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Greatest villian. Umm Sephiroth from squaresoft is pretty LEGIT. And cant forget about Mojo Jo Jo from the powerpuff girls.


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Health droids. Everyone needs one, Theyre just great.


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Yes dude, YES! POTC is a great series. I enjoyed the second one the most.

Yeah I dont own many Boba Fett things, or starwars things. But I do have all 3 Bounty Hunter Wars novels. Which I am reading in these times.


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Haha a squirt gun, because I am badass pacifist!


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I used to love to play games when I was younger. But, money is pretty tight so I gave up. But some classics that I played repeatedly are Starwars BF1 and 2. The Sims, GTA series, and the Midnight Club series.


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Vice City, It has a great storyline, and the pedestrians say silly things as you walk by them. It just makes my day!


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Kids by MGMT. It gets me in a good mood by reminding of people that I love.
I also enjoy a lot of brutal music, like the Deathcore genre. It gets me PUMPED!


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I either hang out with my beings. I practice playing bass almost everyday for my band. And I love to draw.


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At first I liked Emporer Palpatine, Count Dooku or General Grievious. ( Im atrracted to villians hmm)
But now I can honestly say that Boba Fett is my #1 FAVORITE.

I would have to say Cradossk. This is Bossk's father, and he is said to be a legend among bounty hunters. And leader of the bounty hunter's guild. I think that this rep makes him second best.