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Congrats TW..... Hey you get my e-mail about the Toons? I tried to reply to your PM but your box is full....


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Really good movie, I've watched it 5 or six times since I got it on DVD. Kevin Smith does it again. "Road Clerks"   

I don't wanna ruffle any feathers here, and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I think real SW fans will watch anything that has to do with SW. Now you can play like your all mature, and above the Crazy fanboys, But guess what, I would bet my kid's college tuition that every one of you have a kid's SW action figure, like Boba Fett, standing on a desk or shelf somewhere. The whole reason we are all fans is we saw something in SW or Boba Fett that flipped that imagination switch inside us. That "little kid's imagination switch." As for Dora the Explorer. strap some armor on that little mexican, and giive her a blaster, and there would be a thread on here about her...... I'd watch it. How do you say " No disintegrations " in Spanish?

I would stand in line for "squeeze bottle peanut butter.."  Oh wait, I  think they have that, but it's mixed with grape jelly. Yes, I think it's called "GOOBER" and they do have a squeeze bottle version.


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Another Good one TW. Keep on workin.... Hope you got my e-mail.

That was GREAT!!! You should do one with Jango when he's fighting Obiwan, or when Mace is about to kill him on Geonosis.  You could start you own page with these little Boba EGGS. I would volenteer to help.


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Another good one, even with the mistake.  I read that book so many years ago, and I remembered that scene right away. I pictured her that that way too. Keep em' coming, I'm a Fan. We should petition for you to get a section on the BFFC site....

I liked it, definately make more, maybe you could get your own regular strip on this site. I know the Mercs would like it....zzreal Star Wars Easter Eggs.


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I Just got turned on to "Torchwood" and "Primeval" recently on BBCA due to the lack of SciFi currently on right now, and I have to say I'm really starting to llike them both. Took me a while and quite a few reruns to get what was going on but I can see why it's popular in GB. Plus now they have "Primeval" on the SciFi channel. They needed something since Stargate and Sanctuary have gone off. Eureka is supposed to be back next month too. Anything besides those bad B movies they show all the time. I watched that "Starrunners" movie last Saturday, with the guy who plays Trip on "Enterprise" and all I can say is they should be ashamed, I have watched Fan Films online with better quality than that.  And I'm not bad-mouthing Fan Films, I love them, Keep on doing what you guys do. I just say to SciFi channel, Quality not Quantity. I guess that's why they put STNG on for a 4 hour Tour each day..Gotta fill with something.

So as for "Torchwood" YES, two thumbs up, I'll watch it.


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It's a Toss up Between Granny Smith green Apples and Nice ripe Strawberries. I always buy Strawberry Blizzards at DQ, but I think if they had Apple Blizzards, I would have a tough time choosing.... But I like Strawberry Bannana Smoothies... Man my mouth is watering, I'm going to DQ, RIGHT NOW!!!!!


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That Game was Excellent and everyone I know who played it, Loved it, Starwars Fan or not. That was the first game that the Jedi Powers really worked WELL in combat. As far as the story, I think there were a few grumbles about How well it fit in the Total Scheme of the Story we know, but Hey, you have your Purists in every Fan Genre. I Personally love anything Star Wars from Video Games to Toilet paper. They wanna make another one, I'll buy it, and tell every one else to buy it. I would even bet the Whiney Critics will buy it, and say they hate it. (but deep down inside, you know the HoneyComb Kid in them LOVES it..}


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I'm all for a new Bounty Hunter Game, I love the original. Every couple of months I break it out and play it. In fact I made every member of my Delta Team play that or Republic Commando before the could try out for the team....

Boba Fett in my mind is not Pale and Thin. Boba is very Meticulous about his fitness and agility. So he would be extremely muscular and fit, not bodybuilder bulk, but lean and mean like a middleweight fighter. As far as hair, he would keep it crew cut style, less worry and works better for the helmet. Take it from me, I  wear a helmet every day, and even with a cooling system, You sweat a lot in there and long hair is a pain, and  very impractical for a wandering soldier and Utilitarian. Boba would have some scars and maybe a broken nose considering he raised himself and would have had to fight his way into the Mando ranks while learning their warrior customs. Besides even a fullly grown and trained clone had to spend a considerable time in combat training, and they were no where near as good a Boba. And finally, in the Armor or out of the Armor he would have Jango's dark Ozzy skin tone, he would never be pale.    wink


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What's the Mando translation for SaladShooter.....?