I have some things in common with Boba Fett. I am good at school, like Boba is good at his job, and I also like guns(you know, like airsoft)

Yah, so after all this, I think we got our answer. Superman would definitely win, I think Boba Fett's bullets would just bounce off him...


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Ooh so that's how Gaara's freind looks like. He looks a little skinnier though without the hat...or maybe it's just me.

Yah I also think that the main character in that movie is hillarious


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One good stereotype is that vikings never had horns on their helmets, it was just a mith.

Hm, lest's see I have mostly all the books he's in and I also have a couple of figures.

I have no idea, but lets see who else could get it.

Wait, the wookie is a mutation of a dog.
Is that what your're trying to ask??


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Hey, nice job, Miba but I still have a long ways to go.


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Yes, I agree, so I'm going with who I like most, which is luke.

Yah I like Mountain Dew too but I heard it has double the caffine.

I was thinking him too
Umm, where was Boba Fett born?

Okay another trivia question smile
Which person in the whole star wars universe has the most light sabers...


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True Warrior wrote:

Sure. I have one with the saber and without....

http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i2/Tr … s/Yoda.gif
http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i2/Tr … /sw162.gif
Please enjoy!

Any body else want a free SW Mini?


Hey, thanks alot. Both of them are good but I like the lightsaber one smile

draco fett wrote:

I like Palpatine.

Palpatine is powerful but i never liked him. Does anyone like grievous cause i never liked him much except i liked the four lightsaber thing about him but nothing else.

I also like Grievous, too bad he died...

Miba wrote:

Cause Coke tastes flat. Pepsi's bouncy. big_smile I mean, I like both, I just like Pepsi a lot more.

Lol, I say the opposite smile
But yah Pepsi is good, I just hate when they Dis on coke during their commercials sad.

fav: coke, root beer
least: pepsi


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Yah that's the main character smile, And that's why I only have the first manga because my mom seen that it was too violent

Man, I wish I had a Fett costume then I'd probably go.


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I'll say Han Solo, beccause If they fought in a movie George Lucas would make Han win, He makes the good guys always win.. ;(


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No problem big_smile


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Maltese Kentaiba wrote:

Here you go Shade.

Yah, okay thanks smile
I live in California


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Yah that guy is pretty cool, to bad I,ve only read the first hellsing manga...


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(Yes I read all of the above posts I just wrote my version of what I was doing during training.)


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Akira caught up with Jinnai, then he told him what had happened in the past couple of hours. Then Akira told Jinnai what he had done during his daily training routine. "Yes, Sensei I worked extra hard like you asked" Akira stated. Jinnai smirked and then they all countinued with their journey to find the missing ninja Talve Ren.


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I really like star fox in the super smash bros series, But I've never owned one of star fox's  games, they seem fun though, because I try them out at game stores and stuff.
Oh, and sadly I don't have a DS