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Patrick was lying in the cover of a half collapsed building. He had found a perfect spot in the wreckage that had a complete visual of the Russian compound. Patrick was with Griffin. Apparently, Commander Kados had become suspicious of new recruits. "I guess I can't really blame him, though," Patrick muttered to himself, watching Griffin out of the corner of his eye, "Griffin had just 'escaped' from the Russians. Who knows, he might actually be a spy."

      Patrick turned back, just as Kados and issued the attack command. Patrick picked his first target. A sniper in a high-rise....


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Patrick reloaded his MP-5. There were only a few soldiers left, but Russian Hind Attack Choppers were getting closer every second. He didn't have much time. He needed to grab this rebel and take him back to the base. Patrick peeked around the corner. The Russian commander looked quite formidable. Patrick tried to see if he could signal to the rebel, but he didn't see him and the Russians just saw him. A hail of bullets whizzed passed Patrick. Patrick popped out of around the corner and took out one of the Russians. He recounted. "Wait, weren't there three?" Patrick said to himself, "Oh, crap," Patrick said. "Drop your weapons!" the Russian Commander yelled. Patrick stood up and dropped his MP-5 and Beretta. The Commander stepped up to Patrick, and his remaining soldier stepped up behind to apprehend Patrick.

      Patrick smiled and nodded his head. He flipped around and grabbed the startled Russian's weapon. "Now!" Patrick yelled. The Russian Commander raised his weapon, but was shot from the behind. Patrick took out the soldier he was fighting with.
      "Welcome to New York, friend, the name's Patrick. What's the reason these soldiers want to take you out so bad?" Patrick said to the Russian rebel who had just saved his life.


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(I'm really sorry I haven't posted in a while.)

      Patrick could hear the distinct sound of attack helicopters in the distance. He knew he needed to get out of there quick. Patrick peeked around the corner of the building. Black smoke poured from the destroyed BTR T. Patrick could hear the yells of a Russian commander over gunshots. He saw the commander shoot a fleeing conscript. Patrick was horrified. He reloaded his MP-5 and peeked around the corner again. There were about seven Russians left plus a crippled BTR T. The sound of helicopters grew louder in the distance. Patrick breathed in, popped a smoke and threw his other satchel bomb under the BTR T. All attention was turned upon him. He narrowly avoided his own death, but he still wasn't safe. A few seconds later the BTR T exploded. taking out a nearby soldier. Patrick could hear the rebel on the other side open fire on the turned backs of the Russians.    There were three left that Patrick counted. And the sound of the copters still grew louder. Patrick knew he needed to get out of there quick.


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Patrick stood outside the base smoking a cigarette brooding over the attack that was to be stage the next night. He wondered if there was any hope for the rebellion. Whether they'd ever get rid of the Russians or if they'd just get overwhelmed by their huge forces. Patrick sighed and dropped his cigarette, slightly depressed. He turned to go in when he heard heavy gunfire. He estimated that it was eight blocks away. He rushed into the base and geared up. He put on his black stealth gear and picked up his MP-5 and put it's silencer on. He grabbed two satchel bombs, two smoke grenades, two flashbangs, three clips and his silenced Beretta. He hoped he would be able to get their in time. He rushed out the door and headed down side streets and back alleys until he came upon a group of Russian soldiers and heavy armor. Patrick cursed. "I didn't think they'd have this many troops, but that never stopped me." Patrick opened fire on three soldiers standing behind the armor. He took two out with a head shot and the last with a shot to the chest. The other troops hadn't noticed and continued firing into the building. He tossed a smoke grenade and waited as he heard bewildered yells from the Russians. He rushed into the smoke and primed one of the bombs. He threw it under the closest tank and retreated. The bomb exploded and destroyed the armor. "One down, one to go," Patrick said as he took cover from the Russian troops.


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Patrick sauntered down the streets of Soviet occupied New York. He was part of the underground revolutionary movement, the Freedom Fighters. He was just on his way to get a mission briefing from command. Gun shots could be heard in the distance. "I wonder what it is now?" Patrick asked himself as he turned down the alley that led to the headquarters. Once he got briefed he would gear up and head out to undermine Russian control in New York. Patrick paused, remembering in a brief moment the death of his friend in his arms, he renewed his pace and went into the headquarters to be briefed on his next assignment.


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Character Sheet
Name: Patrick MacMillan
Age: 31
Affiliation: Freedom Fighters
Appearance: Fierce blue eyes, dirty-blonde hair buzzed, wears black stealth combat gear, when in public usually wears jeans, t-shirt  and jacket with his pistol concealed. Uses ghilly suit if sniping.

Background: Patrick was abandoned by his parents and never had any close friends. While in an orphanage he became friends with another orphan. These two were best friends and joined the U.S.M.C. when they were 18. They both became Marine snipers during training. 5 years before the invasion, Patrick was inducted into the Counter Intelligence program where he became adept at surveillance, hand-to-hand combat, stealth combat, sabotage, and demolitions. When the U.S.S.R. invaded Patrick was sent to the front as part of an advanced recon group. Patrick survived the horrors of the war but his comrade in arms and best friend died at the hands of the Russians. As he died in Patrick's arms, Patrick promised that he would avenge his friends death and drive the Russians out of the U.S. Since then, Patrick has been part of the resistance.

Personality: Patrick is very distant and cold. He fights to fulfill his promise to he slain comrade. He can be moody at times and sometimes delights in killing the Russians. He is afraid of dogs because of having been chased by them in the war. He has sympathy for the Russian conscripts that are occupying against their will.

Weapons: Cheytac M200 Intervention Long Range Rifle System with Advanced Ballistic Computer. (I'll Try to get a picture of it soon.)
Silenced MP-5, and silenced M9 Beretta, Intervention is equipped with suppressor as well.
Carries claymores when sniping and C4 when gathering intel.

Falleer stood outside the cantina. The jedi was nowhere in sight. He pulled out a small datapad that had a map on it. There was a flashing red dot going through the streets and alley ways. That was the jedi. Instead of immediately setting off after the jedi, Falleer went back to his ship to certain items that would aid in the capture of the jedi.


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Falleer winced. He was covered in broken glass and alcohol. Falleer stood up and wiped the mess off of himself. He smiled grimly. "Who knew jedi could be so stupid," He thought to himself. Unbeknown to the Jedi, when Falleer had threatened him with the knife, he had also placed a small unnoticeable homing device on the back of the jedi. All he had to do was follow the device, and take the jedi out at his leisure, using the sniper rifle on his back. The only problem was the use of the force. By that little demonstration, Falleer was able to gauge the Rodian's powers. "This is not gonna be easy," he muttered to himself as he left the cantina.

Falleer smiled to himself. The Rodian had just asked if he needed a partner. "No, I don't need a partner. What I do need is information about the Jedi. So can you tell me anything friend?" Falleer grabbed the Rodian by the shoulder and pulled a dagger from out of his cloak. The Rodian gasped in surprise. Falleer whispered to him, "I know you know something. And if you don't tell me what you know you're not gonna be happy." Mogun squirmed and eyed his blaster. Falleer noticed and said, "Don't even try it. You'd be dead before you even touched the blaster. Now tell me, Mogun, where are the Jedi?"


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Falleer eyed the Rodian waiting for his move. He suspected that the Rodian knew something. Falleer scanned the cantina for any more suspicious looking people, but found none. He sighed. Falleer looked at the bartender and asked, "What can you tell me about that Rodian?" The bartender hesitated. Falleer slipped his 100 credits and the bartender looked around and spoke in a hushed tone, "I don't know much about him myself, but he does bountyhunting work here for the local authorities. "How long?" Falleer asked, greatly intrigued by this fact. "I don't know. Coupla' months ago, I think." Falleer smiled and stood up. This guy was a definite lead on the jedi. "I wonder, maybe he's a jedi himself. Better keep sharp, or I might have to fight a jedi without the advantage." Falleer thought to himself as he walked up to the Rodian. "Hey! Buddy, what's your name?" Falleer called to the Rodian.


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Falleer got to the cantina just as a group of three left on a speeder. He noticed one of the group was a Mandalorian and another had a t-visor helmet on. The third was a anxious looking kiffar female. Falleer considered going after them in case they had a lead on the jedi, but he decided to ask in the cantina. He walked into the cantina and was greeted by the warm stench of booze. He sat down at the bar and ordered a water. He looked around the cantina. He noticed a rather nervous-looking Rodian.


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After delivering his latest bounty on Coruscant, Falleer received an new bounty for some Jedi suspected to be on Taris. Falleer sighed. It was a while since he had last fought a Jedi and was wary of the bounty on their heads. After jumping into to a hyperspace course for Taris, he engaged the autopilot and went into the cargo area of the Star and pulled down a box. "Guess I'm going to need this gear if I'm gonna hunt some Jedi." He pulled out two short swords that had been coated in cortosis, two daggers likewise coated and blood-stained cortosis weave body armor. He geared up and headed back into the cockpit. Falleer smiled grimly to himself as he exited hyperspace and was greeted by a Republic cruiser and the planet Taris. "This is going to be fun," he muttered to himself as he entered the atmosphere of Taris.
           Falleer landed the Itinerant Star on the landing pad and disembarked. He slung his sniper rifle over his shoulder while a cloak concealed his other weapons. He headed straight toward the cantina, judging that to be his best bet on information about any jedi in the area.


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Name: Falleer
Species: Noghri
Description: Dark crimson skin, Blue/black armor, equipped with a verpine sniper rifle and an assortment of 6 knives, his ship is the Itinerant Star which is a modified S40K Phoenix Hawk-class light pinnace. He is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat and relies mostly on his knives, although he is a skilled sniper.

(Sorry, I'll post something later.)


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scasanov wrote:

In that order. smile    Ugly Casanova?  people stealing my name again (sigh) 

Do any of you guys still buy CDs?  Or do you just download them?

I don't think they ripped off your name. Maybe you ripped off their name. I still buy cds.


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I like the bands:
-Modest Mouse
-Ugly Casanova
-The Switches
-Liam Finn
-Your Vegas
-Death Cab for Cutie
-Brand New
-Bright Eyes
and more...

I was surprised no one mentioned Modest Mouse.

Grov leveled his bowcaster at one of the charging xenomorphs and squeezed the trigger. A metal bolt covered in energy ripped through its head and right shoulder. It fell to the ground sizzling and shrieking. Grov watched as the last xenomorph fell due to the clones. An idea clicked in Grov's mind as his allies were preparing for the next vicious onslaught.
          "Cover me!" He yelled and moved out from behind the boulder. He took two cylindrical grenades from his backpack and chucked them at the opening. Upon touching the entrance the popped and a sickly green gel coated the entrance and several xenomorphs emerging from the entrance. The monsters struggled in the thick gel as the band watched in amazement.
          "What is that stuff." one questioned.
          Grov replied, "Highly flammable gel." With that, he loaded his bowcaster with an explosive bolt and fired.       
          The shrieks of burning, dieing xenomorphs filled the air.

(Grov also has a ryyk blade)       
          The Phantom's Revenge touched down on the small, dusty moon. Grov surveyed the seen before him. There were two clone commandos and one mercenary besides himself. Grov left the cockpit and headed for his armory. He shouldered his explosive pack and his disruptor and picked up his bowcaster with the ryyk blade.
          The clone troopers turned as a new ship landed in their midst. The other merc gazed silently at the door. A robust man descended from the ship onto the bleak moon. His was covered in armor with a gas mask and large pack on his back. He had a bowcaster in his arms and a blade on his hip.
          The merc approached the group and addressed them, "Name's Grov Vontross. Need any help?"
          One the commandos eyed him and said, "You're just in time, my friend."....

Grov sat at the controls of the Phantom's Revenge floating in Coruscanti space. He had been hired by the Republic to recover an alien species from the laboratories of E34-JC. He had been grouped with several mercenaries and clone troopers. Uneasiness had been sown into the bottom of his stomach and he wanted to get this mission over with. He didn't want to spend too much time with this new creature an find out any of its abilities. He just wanted to go in, get the beast, and get out.

Name: Grov Vontross
Species: Human
W-o-C: Bowcaster and various bolts
2ndary Weapon: Tenloss Disruptor Rifle an 2 shoto style lightsabers
Specialty/Job Title: Mrecenary/Explosives expert. Has large pack on his back that contains his disruptor an explosives
Looks like:
http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g273/ … llzone.jpg

I'm not sure where we are. Send me a message please.


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The ships pierced the atmsophere of Coruscant at the first light hoping to get a jump on the defenders. The Basilisks stirred restlessly in their cramped quarters, waiting for the bloodshed. Several Mandalorians shifted nervously out of anticipation. There was quiet across the entire array of transports, fighters and bombers.
          Jedi Sentinels on watch quickly felt the presence of the unseen enemy. They quickly alerted the generals and all troops scrambled into their battle stations. The rising light revealed the mass of transports looming on the horizon. The laser cannons were brought to bear on the tiny blot on the horizon. All held their fire and waited for the enemies to come within range.
          The Sith fighters and bombers broke away from the main fleet and split into two assault groups. Their mission was to flank the pre-occupied with the artillery and wipe it out. The fall of Coruscant was inevitable.


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Darth Morticus entered the docking bay. The preparations were complete. All that was left was to attack. The Sith Lord silently took his position and turned to adress his comrades.
          "Today, we see the Jedi overthrown! Today, the galaxy is OURS!!" Mandalorians and Sith alike raised a battle cry. The ark Lord smile and the doors of the transports closed. One by one the slowly dripped from the capital ship and into the Coruscant space.
          The transports consisted of three kinds. The first were, of course, infantry. The second were actually gunships able to deploy soldiers quickly. The third were larger, heavier transports use by the Basilisks and their pilots. These coul be deployed immediately upon entry into the atmosphere.
          Along with these ships there were a dozen fighters and a dozen bombers. These woul be used to make a surprise attack on the Anti-Aircraft weaponry of the Jedis.
                                        .          .          .          .          .
          Phoso had an uneasiness rooted in the base of his stomach. He knew the Sith were launching an all out invasion at this very moment an their main target was the Jedi academy. He ah mae all the preparations, but still, something ate away at him. He went to recheck all the battle systems which ha been checked 3 times already.
          Something's not right...but what?.......


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I have not seen the 300 Movie yet, but I do not like the fact that they wear no armor. That's historically inaccurate.

Anyway, I do find some big differences between the Spartans and the Mandalorians. First of all, Spartans would inspect babies and deem them worthy of life. If they were seen unfit, they would be exposed to the elements and left to die. As far as I know the Manalorians did no such thing. Secondly, the Spartans had a simpler life, eating black broth an wearing plain clothes. They began training the youth at age seven. The soldier's rite of initiation was to kill a a slave without being caught. The Spartan


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Morticus stood in the communications hub on his flagship, The Harbringer, and began a transmission to Tatooine:
         "Tog, I have sent one of my most trusted generals to aid you in your plight. His name is General Gustavo Perez. He will prepare defenses and should be on Tatooine shortly. As for what to do now, gather your forces and barricade the city. Lay traps and set up walls if need be. Prepare gunships and rally as many Jawas as possible. You will receive further instruction when General Perez arrives."
         Once the transmission ended and the Dark Lord returned to the docking bay to oversee the final preparations for the assault.


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Phoso stood in the the Jedi war room. With the impending attack of the Sith, the Jedi generals convened to prepare for defense and counterattack.
          "We need to recall all Jedi now!" said a Bith," Or else Coruscant will fall to the Darkness."
          "You need not worry. If we recall all the Jedi the Sith will turn and take the abandoned planets while leaving a barricade over Coruscant. No, we will call only the most experienced Jedi to return." Phoso reassured the generals," With that in mind I think we can dismiss this meeting." All the generals murmured assent and parted to prepare the defense.
          .          .          .          .          .          .          .          .          .          .          .          .          .          .         
           Thanu stood in the midst of the sniper corps giving orders.
            "I want everyone to pair up and form a semi-circle around the entrance of the Jedi Temple. In order to maximize efficiency each team will be assigned a Jedi guardian. Any questions?" There were no questions. "Alright pair up."
             The Jedi quickly paired off and went to their positions. They all knew that the battle would be long and fierce and they played a vital role in fending off the imminent invasion.
             Thanu gave one last instruction, "Be sure to wait until the enemy gets to the stairs."


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2 New Characters:

Name: Phoso Culser
Species: Kiffar
Gnder: Male
Alliance: Jedi
Rank: General/ Blademaster
Lighsabers: 2 green
Force Powers: Force Flood(Jedi equivalent to Force Rage), Force Upheaval(Giant force push), Force Focus(needed to use Force Flood)

Name: Thanu Culser
Species: Kiffar
Gender: Male
Alliance: Jedi
Rank: Lieutenant/Jedi sniper
Lightsaber: Blue longer handle than usual and 1 blue regular
Force Powers: Force Focus, Force Telescope, Force Puppetry(Let's him control things at long distances)

I'll post for these two later