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Anyone has an opinion about the DSi?
I'm about to get one for my eldest, but I'm not sure if it's a good buy.


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Yeah well, me it's the other way around. I play more than my eldest, lol. I almost have to beg HER to play Guitar Hero 3 with me. lol.

Sharra Fett wrote:
Mared wrote:

What I like about him ?I guess everything. His deadly silence big_smile. He is an individualist. I love his armour and the fact that he is always a winner =P.   Yeah and that he is a man with no motions. That's really, really hard. Woohoo I guess I am a Boba Fett Fangirlie =P.

I must be too. I can't resist a man who individualistic especially with all those other traits.

Hail to you girls. I agree. Hurrah for guys who can assume to be something else! I like a guy I can praise for who he is, no matter how unpopular or different he can be. Simplicity can be quite attractive.

Boba doesn't pretend to much, either. He's just there, quite the killer, but nearly unnoticed, quiet, unseen. I like.

I could also mention how cool his armor is, but that would be too easy. Everyone said it before me.

EdieKaye wrote:

Sweet tattoos. The last tattoo I got hurt, so no more for me. smile

What did you get done? I'd love to see it.

I've made a few drawings for a tattoist once. Dragons and skulls, mostly. I guess I could get one of my drawings tattoed, someday.

I used to be a huge KISS fan and for a long time I wanted their four heads with their autographs all over my back. Damn, so glad I didn't get that, lol. I'm not really a fan of Paul and Gene anymore now.


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It's still up, but apparently not for long, we only have it in one cinema in all Montreal. I guess I could try to go see it tomorrow. I'll ask "Marion" if she wants to come see it with me after work.


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Mandal_ShadowWarrior wrote:

Finally, a good reason to be a Mod tongue

lol, can't say we see them much, lately.


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Fett_II wrote:

Admiral Ackbar cereal would make a good Halloween cereal.

lol. What flavor would that be?

Green really didn't do much, but really did quite a lot, too. Some think he's an annoyance. Some think he just tried too much and too wrong. He can be really nice. But here most of the time he's said a lot of random stuff and a lot of odd things that really upset people.

Like, he opens many threads and posts a lot, but he really has nothing to say. He just craves the attention. Like he has to prove his existence. I think someone somewhere makes him feel like he's nonexistent (I bet for Dad or Mom). So when he comes here he's hyper and starving for praise and lashing at whoever doesn't like him.

I don't pretend to really know about him, it's just a feeling I got. His actions "speak" that to me. I tend to like him, myself. It's quite an unpopular way to be, but I don't care. I can't hate that kid.

Seco, lol. I tend to forget that people aren't all computer-nuts-wannabe's like me. tongue


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Thanks Sharra, really kind of you! Always liked that animated one of yours!

Thanks for the compliment Ralin. I have a Ralin Drakus red #780000 in my Photoshop palette which was taken straight from your av, lol.

First love? You idiot, lol.

Then again, can't blame you, she's indeed beautiful. And myself, if I had to put this kind of "first love" of mine up, as avatar...


I'm sure the girls know who this is. wink


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

I've had Alpha-bits, though I was never very fond of them. Due to...strict up-bringings though I would've been in major trouble to write with them like that, dry or not, so I never did so.

Ah. Yeah I can understand. Forgot to mention mine were dry when I did that, lol.

Great tats, all, apparently I had never seen this thread. Now this is real devotion. Particularly love your Boba tat, Chaplain. The Death Star behind him adds something awesome.

Was me who brought you to his suspicion, Seco, lol. Just checking your internet ethics


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Had snow here too, Miba, today lol. It's WAYYY too early. I hope it warms up a bit at least for the next weeks. Not fun to look like a snowman under the Halloween costume.

Count Chocula's are nice indeed. We have some similar ones here, "Nesquick"... not exactly the same, but I think they're still pretty good. When I was a kid I used to really like Cheerios and Alpha-bits, lol.

Not to eat, though, rather to be creative with them. I'd make necklaces with Cheerios cereals, and I don't know if you got them there, but Alpha-Bits cereals are shaped like alphabet letters. So I used to write all kinds of things all over my mom's table with them. When I couldn't find the letter I wanted, I'd break parts of other letters with my teeth and "cheat"-make them.


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I tend to like Tim Burton's works myself, unfortunately I didn't have a chance to see many of his latest ones. Might try this one, even 3D if it's still out there.


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Great month to resurrect something (this thread)... so, people, what do you think of this little one I just made?


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Polls could drag attention to threads like this one ( What changes do you want on the site? a), b), c)... ) and help start new discussions. Maybe they could be reserved to the Admin and Mods to make sure we don't get 100 of them by the end of the first week they're on.


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My one request would be about the PM bins. Most active members are difficult to contact because at only 30 PMs maximum the inbox gets full quickly. If you pushed that limit to, let's say, 50, do you think it would slow down the site too much? It's only text.

And people might be a bit lazy at cleaning their PM bins, too, as it has to be done *message by message*, so maybe a "delete multiple messages" command would be good there too.


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Thanks! smile


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Sorry if I'm the lost little tomato here, lol. Where is that button supposed to be showing? I can't find it. All I see is the "Jump to" menu.


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Now I feel like a dirty informer, lol. His forum is here.

I'm sure they don't mean anything serious, it's just a tiny forum with like 12 ppl. Might have seen a smiley or two, that's about it. And maybe Seco just meant he'd post here for a while.

I just thought it would be better if they checked it with you if they actually have the intention to use stuff.


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Seco Fett wrote:

Will be taking advantage of all the site's great resources!

Welcome back indeed. Do you mean you'll borrow stuff here for Green's forum? If that's the case, if I were you, I'd ask the Admin's permission first...


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lol !


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Cool! I didn't know they did that.


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Was, and still is, Fortier to me.

Ralin, you should have seen the last Ep. of season 1, and the next seasons. "Marion", you know what I mean.

I also happen to watch House MD and CSI NY once in a while, with "Marion". Love the shows too, but of course not as much as her and not for the same reasons.

Lately I also started watching the cartoon version of Monster, the manga for adults. It's very cold and violent, but else than that, I don't see why it's for adults. I think it's cool, although I liked the books better.


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Had an Atari 2600, Sega Master, Genesis, NES,
most of them are still working, but I can't say we play them much as we have many of the same games, and many, many more, as ROMs on my PC.

Daughter got the Wii. We got a few of the old games on it as well.