i used to think stormtroopers where cyborg type creatures, and when han was been tortured on bespin, that he was been tortured by a machine that turned men into stormtroopers.

There's more obvious stuff like "dark vader" which has been mentioned.

Sharpy wrote:

I used to think that when they were on the skiff in ROTJ that Han was yelling out "Bomerfang? Bomerfang? Where, where?"... I didn't know the name of the cool guy with the jet-pack...

i used to think he was shouting "Boomer" lol. http://blogs.starwars.com/Macleod85/5

i agreed with the "NOOOO" but it was the way it was acted, it seemed more like "No, i've went to the toilet and i've ran out of toilet role" rather than "NO, i've lost my wife, the one who i loved the most".

As for the movies. Erm, i would say original, but that is because phantom menace lets the prequels down a bit. and there is no adult Boba in em. but still clones n jango make the prequels cool..

yeah, they hard to get. it has taken a long, long time to collect and ends up depleting my wages alot lol.

Dengar. But i love the Booush armor

mine is perhaps my VOTC Boba Fett, and my 88 strong clone army