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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

I hope everyone had a good Christmas. I know I did! big_smile Hopefully everyone had fun and got everything they wanted/needed.

I had a Christmas picture planned that would've been for every place I regularly visit (including here), but it got ruined and I didn't have time to make a new one. =/ Oh well.

Glad to hear you had a good time. smile
I did too. We weren't many but it was fun!


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..          X

Happy Holidays !!
to Cecilia, Miba and all the other friends I got here that care enough to read this.
An even warmer wish and a big virtual hug to those who care enough to reply!

Sorry about what you have to put up with, Miba, your job is a hell around each holiday apparently. Sucks. Ever seriously considered doing something else?

Manji_Ninja wrote:

People get other interests... simple as that.

Boba Fett will always be a love of mine, but there's only sooo many times I can talk about how awesome he is. tongue
I've been a member for several years now, but my post count is lower than many who have been here only a year or two. I do try and check back every few months because I have some fond memories here, but it's true it's not the same place it was when I first joined. I post in a topic these days and it's either ignored or I get a dull response.

Plus I moderate on a much more active forum, so a lot of my internet time is consumed by my duties there.

There's such a thing as more active forums? tongue

WB Alo. Glad to have you back aboard. big_smile
A whole lot of things are new...

Seco, real life is laughable indeed. Take good advantage of your youth while you're at it. Sooner than you know, you'll be a hamster in its wheel, running crazily after things, trying to get somewhere... and then you'll wake up one day wondering where the best of your years went, lol.

hawaian shirt with shocking pink flamingos and flowers in neon yellow and flashy orange, all over, with huge neon green feathers on the...


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Too much information guys. We don't want to know. tongue

My left hand has an IQ of about 2, lol (average human IQ is 110). Good for certain things, even in art, like irregular lines and some chaotic stuff, but I'd be really destroyed if I lost my right hand. I'd definitely have to change jobs/aspirations then. Or maybe just change my artstyle to abstract?

We have a lot of left-handed guys where I work, and I have a few friends which are lefty as well. I heard left-handed people have the logic side stronger and creative side weaker. Like better at math, computers, chess and puzzles, and weaker at languages, arts and psychology. I wonder if that's true.


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ZiviReywes wrote:

Well see I'm just insane.  I accept that.  And don't let Miba fool you, she loves my year-round Christmas thing.  Sometimes something Christmasy happens in off times and she turns to watch my face to see if I'm gonna tear up.

Cute, lol. One thing I forgot to mention, is that here in my family sometimes, Halloween is a bigger event than Xmas... been that way this year and last year.

tachyonblade wrote:
CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

Aw, I love Thanksgiving. Turkey is so delicious, and drowned in gravy, with a side of mashed potatoes also drowning in gravey.... Forget all those other sides, all I need is turkey, potatoes, and gravy.

That is the only thing I truly miss about the holidays back home...everything you said. You can't get turkey at the supermarket here! and no gravy either and alas, no mashed potatoes sad

Now that's really sad. Isn't there any way you can find any? Zivi seems to think there is.

ZiviReywes wrote:
bats wrote:

In Aussie Halloween is strating to catch on but please explain the Pumpkins?????
that Alien one best I've even seen
I have a friend that sends me these Bats LOL!!! love them ,,
Yes I did get dressed -up as a Alien Mr Death   thought I'll try it out in the daytime
as nobody would know me ,walked pass the Pub the ,looks on the Drinker's faces
when I said ''Be seeing you all soon ''
But my poor Neighours got the treat, as I had also  had two little Gouls,, come along
with me and my cat Siris joined in he had a ball running around with us ,,only one
Lady was very rude I had to tell her it was me ,her Hissy-Fit in front of the Kids ,where
the rest we left laughting .Had my Bat bag full  of Lollies I gave them to these Kids

I understood about half of that.


Miba wrote:
Cin Vhetin wrote:

Whoa, sounds like quite a hell Miba. I never really thought of the other side of things like that. There's the food, but of course behind that there's everyone working at making it possible, and these people get too often forgotten. Or taken for granted.

Your customers are not evil, just idiots, lol. I think they don't realize. Too centered on their own little business.

But, yes, sometimes the customers ARE just being mean. Like the ones that stand there and watch me pick up a yogurt and set it right and then they come in and knock it back down and leave it. I swear some of them actually smirk as they walk away. Lazy, idiotic most the time, but sometimes they are being mean. I do notice a vast difference between when I'm in there wearing work clothes and when I'm dressed normally. In work clothes if I'm walking they'll cut in front of me just so they can stop and stand in my way, in normal clothes they'll smile at me and say, "Excuse me, go ahead." and let me pass.

Yeah but that confirms what I said before. They're idiots, lol. No brains or merit at being mean to people who can't bite back. They just *really* have too much free time on their hands, if that's all they can find to do for fun.


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Happy B-day Sharra indeed!


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Whoa, sounds like quite a hell Miba. I never really thought of the other side of things like that. There's the food, but of course behind that there's everyone working at making it possible, and these people get too often forgotten. Or taken for granted.

Your customers are not evil, just idiots, lol. I think they don't realize. Too centered on their own little business.

Ewww Zivi, I already have a hard time standing Xmas stuff now, songs about snow and fireplaces on the radio are already overkill to me if they start in November and go past the 1st of Jan, lol.

If it were just of me, they'd start the WEEK before Xmas and end the week after. Not months early, lol. Like, else it gets to be too much. It's too repetitive and limited, I dunno. Really, I could like Xmas if it wasn't *so* ALL OVER for long weeks, each year.

I already like Halloween better just because they don't make such a big deal of it. There's no halloween songs. No actual halloween holidays. No family or social expectations, a lot of people don't even celebrate it, and it's OK. Makes it something optional. The day they make a bigger deal of Halloween, it might turn me off about it as well.

I guess I just hate "too much" of anything. So I can understand how you feel about all the noise and crap around Thanksgiving at your store, Miba.


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Here we have people keeping their Xmas decorations up all year round outside, lol, just coz they're too lazy to remove them or reinstall them...


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I don't think it's all that wrong to "hijack" a thread about Halloween now that Halloween is over. tongue

Thanks. Yours was alright too. Simple is often the best bet as it's easier to make right.


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For a bet on your fav, I'd go for the very first one. I don't see why it would have come first, if it's not that you consider it your best one.


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Hey that recent Conte piece is really good too. Wish I could see it bigger (in fact, wish I could see the real thing, lol, but I don't think I'll fly to Japan anytime soon, lol) I love the stuff you do. Count me as a fan, and if you ever seriously think of getting a website, we could talk.

Conte is ok. I prefer my Rembrandt dry pastels though, they're softer. I am planning on getting a set of 30 with tones for portraits. There's a celebrity that I'd really like to try myself at making a portrait of.


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That's really some awesome, awesome work. I'm something like a pro (got the degree that says it, lol), but you're clearly a few (or maybe more, lol) levels better than me for illustration. I praise your talent. There seems to be a LOT of time put in each of them too. The drawings are souple, highlights and shadows are well put, I can see why you tried yourself at serious editors. I also can see how frustrated you feel of trying and knock at everyone's door and not get much for an answer.

The praise you'll get here won't really get you anywhere either. You need to advertise your stuff better. It IS good. If It doesn't work at Marvel's and other similar big heads you need to try in another way. Maybe organize everything better on an out-of-this-world website, or something.

Who organized your actual web spaces? Could be worth it to gather everything in one place and really sort them in a way that makes them easy and fun to browse - - even for people who don't know you.


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My tree was a dead tree, with very few branches else it would have been too fragile. Thanks for saying it's awesome looking, lol. But since you can't really understand the image it can't be that good, eh? Oh well, was my first one.

What is awesome to me is that you taught yourself how to sew and got able to actually do great stuff. Do you have other pieces than that dress that you could show off?


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Good luck with your art classes Cecilia. I'm sure if you really put in the effort, you'll be fine before soon. Been there with that not so long ago, and I gotta say I'm happy that it's behind me now. School work piling up can pile up a lot of stress as well, lol.


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Can't wait to see your pumpkin clearerly, Cecilia. And thanks for your interest in mine. You made my day. big_smile
Was starting to think no one saw it, lol.

Not too sure what you mean though, it's hollow, so it's quite easy to light. The reason why I didn't light it is that I have a cat AND a baby at home, and I didn't want one of them to play with the candle, lol.

I don't know how it appears to you but the inside is a bit burnt, that's why it's rather reddish compared to the tree itself. I wanted my tree to stick out a little more. The whole part around the tree is empty. Sorry, I don't know how to better explain it. I guess my picture is bad. I will need a better lighting and better pictures. I'll see if I can find that kind of free time next week.

Miba, sounds to me like maybe your tools could be part of the problem too for the lack of speed. If you do a lot by hand, or with an old machine, takes longer. I'd get lazy too in these conditions. And, dress took two months, probably because there were other things you wanted to do with your free time, too.

It's still a very good looking dress. Took me a little while to realize that your man was dressed as Michael, even with the poster, lol. The beard and glasses were a bit distracting


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You guys seem to have a lot of cereals that we don't have up here...


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Hey thanks for the info. I haven't even seen this. But to tell you the truth I find it amusing to hear them speak Japanese. Adds a little exoticism to it.


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Your pictures are awesome Regimas. Love the bones on your armor too. Adds a little something special to it.


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Karson Fett wrote:

Did any body miss me?

That's never a good question to ask, as there's always the risk that it falls in silence like it did here, lol. Doesn't mean anything though. I'm sure your friends here did miss you.

And it's just good to have as many people as possible posting as it keeps things alive.

Instead of hanging out here, I should be working on my website and online portfolio. There's just so much to do there, I don't know where to start. tongue


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Great idea Cecilia, that's cool. Wish we could see clearerly.

And that's an awesome dress, Miba. It's incredible that you can craft clothes for yourself like that. I didn't know. You're really good! smile

My friends didn't dress much at the party at my house yesterday. I've been a zombie for a change, was easy to do and fun. Usually I'm one of the KISS guys, and that can take me up to 2 hours just for the makeup, depending on who I am impersonating.

Next year with my friends we're all going to dress as Zombies and instead of just watching horror movies at home we'll go out and scare people in the streets, lol.


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Ok, got a long way to go before being as good as that sculptor who did the Predator above, lol, but here is my own carved pumpkin for this Halloween. Mine's the one with the "tree" on the left. Spent 4 hours carving this today, thought I might as well share the result. I didn't think it was too bad for a first one.



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Love everything you've posted here, especially the very last one. Really eye candy stuff. Got more?