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it probably was done so there wouldnt be a repeat..... i was watching something with george lucas talking about boba and he didnt seem so happy about the whole thing....... pity..


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dude mace has always been evil <_< >_>  those who dont see that .....r BLIND!!!!!! 

he totally sux.....

u no who else sux......SAMUEL JACKSON!!!!  he demanded george lucas to give him a purple lightsaber -_-

poor jango...........


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i love star wars battle front 2!!  but the only person i have to play it with is my 10 year old sister -_-......

i think ive finished every thing on the game..... not sure tho... i may have one or two things left.

its hard to kill a jedi with any one who doesnt have a lightsaber..

- Catfish