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I'm putting out a chalange. Put 5 reasons why u think the Fetts are hot. I'll reward with points.


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We need new specials!!!!


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If you were a Mandalorian and were shot, you have one bullet and one grenade. What would you do?


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If they made a game on the Storm Cammandos.... Please make it on Movie eps. 1-4. And let clones V.S storm.


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In my mags. I've been reading about glasses that make playing games 3-D. Read it in Game Informer. (couple months ago.)


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So far the show kinda stinks, but Rex rules. Bring in the Fetts.


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Thanks for the words


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Have you ever wondered what a Fett was thinking. Food,gun,armor or just what a normal person would think. What am I going to do? The answer is just talk to a jedi.


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We all know the X-mas Fetts vid. How about a Thansgivings special. Boba and Jango cooking a turkey. Useing flame throwers. Just 1 of my Ideas


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Bounty hunters are always on the go. One day he/she might meet some one hot. Then the next day kill them. I mean look at Jango, he never got a sweetheart. Eventhough he got clones, they just took his blood. They can't get in a relationship because he/she might never come back. Look at Mandalor, ran an army, but never had a girlfreiend. Why do you think bounty hunters choose city missions. So they can hit the clubs. Meet a boy/girl, dance the night away. Then wake up to find your self in there room. Guns gone,wallet gone. Then the cops breaking the door. Turned out they were a cop. Go home a month later. But your willing to do it again. Just so you can talk to someone.


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Kinda, 1 reason yea is because he created the clone army. Then we wouldn't have Capt. Rex. He's kinda a girly, girl because he doesen't take care of his kid. If I were Boba I would check his drivers perement and TAZZER his skinny butt. Where's Mandalore when you need him.


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I love role playing. I allways wondered who would win Master Chief or Boba. Then fight Jango. I'm talking about useing Air Soft Guns. That would be interisting.


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We are the Mercs. who kill big money targets. Boba, Jango and others. Jedi are big targets. Jabba da Hutt is the biggest crime boss to work for. Heck, that is the best place to go when you begin. Any way we love to use sniper riffles. While others like to get up and personal. But Jedi, those guys are hard to kill. Look at Jango. Go sliced to bits. That's who we are. Bounty Hunters.


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Carry on and fight


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I love Star Wars, and even more Boba Fett. this is why you signed up.  To talk about the Fetts. And welcome to the BFFC. Oh my name is deathparade. Enjoy.