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Not a bad try, but I expect more creativity out of an April fools jokes these days. But then again, it did get me to post here again so... I guess that's something.


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Since I haven't been around much, instead of rushing into this debate, I'm going to add my own twist to the discussion.

I am pro-guns in the same way that it seems a lot of people here are. I agree almost wholeheartedly with Ralin, but here's my question:

If you think it's right to own a gun for your own protection, do you feel that all guns should be legal? If you own a pistol for your own protection, why not an AK-47 or any other assault rifle?

ps. I think nunchaku being illegal is probably better for those people out there who think they "could totally use them correctly." A lot less broken bones for stupid users.


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BFFC Admin wrote:

Si, when the stocks drop last week and drop yesterday and drop today, it's certainly the topic to discuss. After all, if the surge is working, and we have few civil liberties left, those conversations are secondary. /sarcasm

Sev, the $700,000,000,000 bailout wasn't a proposed as an end-all fix.

If I had $700,000,000,000 I think I could fix just about anything...

Go to college... oh wait... I'm already here smile    (<---Why i haven't been on frequently)

But seriously, I'm a math major right now but I will probably be switching to Computer Sciences or Economics at some point. NNNNOOOO IDDDEEAAA what I am goin to do with my life tho. So I'm just drifting.

revan07 wrote:

What if they can't find the index.

And if problems began on the Death Star they could just self destruct

Which is of course a great tactic...


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Si Titran wrote:
Fetterthanyou wrote:

First off, thanks for the compliments. When I first started I wasn't expecting much, but I'm pretty proud of how it turned out...

Si Titran wrote:

I am curious as to HOW with a excato and  mat board such a thing was made.

Patience, excessive measuring, a lot of luck, and some finagling. Also a lot of time was spent on the Dented Helmet sifting through their topics.

Even still..... did it requitre much glueing? And if it did, what type did you use?

A lot of gluing was done, and I used a hot glue gun. Pretty much each color is its own piece of mat board. The red part is all one piece, and the dome is strips of matboard covered in spackle. Then I used lightweight spackle and sandpaper to smooth out the edges.


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First off, thanks for the compliments. When I first started I wasn't expecting much, but I'm pretty proud of how it turned out...

Si Titran wrote:

I am curious as to HOW with a excato and  mat board such a thing was made.

Patience, excessive measuring, a lot of luck, and some finagling. Also a lot of time was spent on the Dented Helmet sifting through their topics.


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WOOOO I finally got back to this and did some real work. It's finally in the final stages of completion. Just a few touch ups on the paint job and It's done. (I decided to create a non-damaged style helmet, mostly because I don't want to screw it all up with the crappy scarring job I'd probably do.)

Without further ado... pictures... not those kinds of pictures... get your mind out of the gutters... seriously though... here we go.


dang flash makes the lighter green look really pale, but whatever.


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Karson Fett wrote:

8 gold metals in one Olympics! 
Holy Cow Hide! Just now! WOW! Yipeee! Whooo!
He has 14 total. WOW JUST WOW!

unless you mean phelps is now in possession of 7 new types of gold that must now be added to the periodic table... in which case you are correct. Or maybe he painted 8 different metals gold... in which case you are also correct.


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BFFC-Draco wrote:

Anyways, why is Halo so popular?, why was Mario, Bozo the Clown (not Gene Simmons), or Gene Simmons so popular? It's just a fad.

Well every popular entertainment entity is a fad. So that doesn't explain why it's popular. Mario was/is popular because his games opened up a new style of gaming and he represented Nintendo. Pokemon was/is popular because it had cute creatures you could collect and play with for girls (and some guys) and fearsome monsters to battle with for boys. Gene Simmons was/is popular because he was the most prominant figure in a famous band, and he had extreme make-up, a long tongue, and was a womanizer.

I neglected Bozo the clown because even I don't know that 1. Creeeeeeeepy...


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I'm thinking about taking some form of martial arts in college this year. I need to take a physical education course, so I figure it's either going to be martial arts, rifelry, or fencing.

What system are you learning? The only one I've heard of is called the "Five (might be four...) Animal" technique.


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Fett_II wrote:

GCW era. death star = wins battle on coruscant.

You keep saying the Deathstar is the Empires super weapon and that it could wipe out a flood infected world like its the perfect solution. Here is a scenario = The flood get a few creatures down on a planet, and like a zombie infestation the world slowly starts to turn. The empire destroys it with a blast from the Death Star. Here's the outcomes I see from this...

1. If any type of evactuation was done to save the planet's inhabitants, the Flood could spread throughout the Star Wars planets easily. This would mean pretty much the end of every world that they evacuate to.

2. No Evacuation, the Empire just vaporizes the planet. Any general with half a brain on the Halo side realizes all they have to do is make it look like there is an infection on any planet and now the Death star is blowing up its own worlds left and right... or fear the death of their races.

3. They spend so much time and resources trying to defeat the infection and the Flood that they get blindsided by the UNSC and Covenant Fleet.

Oh and when worst comes to worst for the Halo side, they could just pull a MAD (mutually assured destruction) cease fire with the rings and the Ark.


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Alo Fett wrote:

Because HALO came out right as the x-box came out it got bought because it was one of the only games out there. For many HALO was their 1st FPS  RPG therefore getting the "My 1st love" syndrome. That's when what I like to call "BUZZ" kicked in. "BUZZ" is when a few people with a lot of say think X (X= anything) rocks or stinks and they tell everyone they meet about how they hate/love X after a while people who have never even seen/played X start to say things about it too. This happened with Windows Vista (see link) this also happened with Spider-Man 3 and is happening now with the Clone Wars movie. I was told by people who had never seen or used them that they sucked I saw SM3 the opening night at 12:00 and thought it was a great movie (not as good as 1 or 2 but still great) BUZZ can also change your ideas about something so that when you DO see/use/play it you go in thinking its not going to be good/it will be awesome and when you do use/see/play it even if you do/don't like it your careful about what you say about it because you don't want to go against everyone. This is why I think Napoleon Dynamite was so popular. I found myself doing this and now I try to let others know about BUZZ. I now try to go into everything with a open mind.
  So it really is just a lot chance that HALO is what it is today.

The only problem I see with your logic is that all of your "Buzz" examples are sequals or extensions of an already popular series. Halo 3, which I'm assuming your talking about, like Vista, SM 3, Clone Wars, and such drew off of the popularity of their predecessors. However the wrench in your theory is that each of these titles had to become popular in the first place. They had to earn the right to create the Buzz, which is the only reason a sequal is created anymore anyway.

If you were talking about Halo:CE (the original) then you are sadly mistaken in your thoughts as the X-box owes is popularity to the original Halo. People bought the system purely to play Halo after they got to try it once or twice. Not because somebody told them it was worth it, because they got hooked and knew it was worth it. Don't throw the whole thing off to "Chance."


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BFFC-Mel wrote:

Well I'm not really one to play online games, so I have probably missed the point entirely tongue

Yes, which is sad really. Not sad on your part, but on the part of the game producers. They went from having a great game all around (Halo) to having a good campaign and a great multiplayer/ onlline game (halo 2). Then they pretty much stripped down the campaign to be able to be run through in a few hours in order to put emphasis on what people were already mostly interested in... the online play. Its all supply and demand. Fortunately I enjoy online play as much as the next guy, so I enjoy Halo.


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Ok, most likely you are playing one of the new halos, which means it is not revolutionary. This is mainly because almost no sequal is ever revolutionary because it has to play off the basis from the first game(s) or else people will get mad and won't buy it. So if you were looking for revolutionary, you are about 6-7 years too late as Halo 1 was the one for that.

Now as for why the new ones feel like every other game out there. This is not because of a lack of inginuity on Bungie's part, but instead a lack of creativity from everyone else. Almost every other FPS slowly moved into this funk of copying off of Halo or copying off a game that copied off Halo. Health bars disapeared, (even Call of Duty picked that 1 up) online gaming became the same rigamaroll over and over, and somehow most games still can't grasp the best concept about Halo's online system. The party screen. Call of Duty 4 got close, but still lacks the fluidity that Halo 3 has. The ability to change any part of the gametype, map, appearance, boot players, and set pretty much any option without creating a new game is by far one of the best parts of playing Halo online.

Play Gears of War and then try to change the gametype or map while online... you will appreciate Halo immediately.


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Fett_II wrote:
GLOPINO wrote:

Because its Halo.

that's not a real reason, i could create a game 10 times better.

No... You can't. And even if you created a game, 10 times better? really? considering most reviews of the game fell between 9.5 and 10 that would mean "your game" would be a 95 to a 100.... on a scale from 1 - 10. Nice try.

Valthonin wrote:
BFFC-Mel wrote:
Werda Verd wrote:

Halo CE had a good story, and many modern games really don't have that, but that started to be more common.

Actually when playing Halo I noticed that it had stolen and awful lot of lines from the Aliens film. Not only that but the soldiers and their Sarge looked almost identical.

Yeah I was going to mention that. Its also like, the EXACT same sarge from Predator. Complete with the little cap. And to counter post WV's post: I honestly dont think Halo revolutionized much of anything. It just took a game like Golden eye 007, kept the mechanics and gameplay and tossed in a few aliens. If you look at Halo, almost nothing in the game hasn't already been done before.

This sums up my opinion pretty well. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/ … n/8-Halo-3

First off, don't use somebody else's review of a game to "sum up your opinion" because it makes it look like you took all of your ideas from them, which you sort of did with the "sarge from predator" thing. Plus he never played multiplayer... which is stupid because why buy Halo for the single player? It's like buying milk if you're lactose intollerant.

And to counter-post your counter-post Halo did revolutionize the FPS. Do you really think that they stole things from Golden Eye?!? Yeah, it was a fun game like... a decade ago. Halo is a sci-fi FPS with graphics that overshadowed most games of the time. The controls, multiplayer (especially in halo 2), and the AI were leaps and bounds past ordinary. 007 had infinite streams of enemies who threw themselves at you with their blocky heads while you tried to find your mark with the C-buttons and moved/ looked around with the analog stick. The multiplayer was like fighting a war in the days of muskets. You stopp face to face with your opponent and fired wildly until one of you fell. YES!! I can see the connections to halo now...

I am not a Halo Fanatic as I have not even played the game in quite some time, but I enjoy it when playing with friends or whenever I am bored. Halo 3 is not a "godly" or "perfect" game... but It's good, simple, and fun. And that is how you sell games. I prefer my Unreal Tournament 3 at the moment anyway, much more action.

Miba wrote:

Eh, you know what? I'm going to stop posting so early in the morning and give myself a chance to wake up first. tongue

Well, all of the points you keep bringing up make it sound more like you didn't understand the movie, not that you didn't like it. It also seems that everytime you saw something you didn't like you smashed it into your memory so hard that you couldn't enjoy or understand the movie. This usually happens when somebody is already biased against a movie to start, meaning you either hate Christian Bale and Heath Ledger, or you love Tim Burton and didn't want to see his movie overshadowed.

And I agree about the bullet-fingerprint thing, that was something I was looking strangely at, but I forgave it because he is Batman. Batman = sherlock holmes of technological investigation. Which makes the Joker Professor Moriarty... which means that the Joker is the Napolean of Gotham... which means he will be defeated by a German... which can only mean that the next villian will be the RED BARON (I'm sorry for everyone who lost track during that rant...)

Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

Well the last one is the only thing i have an issue with Val, CSI tends to exaggerate alot of tech and stuff.

They usually don't exaggerate tech as much as use WAAAY too much of it. A usual CSI force will only have a small budget where as the CSI team seems to have millions at their disposal. Which (to get back on topic) Bruce Wayne does have.

Miba - While I respect anyone's decision to like or not like a movie, I have to disagree with your reasoning much in the same way that Val did. You decided in the first 15 minutes that you didn't like it? Was that before or after everyone else in the theater had their eyes glued to the screen gasping at every sentence. 

And yes... THAT IS THE JOKER!!!

BFFC-Draco wrote:

Isn't that almost exactly what happened to Two Face and Mr. Freeze? How original is that?

Not exactly.

Two Face got half his face set on fire in this movie, but in the original story, Sal Maroni throws acid on his face during his trail (which is why I was tricked when the guy pulled the gun mid-movie). You see here it wasn't an accident.

Mr. Freeze got cryogenic materials spilled on him while at his lab. Which is totally different than acid.


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Fett_II wrote:

you can't really compare Nicholson and Ledger. different directors, different decades, different views, different styles, it just can't be done.

While I agree it may be tough to say which one was a better joker overall, it is not impossible to compare the two in terms of... Jokerism.

Lets look at a few key points in the Joker repertoire and do a comparison:

                    --------------   SPOILERS!!??!! (Should have been obvious... but hey)--------------

1. Funny Factor = Obviously the Joker has to make you at least smile or else he wouldn't be the "Joker."

Nicholson- He had a few props, he always wore a smile, and nothing was serious. Everything needed a punch line and it worked in contrast to Batman's stern and almost melodramatic seriousness. Flowers squirting acid and the good old "joker venom." Gags are more the Nicholson style.

Ledger- While not as blatently a clown there is no denying the sheer brilliance of his magic pencil trick. Also when he goes to slick back his hair to meet Rachel a smile has to appear on your face. And even though the Joker nurse may make you smile again, the rest of his performance is creepy, dramatic, and chaotic. Not as much gag joking, but smiles interrupt the insane tirade.

More comic book joker goes to Nicholson, but Ledger's subtle humor comes close and adds a very nice touch to the character.

2. The Laugh = No Joker is complete without the perfect laugh. While nobody can laugh like Mark Hamill (the joker's voice on most TV shows) both Ledger and Nicholson TIE in my book in this department. Ledger's laugh pierces your heart and makes you cringe while Nicholson's makes you realize he just doesn't care what happens, and that is scary in its own way.

3. Batman's Archenemy- Joker is Batman's rival because he is so much different in terms of tone, yet so much alike that it actually scares Batman. Nicholson's joker really didn't have much in common with Batman as he was a little less psychotic genius and a little more mobster. Ledger's Joker literally states that the two share a destiny and that Batman is, "A freak" like him to the people of Gotham. The ways they mirror eachother in planning and concise action are well done and yet the nature of their moral codes sets them so far apart. They are destined to fight to eternity.

In the end... I can't pick a "better" Joker, not because they are so different, just because they are both so good. I appreciate Ledger's performance because I am older now and the movie is a little more profound, but Nicholson nailed the Joker's "comic book clown" persona. If I had to choose a winner I would say Ledger... but just by a red fuzzy nose.


Sev Fett wrote:

Nicholson was more of the BANG out of the end of the gun Joker.  And Ledger pushed the insanity to an extreme much like when Joker made a comeback to be Batman's major villain in the 70's and during the entire killing Joke thing.

While you're on the right track, I think the grenade pin Ledger's Joker pulled as he drove away on the bus (which only emitts smoke) in the very beginning of Dark Knight is too close to a "Bang Flag" gun for your metaphor to work...

revan07 wrote:

Does the Joker ever appear without his face paint on?

And does the joker have another name like he does in Batman(1989)?

The actual Joker doesn't wear face paint, his face is stained that way from a fall into a vat of toxic chemicals. They did not give and origin story in the movie (actually choosing to make him more mysterious, which I liked) but at one point in the movie (when they *assassinate* Gordon) the joker does have his face a normal color in order to blend into the crowd of rifeman. (whether he was not wearing his makeup... or whether he was wearing makeup to cover it is unknown.


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Just refer to the Grindhouse RPG for all questions on how to set up a "good" RPG... just don't follow its path to untimely death...

Si Titran wrote:

The academy is too pompous to acknowledge a performance that was well received by the public. The less people who saw it, the more they like it.  There might be the honorific nomination, but alas as this was an enjoyable movie, and not dull as tombs, won't actually win. It would be nice though. Give it to Matilda.

You're probably right, but I can dream...

And Valthonin, I'll pretend I didn't see your comment...

BFFC Admin wrote:

Just saw it on IMAX. Breathtaking. Great work by Wally Pfister, cinematographer of Dark Knight.

Same here, I saw Batman Begins in Imax so i felt it was only right to see the sequal in the same granduer. I was right. The movie was soo good that I think it might be the first movie I ever go see in the movies twice (or 3 times even.)

I loved every minute of the movie from the moment the first window was broken until the credits began to roll. Heath Ledger should definately win Best Actor for the way he portrayed the Joker. Jack Nicholson should be proud. And for everyone who thinks that two-face was either killed too quickly you have to realize that this is Batman in its most realistic state. You can't have 10-15 villians running around by the 3rd movie. The conversion from Harvey Dent "White Knight" to the two-face was amazing and I wouldn't change a thing.

And nobody has mentioned one of my favorite scenes. On the Ferry when the criminal walks straight up to the man and says, "I'm going to do what you should have done 10 minutes ago" and tosses the detonator off the ship. Brilliant, moving, and uplifting in way too many ways.

Lord Revan wrote:

Eh...getting the Mile High Club achievement on CoD4...can't think of anything else...

That was a %$&#@ to get, but ya, definately something to be proud of =P. 1000/1000 like a week after the game came out =/


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Werda Verd wrote:

I disagree. Which, if any, have you played? I've played them all, and they're well made. Better than, say, Hour of Victory.

Well if your going to compare it to hour of victory of course it looks good. If you compare anything to the bottom of the barrel you get a good looking game.

I played Rising Sun, Airborne, (I never judge games until I play them myself). Rising sun I played with my friend until I had to just stop and change games. It was not up to par with games of the time, and while I can't say I remember the game too well, I do remember a repetative and tedious fighting against brainless AI.

Airborne was a similar let down for me. While not a terrible game, it's on the Xbox 360 and yet it does not have the same fluid feel (or graphics) as most games on the system. The "choose your parachute path" idea is clever, but in the end quite pointless as you need to get to certain areas no matter where you land. Shots don't register correctly, enemies have uncanny aim from extreme distances, and the weapons you carry seem to fire with the acuracy of a chaingun. The multiplayer is OK though.

And since this is a Call of Duty topic that I just digressed from, I'll segway my way back by saying the Medal of Honor series doesn't hold a candle to the Call of Duty games. They are all good from start to finish.