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That tool has something scary Zivi. I hate when a program takes control of my mouse.

I had to share this. Found it on the web when I looked up "carving a pumpkin" for Cecilia.


For carving pumpkins, Cecilia, what I'd do is, make a drawing, buy pumpkins, buy a set of wood-carving tools (or even pumpkin carving tools if there is), and try away.

A pumpkin has a particular hardness, shape and texture, you'll need to experiment a bit to get to what you want. I'll have to do the exact same myself as I never carved one. I don't even know what face I'll carve on it. But I won't try to make a masterpiece with my first one, lol.


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Thanks big_smile
Yes, she does look grown up on this pic. She's already a very bossy little one, too. She wanted to grab my camera while I was taking the pic, lol.

She's already becoming a little geek, lol. She loves digital cameras, MP3 players, our game consoles, my wireless phone, my computer, my Transformers figures, my foldable reading light and today I got her to say "Fett", lol.


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In reality deads don't bleed, lol. I still think the idea's fun. The white stick candles dripping blood sound really cool too.

It's over 10 years I haven't seen anything like the zombie hand I described though, maybe even longer. If I find any I'll sure tell! Wish I knew how to make some, would solve the whole searching process.


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One year I had bought a zombie hand candle as a decoration, and it was really awesome. The fingers were raised up in the air and the hand itself was cut flat at the wrist so you could use the hand to simulate a living dead raising out of its tomb if you wanted (with minimum setting).

It had several layers of different types of wax materials which simulated skin, blood, and bones. The outer layer (skin) was greenish and would go away faster than inner layer (blood), which was red and was making a lot of liquid mess while melting. Then the bones layer wouldn't melt, just darken, so as it was melting it really looked like the skin would go away first, then the hand would bleed, and then you'd get the bone sticking out, with the tips getting darker and darker. Was really cool.


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Fett_II wrote:

i still went trick or treating with braces, but i managed to evade that scenario when eating stickier candies.

lol, good. It's really not a pleasurable experience. tongue

Miba wrote:

We went trick-or-treating lots and there were always lots of other people too. As far as I know there's been no decline. But then I haven't gone in about 5-6 years. I know the mall has a big thing where there's a line and the kids go store to store to get candy. I don't know if there's still a lot of trick-or-treating going around now though, I live kinda separate from a lot of other neighborhoods and the only kids we got last year were the neighbor kids. But they probably all go to the bigger neighborhoods. We did that, we'd go to the rich side of town.

I have a ton of siblings so after we were done trick-or-treating we'd lay out our candy and inventory it, then we'd trade. Of course the reeses and hersheys were always worth a lot. They were worth at least two or three sticks of gum or hard candies. Trading was fun. One of my brothers doesn't like chocolate so he'd trade them off for suckers and stuff.

I always hated that no one ever gave out lots of chocolate. It was all stupid stuff like toffee, hard candy, suckers, popcorn balls, gum. Hardly anyone ever gave out reeses or hersheys and those that did were my favorite people. So I decided that I would always be one of the good people and give out chocolate. I give out snickers, peanut butter cups, hersheys bars, butterfingers, crunch bars, etc.

I also loved the houses that really got into it. Set up the yard, dressed up for the door, etc. One house I remember even had a mini haunted house set up that you had to go through to get candy.

A few times we went to old people communities cause the old people were so happy to have kids come by.

The mini haunted house setup sounds great. Wish I could do that. When you live at the 2nd floor in an apt building you dont have 56 options, lol.

One thing I decided to do once, was to walk around dressed and wearing makeup (I was one of the KISS guys of course) and GIVE candy to the other trick or treaters. It confused people a little but THAT was fun too, lol.


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I think you do well at contributing Cecilia. And I don't think your posts are any weirder than anyone else's, lol.

I don't know if the BFFC still has enough people coming to turn commercial though. I think it'd need much more traffic first. Last year it would have been good.


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Trick or treating by car? Now that's different indeed... I really prefer to go by foot. It's too fun to see groups of people in different costumes, lol.

For bad surprises at Halloween I remember one year, I went trick or treating. I had braces and decided to try a toffee... The toffee stuck to my braces, broke part of them and the brace part cut my gum and was just planted there in my gum. Had to go to the dentist the next day to fix that.

That hurt bad. It was the last time I had braces or toffees, lol.


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Wow it's a long time I haven't been all over the site like today. Might as well post a new pic of my little one. She's 18 months old now.


but that was exactly the thing NOT to say. Because...

When was your last update?
I like your forum too. Is it very active?


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Spiders? ew. Yeah I hate finding insects where they shouldn't be. I usually have the ordinary Cheerios though, so they have less sugar to attract them, and the little one doesn't mind which Cheerios I got, she likes them all.


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Ah ok. My friends are each supposed to bring one, so I'll ask them to try to get them as early as they can. I get my first pay this week (new job), so I'll go check for my own pumpkins then. There's a little French bakery near my home too, they make the most awesome pumpkin pie. Probably awesome because filled with butter and sugar (and calories, awww), but it's sooooo good.

Thanks! big_smile
Your site is cool. It's different to have SW stuff in a white background, nice idea. I still got to work more on mine. I have bits here and there that I want on it, but when I come home from work I'm too tired to want to work more, lol.


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Miba wrote:

The frost killed a lot of pumpkins, our store lost 300 dollars worth. The produce guys were hauling them back to throw them away by the cartload. I do hope there's some good ones left, I like carving pumpkins.

Oh no! I hope it didn't do that here too. I was planning on having a dozen of them of all sizes, carved and lit, in a corner, for our Halloween Party.


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Miba wrote:

Because of recent interest.... BUMP!

lol. First time I see Miba bump something.

My little one really loves Cheerios... in fact when it comes to food, it's about ALL she likes. She'll like some pizza and some chicken but she'd nibble Cheerios cereals forever.


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Yes, I wanted to see it, so I might rent it when it's out on DVD


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We didn't go. Marion's been sick all day today, and now the movie's not in cinemas anymore. It didn't stay up there for very long, and that's usually not a good sign.

Might try to go for something else tomorrow if she's better.

...and then could finally loosen the strangulation enough to say...


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My All-Oh-Ween-avatars. tongue

Felt inspired, and made many-many of them, some of which I felt were worth sharing, so here they are. They might be kind of redundant, I was just playing with my tools. (And now you know my melt-in-background secret!)

You don't have to read me. At least I am trying to entertain you for a minute.

Ok so this is the first one.

The expression of this one seems unsure. He might be trying to pay attention to you.

He's kind of yawning. Hoping you won't get too offended.

Trying to wink. I suppose he needs more technique.

This one looks plain frustrated or bored. He's probably read your posts for too long.

A new face. Lovely, no? Just got born today in photoshop. He wanted to be a Dragon, but missed and became this.

Ich bin Werewolf wanna-be. Or maybe just a mad-dog.

er... Not sure what this one is. A psycho-rabbit?

Watching you with a big eye filled with White #FFFFFF. He might appear a bit blurry to you, but that's only because your computer screen needs to be dusted.

Want to be his friend? He really likes you. Lots. With lots of salt and pepper...

Ok so that's it. Glad that you checked them up. Hope you liked!


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Sounds great. Good idea.

It's fun to break the ordinary and do stuff until really late when you're not forced to wake up early the next day.


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Thanks. We do have GBA games, but we already have the normal DS (we each have our own, her and me). I wonder if it's of any use to get the DSi if you already have two DS.

I was thinking of getting her an XBox 360 instead, but she doesn't seem interested, oddly enough she'd like the DSi more, lol.


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You don't have anything you wish to ask us, Admin? tongue

I guess most everything got said about everyone already. So many opinions of all kinds were spoken already. What is there to ask now?


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I agree, lol. Even the plastic pumpkin wasn't enough back when I was a kid. We'd trick or treat so much, my bro and I, and our friends, that we'd end up with garbage bags full!

Nowadays though, there's not as many people celebrating it and offering candy at their houses. And it's earlier too, and much shorter. I remember trick or treating for hours. Now it's like between 6 and 7 O'Clock. So sometimes it's not even dark outside. Trick or treating in the dark was part of the fun!

I miss that time. I'll have to go again when my little one is big enough to do it without being terrified, lol.


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It's funny that you mention Bloodlines. That cover is one of the coolest pics of him, I think.


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Gotta say Boba catches the eye indeed, with his armor and all. About two years ago I didn't even know who he was. And then I saw him on some guy's avatar, and thought he looked so cool.

(I'm female)