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Can't wait to see it.

CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

If theres anything to do with an airport or possibly a field of airplanes, they were filmed here.

That's really too cool!


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How did he do that? No one knew, he just did. Then he dumped the DeLorean somewhere and rather decided to ...


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But Boba still didn't have his helmet! And Doc Brown now was nowhere to be found. So he...


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posting rules about what people can or can not eat. He was really proud of what he had done, but then Boba simply...


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Miba wrote:

I know it'd be slow but you could go through it message by message and delete each one by itself by clicking into the message and going to the bottom right corner.

I think it's the only possible method now. There used to be "delete multiple messages" button but I think it's long gone now.


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but Boba had dropped his helmet! They had to go back!

Meanwhile Boba needed something to protect his head and face, so he explored the junk all over in the car. Then, reluctant and disappointed, he decided to use...


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Rambo! but he was busy, so they sent Dr Emmett Brown instead. But Dr Emmett couldn't find the right time nor right place so he ended up in China, in the middle of the ...


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BFFC therealmccoy wrote:

definitely, as far as i know they have bale signed for 2 more
theyre just gonna pretend like the 3rd one never happened

lol, couldn't blame them.


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I am not surprised. You're probably right. I thought they did make it sound like there was still much to come.


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jumpy mcgee wrote:

Just watched it, and liked it a lot. The part with arnold was so cool. I wonder if they will make a sequel...

I thought the ending meant they would.


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True Warrior wrote:

Im actually on a computer that operates on dial-up. So I can't even watch a youtube video without waiting an entire day for it to load, let alone MAKE a flash video. sad
but thank you so much for the compliment!


Welcome, your stuff is funny, can't hurt to encourage you. You're good. Keep going. smile

Flash videos weight nothing. I used to be able to play Flash games online back when I was on Dial-Up myself too. If you have Flash it would be worth a try. But you know your system better than me.

I know what you mean about regular videos though. Back when I was on Dial-Up I remember waiting more than 4 hours for a movie preview... which failed at like 98% download, and we couldn't watch it. THAT sucked, lol.


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lol. Love the little details on the characters. Ever thought of making animated versions, in Flash or something?


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JettFett72 wrote:

That was GREAT!!! You should do one with Jango when he's fighting Obiwan, or when Mace is about to kill him on Geonosis.  You could start you own page with these little Boba EGGS. I would volenteer to help.

Or maybe one about the origins of Chewbacca. Not as Wookie but as idea in George Lucas' mind.


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cool, lol.

Cool pic, your armor looks fantastic. I thought you had to have a decent armor done before you could join the Mercs' club. I was thinking I could go for a first try with metal wire and plaster sheets. Just to get a first contact with the kind of shapes I'll be working with. Then when it's time to paint it I was thinking I could find tutorials online or something.

But I'll check the Mercs' site too. Thanks for the cue. smile


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but then his computer exploded to his face. And then everything else around him did the same and he was lost in the void. Then he realized...


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BFFC therealmccoy wrote:
Cin Vhetin wrote:

Thanks, I'll check them out wink

i dig your avatar

Thanks, yours is quite cool too. smile
Just me, with just the visor. Someday I'll make myself an armor to go with it.


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Awesome movie, just saw it. I don't know who that actor is, Marcus, mmmmmmm. I think I'm in love. wink

That aside, good eye there Regimas, I think you noticed some interesting details. I'm thinking about getting the DVD, but I don't know. I think I'll view the whole series again first.

Thanks, I'll check them out wink
And thanks again Mandal, I'll check the ones you mentioned too.


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Thanks! It's a long time you didn't write anything.


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Morning just got up in the sky, but it's late
Maybe it's been too much
I wonder
High price for ignorance
Some hope
More fear

All was so dark
Eyes could not see
Fingers could not find
It just didn't come
I wonder if there was a reason
How will it be after so many suns and moons?

Sweet dreams
An intense desire
Endless quests for more
Something to look forward to
Time goes, it just does
Any investment is a risk

Getting closer to a wish, an aspiration?
Or lost, just lost and a first try
Gone too soon once
A lot of odds against, but really none
Now even more? or is there?
Just a mortal

A new day
A smile of the heart
Embracing all of it with fresh eyes

Open up. It's warm and sunny out there, again.