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Left 4 Dead - Zombie survival game that is supposed to be very "realistic" like an escape from a city full of zombies thing, with online co-op play.

Borderlands - Mad Max beyond thunderdome kinda setting. But with as many weapons and armor pickups as Diablo 2. Its an FPS with some RPG characteristics thrown in.

Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts- Its the old fashioned game I grew up with but now you can build your own vehicles to complete challenges within the world. Plus online multiplayer with the vehicles you built.

Star Wars Unleashed- obviously

KOTOR MMO - Was Apparently announced at E3.

Fable 2 - Online Co-Op in fable...

Diablo 3 - Been waiting sooooooooooooooooooooo long for this.

Fall Out 3 - Take Oblivion and set it in an apocolyptic wasteland with guns and even more customization.

Gears of War 2 - Flamethrowers and human shields.

Call of Duty: World at War - Flamethrowers and sniping from trees.

Zoids Assault - I was a huge fan of the show, and apparently there is some crazy customization on the zoids.

Mortal Kombat vs. DC - So random it has got to be good.

I think that is everything... I'll be working 3 jobs in the meant-time to pay for all of these...


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Merciless Mandalore wrote:

Ya, i would agree. Even though its a new setting, the whole pacific campaign has been covered by Medal of Honor. And for more CoD news, the James Bond game Quantam of Solace is going to be built on the CoD 4 engine. Which is the same as CoD 2 and 3, isn't it?

Ya... except medal of honor sucks...


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It is still WW2, but it is a new area for the Call of Duty guys. It is going to be the pacific campaign against the Japanese. When I first saw the clips I actually thought it was going to be a Vietnam game. But with all the new features they are installing, I think it is definately going to be a hit. Climbing trees... flamethrowers... it's all good. However I am still looking forward to Gears 2 more than anything. (Even Unleashed)

Winning $125 at a Jedi Academy tournament with my 3 friends.


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revan07 wrote:

P.S. if this thread is already done close it and give me a link.

Oh but wouldn't that just be the perfect irony?


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Starship Troopers is by far one of the stupidest movies I have ever seen.... Ever.

With that said, I enjoyed the movie. If you take it seriously you are obviosuly going to have problems with any movie like this. It is extremely exaggerated to a laughable degree, which is what makes it fun to watch.

Dizzy: My mother always told me that violence doesn't solve anything.
Jean Rasczak: Really? I wonder what the city founders of Hiroshima would have to say about that.
[to Carmen]
Jean Rasczak: You.
Carmen: They wouldn't say anything. Hiroshima was destroyed.

That's what this one site I found is for...



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Miba wrote:

Hey, even if it isn't the best it's better than any of us have ever done? How many of us have even tried? I know even if I did try I probably couldn't do that.

But I would sure like to try! Flying around with one of those would be great!

I bet if I had over a million dollers to sink into a jet pack project... I could probably get some pretty good results. I tell you what, if we get everyone on the boards to send me about 50,000 dollars I could probably get 1 or two of these babies made by next year.


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meh... i've seen better. And I am being completely serious, that one he is wearing looks like the one's they made a few years ago... but still would be extremely awesome to fly.

revan07 wrote:

Yeah but i still like my name, and the 07 bit is what wonders me as most of you are probably American and only Austrailians get the revan07 joke as it was a part of a prime minister campaign

maybe people might not get that joke, but the number 7 and its many forms ( 07, 007...) is the most commonly used number since it is considered lucky...


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I have to agree with Fett_II on this one. I saw his original HBO stand up routine and I thought it was pretty funny. However as soon as they gave him a show i think he just started reusing the same tired old jokes about each and every race. He has no new material and if he does unexpectedly come up with a good idea he screws it up by once again trying to make it into something he can overuse.

Are you serious? You're acount name is Revan07!!!! It is a KOTOR forum, and you're wondering who or why anyone had the idea to use one of the main characters names!!!! Why do you care? It would be like green coming in here and yelling that somebody took his new account name (master chief) on the Halo 3 forums.


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Not that I am an expert on art or photography, but that is one of the best photographs I've seen by a non-expert. It is extremely well focused, zoomed, centered. And as Cujo already stated, the juxtaposition of beautiful flower and creepy fly makes it even better.

well done.


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Jet packs that run on hopes and dreams...

And who needs matter to energy converters when you could have matter to french fry converters... So much better.


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Kotor 3 has not technically been announced yet, but they would be retarted not to make a sequal to some of the greatest and easily 2 of their most successful games.

As for the MMO, that has been floating around for a while. They have been very careful not to make any statements about the MMOs connection to Star Wars or to KOTOR. However it has been proven it is of the "Fantasy" genre and it is being made by Bioware and Lucas Arts together... so Star Wars, Indiana Jones, or some sort of wild west theme are the best bets. And Star Wars is still popular now, and indiana jones has like 10 games comin out thanks to the movie... so my money is on SW still.


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You must have forgotten to add the "Greatest person on the site award" for me, but thats ok... I'll just wait for you to put it up.


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I actually got a text from a friend of mine at about 11:00 AM which said,"D3 has been confirmed, go look it up!"

So I did, and I too will be playing first day, will see you all there hopefully.


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I'm becoming a fan as we speak. I don't have a myspace, because Facebook is much more professional and useful. See you guys online =P.

There are hacks and anti-hack solutions that invlove the uploading of files that pretend to be pictures. They are backdoors into sites such as this one, but they would not allow somebody to gain your computer's personal information because they hack the site itself not the users. The only info they can obtain this way is any information that Aaron already has.


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This one is both a look alike and sound alike... if thats a correct phrase...
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-V95eGgZ … re=related


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Flamethrowers nothing, I want to climb a tree in my ghillie suit and start sniping from up there. That looked awesome. Thanks for the update Sev.


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Good luck with this, I've been meaning to start some Ubese armor (Which by the way is what Boushh's armor is called) or a Tusken Raider helm.

The only problem I forsee with your project is that the mouth piece and back look like a leather substance, not a hard armor. But it shouldn't be too difficult if your creative.


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BFFC-Mel wrote:

Nice work, but why wasn't Boba on the top shelf? tongue

Everyone knows that the greatest amount of damage is done to the unprotected top shelf. But you do still have them a little low...


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:
Masterchief wrote:

That'd be pretty cool if he were a member here! smile

the last post is over two years old.....realy........

I believe the picture you are looking for is...


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-F3TT- wrote:

Don't call me n00b never again!

please stop it.I thought you we're my friends...I was wrong... sad sad

I seriously hope that you guys are not being serious about this. First of all the word "n00b" (or however you want to spell it) literally means somebody who is new at something.

You guys need to buck up and stop taking things that people say so seriously. You have actually proved the point you were trying to argue by creating this thread.