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Fett_II wrote:

So you don't read from the Gospel or Book or whatever of Luke just because he and Skywalker have the same name?

No, it realy does have the most discrptive angle of the first Christmas

but you know luke skywalker does flash through my head when i hear "luke"


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Even though it's thanksgiving Merry Christmas! You got me in a Christmasy mood Miba. Oh so sorry about the Christmas music killing you. Yah we usualy read outa Luke too. wink I got a mug that's a replica of Boba's helmet for a reeeeaaaly early present.

WalonVau wrote:

Thankyou Alo. I don't like the touchy,feely side of Boba that Traviss came up with either,
What next Boba baking Brownies with 'little' Kad'ika?

lol tongue brownies. anyway I've always heard Boba had green armor because he just liked the color. and I always thought that that dark green would provide nice camouflage in alot of different environments


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Tales from Jabba's Palace: "I'm going to kill you very slowly"

Miba wrote:

Netracinya, post spoiler warnings!!!!!! Not everyone has read that book and not everyone wants to know these things going into it! That is a BIG spoiler! If I hadn't already finished it you would have utterly destroyed it for me forever and I would have never read it based just on the fact that you gave me what's probably the biggest spoiler in that book.

sorry i will next time,, thanks for telling me

ZiviReywes wrote:

... if they make a Bounty Hunter 2 game, it should happen in the Jedi Twilight universe.  The tone of that series is just BEGGING to have a game based on it.  the Jedi twilight storyline has a lot more room for real Bounty Hunting then many other settings, barring of course the Luke/OT era.

I'm probably alone on this, but I'm getting tired of seeing games with parts that "cleverly intersect" with bits from the movies.  There's a huge universe out there, we don't have to see Luke/Anakin in every honkin' game.

i'm tired of main characters from the movies sneaking into everything too.


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wow! that sure beats my dinky little standies and posters. smile


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Wow, they're beautiful. Hmm, intresting. Boba Fett started out in a white suit. tongue

I watched it last night. It was pretty cool. Bane seems like a pretty cool dude, but they haven't introduced the mando's in the series yet.


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Lol man,, pillow fight,,


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yeah! i love super hero movies big_smile ,, is it from Marvel?


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BFFC therealmccoy wrote:
netracinya wrote:

i don't read her Legacy of the Force books because i'm afraid the'll tant the pure awesomeness of Boba Fett with all her mushy gunk! but i do like her commando books..:P

anyone who claims to be a fan of boba fett would be impressed with what he becomes with his age
to put it plainly, you'd be proud of him

i am to a Fett fan,, i just don't like those books,, gosh

True Warrior wrote:

If we are not specificly talking about Star Wars................then I would like an "easy-squeeze" peanut butter bottle. On some lazy days, pulling out the butterknife, spreading the peanut butter, and washing it afterwards can be soooo exhausting. Lazy poeple dont have time for that!!! tongue I have yet to see a squeeze-out peanut butter bottle and if anyone produces this concept, I will have you know that True Warrior said it FIRST!!!




Star Wars Bounty Hunter 2 (Boba Fett)
Boba Fett Movie that kicks butt(to show all the "only watch the movies star wars fans* that Boba is just as good as jango)

Ralin Drakus wrote:

Viking vs. Samurai... That's an awesome analogy   

I'm getting a mental image of how THAT duel would go...   tongue

i just call them as i see them.. cool


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Valthonin wrote:

What magazine? and why were fans outraged?


  because some where mad about how he could do things Yoda couldn't do, and that he took down Vader... like i said that's only what they said .. i won't bet anything on its truthfulness... hmm


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i read in a gameing magazine that due to an outrage of fans complaining about the first one; that the people that did The Force Unleashed are going to be making another video game of how the rebellion realy began, and Vader's real secret apprentice..  and that this one was just a dream..  hmm       don't know if it's true...

  has anyone else heard about this?


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Mared wrote:

I am female and I guess I am one of the few who prefer deadly Boba Fett over this good looking boy named Anakin Skywalker. =P

i much preffer Boba over Anakin... i'm a sucker for guys in full body armor tongue

  and i am a female, but only technically. if you went by attitude, and likes ,, most would probly think i was male,,


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i like grapples..

   (a new hybrid between apples & grap juice) cool


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i don't read her Legacy of the Force books because i'm afraid the'll tant the pure awesomeness of Boba Fett with all her mushy gunk! but i do like her commando books..:P

i'm glad most of us our on the same page here...


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OH MY  GOSH!!  YOU FRIK"N READ MY MIND!!!!    i've been wanting a Star Wars Bounty Hunter 2 staring Boba Fett for months!!!   and i don't care if this haven't been commented on in months!!!    *spazum*

yay, about light-weight fighter size, because i don't think he really needs to buff up as much as jango,

  because let's face, jango likes to attack his prey head on relying on his stregnth and weapontry to get the job done

Boba howerver usualy relys on supperior skill and his cleverness to capture his prey,,

kinda like a viking and a samuri

    both are really cool in my eys  smile wink tongue

yay, i agree with you all about the paler part.. but i still say he should have atleast one good sized scar on his face... smile

{sorry if there's already a topic about this}

   i just want to know what you all think Boba Fett actually looks like under his helmet.
we all know he's a clone of Jango but that just doesn't tell me enough..
he could be thinner, thicker, more scarred, less scarred, different hair style, facial hair, tatoo's..  .. i mean really what do you all think he looks like.. be discriptive..

  personaly i like this one where he's still has the escence of jango but is alot thiner, has scraggly hair that the back comes down behind his ears, younger, has a bit of facial hair.. like less then a beard and mustash, but more then stubble, and has a realy big scar going from the bottom of the right side of his face to a little under his cheek bone...

   tongue smile