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Murmur is a great villaim, but the best, well most intersting is Zoom, aka Hunter Zolomon


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yes exaclty. even tho i had an argument with a lady friend last nite, talking again now.


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I like superman, i#'ll rephrase i ilike what he stands for.

But he isnt in the same leauge as any of the Flashes.

Woo and it is only a month till the relaunch of the flash


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i hate the new cosutme, i hate the new powers, i hate how he is written like iron man's sidekick, i hate him been part of the avengers, i hate how mary jane seems to be in tears everyissue(what ever happend to her as a powerful strong woman?), i hate the whole registration act thing or whatever, i hate how he died and came back, etc etc.

Why can't we just have good ole red and blue spidey with his powers, and right the rest of as a bad dream?


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i hate sex in the city and depsperate house wives.


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marvel isnt that good, i used to be a big fan, but after years of rubbish stories(except daredevil whihc is brillinat) and after messing up spider-man then i have really went of it.


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i'm not that keen to marvel anymore, Civil war just seems to be there answaer to infinte crisis rather than a story worth telling


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I work in a large wearhouse, opertaing forklift trucks, so i never have to deal with customers, YEY....but there are plenty of idiots who work there who more than make up for stupid customers....DAm IT lol


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It is good that it is back, just like with Captain Atom.

So has anyone read IC crisis?


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I;ve just gotten one of  Mauro Picctto's albums, and it is amazing, if any one can find it "iguana" is one of the best Trance tracks ever.

ALso gotten some more Tiesto albums and the man is a legend, best DJ EVER


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My cat is part wild cat, she is getting on, but she is very vicous, apart from to her daddy who she loves to bits, ME


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What do annoys me.... Well,,, my family(as in seeing them, with the exception of my kid sister), t**ts, who don't indicate when they are turning, people who don't fill the kettle up when they empty it.

That could be it really


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It's more trouble than it is worth. Life isnt mean't to have such hassle, it is about having fun with your friends. But saying that i'm starting to fall for someone, she is brilliant.


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Dc comics, movies, clubbing, drinking, planning my holiday to IBIZIA, trance(music),  my car, just chilling with my friends.

Oh and football(it isnt called soccer).


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The commercial isnt what i liked, but the fact that Boba sounded like the Original Boba

i saw ROTJ, when i was 3 at my Grandmas and my aunties.


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i spent the past two days in bars on my burger and larger diet. Played a bit of pool, wathced a bit of football(the proper kind, soccer to my friends in the US), and we(Chelsea) aer One point away from winning the league


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i live in Carlilse, good ol United Kingdom, where we drive on the correct side of the road and spell colour with a U.:)


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In the U.K, Hasbro has aired a comercial for the new saga collection figures, in one of them Han Solo attempts to hide from Vader n Boba. He gets frozen but the person who does the voice for Boba sounds like Jason Winigreen


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bobathekid wrote:

you suld do it

im to lazy lol. maybe in the future


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he he, i;m darman. cool lol


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yeah those things where god awful. Can u remmber the Alien line that was out. It had like bull aliens, puma aliens, spider aliens, crab aliens, snake aliens etc etc


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the pink panther was a brilliant show.

Beast wars was crap, i grew up with the origanl transfomers, which was soo cool. it has the best music ever for a kids show.

on n wallace and gromit are funny to

as much as i want to say Bugs, i think  Boba would find away, eventualy.


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they are pretty cool, esp the second one.