and stack stones into a triangle shape? We humans couldn't figure out how to do that much without alien intervention? They can live as disembodied skulls?

They helped the one society advance quicker than normal and become highly advanced sooner than our society would for over 1000 years. And yes they have consiousness as disembodies skulls.


~ The Conquistadores found the spaceship / temple hundreds of years ago, and just took one of the skulls, out of EVERYTHING that was inside? Why the skull? Why only ONE skull, if thirteen skeletons were present? Why were they allowed to take it in the first pace? How did they get inside the alien crypt without a crsytal skull to open the door, if they hadn't stolen it yet?

I think that the main conquistador probably took the skull secretly after finding the place and seeing its potential.


~ What did the alien carcass in Area 51 have to do with the crystal skull they were looking for?

The alien in area 51 was another interdimensianal traveler that landed 10 years before. The Russians were looking for more info on the travelers.


~ Why did the aliens store a treasure of knowledge and artifacts from the world's cultures of the time for posterity, if it would all be destroyed indescriminately as the spaceship powered up?

The treasure and artifacts were either collected for knowledge or by the inhabitants as a shrine.


~ Area 51 is guarded by like, only 5 men?



~ Why did the spaceship power-up and leave when they returned the skull to it's skeleton? The crystal skull is just an egnition key, or something? Was it actually an alien skull, or a mechanism of some kind, shaped to look like a skull?

The only thing I could think of is that the skull held the consiousness of the alien and they were waiting to be reunited before launching the ship.


~ So, did Galadriel the Commie, like, die, or what?

I don't know who you mean by Galadriel... but Spalko (the woman) was overwhelmed with knowledge and her essense (i think) was sucked into the portal along with Mac.


Awesome flick! Loved every minute, George!

I know right!!!

As for my thoughts... I tried to forget about the stupid parts which got harder and harder at the point that the monkeys came into play. But I ultimately enjoyed the movie, but it failed as an Indiana Jones finale. It needed a real ending other than "They went to the spaces in between spaces." WTF does that mean other than "We don't know what or where they came from."

Jesse Fett wrote:
revan07 wrote:

by the way Jesse fett can we pleasee make peace and stop abuse

Maybe, maybe not. Please give a reason why you think what I said was racist? I do not take being called a racist very lightly. There was no abuse, there was retaliation!

Not the place for this, use PMs or take it up on the b-ball court.

Harrison Ford by far. Not just because he is one of the only ones to survive the series without a stereotypical role, but because he is an amazing actor. Without him, I don't know if episode 4 would have been as successful. Plus, nothing will ever beat his improv frantic "Everything's fine, we're all fine... how are you?"


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I had some time


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Fett_II wrote:

mods for SWBF2 have Trandoshans. those mods, however, only exist for the PC. and trandoshans, like Bossk, make bad bounty hunters. hell, 4-LOM and Zuckuss are better than him.

You must not be thinking clearly as Bossk is one of the few people in the Star Wars Universe to ever have Boba Fett admit defeat to them.


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I used to play as a Trandoshan in Star Wars Galaxies. I thought it was cool because it was one of the lesser played races, and it was sweet to be a lizard man.
And I think you forgot to mention one of my favorite characters Bossk.


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Cheese grater?


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Valthonin wrote:
Fetterthanyou wrote:
Valthonin wrote:

I wasn't aware there was a Grand Theft Auto game set in Singapore.

Well there technically hasn't been a GTA set it Miami or New York either, just Vice City, Liberty City, and San Andreas.

Ok just to be on the same footing here...you do know that Vice City is modeled after Miami and Liberty City is modeled after New York and San Andreas to L.A. right?

Hmmm... nope, didn't notice that after flying a helicopter past the statue of liberty i mean happiness or the Empire State Building i mean Rotterdam tower. (Of course I know they are based on real places, I was merely pointing out the fact that while based on real places... they are not.)

To Ralin: It is a very open environment that does not have many boundaries on what you can do. However it is not a lot like oblivion other than that. A lot more senseless violence and death.

And as for Glen Beck... I'm going to try to keep this as civil as possible.

Glen Beck uses the same tired rhetoric for hating the game as every other tv personality. He links the game to military training saying that simulations like this have made people more vicious and accurate over the years. Not mentioning the advancement in technology itself or the fact that these games in no way train you in the use of true fire arms. His stats are crazy as he states that the game is teaching our society to be murderers even though the crime rate has halved in recent years. I'd be glad to keep going, but its unnecessary.

PS. He had Jack Thompson on his show as an expert. End of argument. Thompson rants about how games ruin America and yet he has been laughed out of (and restricted from working in) most courts in the United States. Great expert.


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Valthonin wrote:
Fett_II wrote:
Valthonin wrote:

And yet the majority is definitely NOT. I dont see 40 car jacks a day in Miami, or 10 ppl (minimum) getting shot to death by M16's, or cars doing flips and going off ramps around the city.

clearly, you've never been to Singapore big_smile

I wasn't aware there was a Grand Theft Auto game set in Singapore.

Well there technically hasn't been a GTA set it Miami or New York either, just Vice City, Liberty City, and San Andreas.


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Valthonin wrote:

The driving has become somewhat of a hassle...its as if every car's tires are coated with butter. Theres no traction. Using the brake just causes more problems... Also sometimes the missions can be so damn annoying. But besides that the game is still great fun.

In regards to the driving, I felt the same way until I finally got the hang of it. It makes sense, because some of the nicer cars have much better handling. Also, if you play online it is better that it is hard to drive since it makes it more exciting and much more skill is involved in getaways and chases.

But I love the game, I've been playing on and offline since I got it, (midnight launch) and I think the cell phone idea is amazing and so are most of the missions.

PS. Packie is by far the best character.


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actually Terra, easier way.

http://www.chesscentral.com/chess_downl … _chess.htm

http://www.dosgamesonline.com/index/gam … Chess.html


Easy to download Battle Chess from the sites =P


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terra wrote:
Fetterthanyou wrote:

Oh man, this topic just made me do a 30 minute search of my massive pile of disks. I actually have my Battle Chess disk in my hand right now. It's not loaded on my pc right now, but it definately will be soon. I actually learned how to play (and love) chess from playing against the computer for hours.

Awww man, could you share?

i'll try to push it through my ethernet cable to get it to your computer.


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Oh man, this topic just made me do a 30 minute search of my massive pile of disks. I actually have my Battle Chess disk in my hand right now. It's not loaded on my pc right now, but it definately will be soon. I actually learned how to play (and love) chess from playing against the computer for hours.


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idk how he did it, but he put a space in the links...

these r the images he was trying to show


I'm guessing they r just malted milk balls in which case i enjoy them as well.


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I play competatively, but I haven't been ranked yet, I'm hoping to get that done this year.