Actually it was Dengar and that woman... Nella, who saw him unmasked.

I prefer the movie Boba Fett, or the Bounty Hunter Trilogy. I am not interested in his personal life. What he looks like, what was his childhood like, etc etc. I want him to stay the most dangerous and misterious bounty hunter he has always been smile.


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I am female and I guess I am one of the few who prefer deadly Boba Fett over this good looking boy named Anakin Skywalker. =P

What I like about him ?I guess everything. His deadly silence big_smile. He is an individualist. I love his armour and the fact that he is always a winner =P.   Yeah and that he is a man with no motions. That's really, really hard. Woohoo I guess I am a Boba Fett Fangirlie =P.

I am not a native english speaker ,so don't be too harsh with spelling and grammar mistakes =P.

My question is:  I really would like to make a Boba Fett costume. Boba Fett only big_smile.  Now, I have seen many amazing costumes from members of the 501st- all worn by males. Are there any females wearing a Boba Fett costume at all? I was talking to Bobamaker, asking if it was possible to alter the size of the standard sized gauntlets, but that doesn't seem to be possible. I am not so much worried about my size. The problem is that I am pretty slim. Since you can't alter the size of gauntlets, chest armour etc, what  would that look like? Would it fit to a slim person? On the other side I have seen many female trooper, female royal guards and small male Boba Fetts.... any suggestions???