Hello again,

I have been away from these forums for a while and have wanted to write a post about this for even longer.  If ever a movie or animated series came out and depicted the ARC troopers and merc trainers from Karen Traviss' Republic Commando novels, I think a shoe-in for Kal Skirata should be Stephen Lang.  When Avatar the movie came out and I laid eyes on his character, I immediately thought of Kal.  Just my thoughts... what do you think?

http://mimg.ugo.com/201105/2/6/5/191562/cuts/avatar-the-james-cameron-way-518-image_gallery_1675_avatar-quaritch_480x480.jpg http://zombat.roosteredge.com/sijun/QuaritchFin.jpg


I was a little taken aback by Clone Wars interpretation of Mandalore.  I am amost done with reading Karen Traviss's 501st.  After getting little glimpses of life and culture and well done descriptive writing of urban and rural life on Mandalore, I envisioned our beloved planet Mandalore being more green and rustic even in the more built up capital city of Keldabe.  What I saw as Kenobi flew in was a waste bare planet with a bubble city.

Was that Keldabe he flew into to meet the duchess or a different city?
Shouldn't there be more green and forest, plains, rivers over the planet's surface than a featureless bluish haze?
The bubble city they flew into looked like a miniature Coruscant with heavy traffic in the speeder lanes and all those tall buildings in a built up disctrict that streched forever.  Wha?
All those Mando'ade walking around and not one wearing the traditional beskar'gam except for the Death Watch on Condcordia? Huh?

I wish I had the capabilities to create a video that would show that episode again but with info bubbles popping up throughout the show pointing out inconsistentsies or observations that agree or disagree with the Mandalore and Mando'ade we know.  Does anybody have the ability and desire to create a video of that whole episode with observational info bubbles edited in as the show plays and then put it on YouTube or something?  That would be great for this community to create a video analyzing everything we saw in that episode.