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I have nothing against this new Fett.
In fact, I feel it makes more sense. Fett's life has never been explored properly, so Traviss is shining some light on Fett's past.

Roby didn't respond. His helmet is probably on too tight, thought Devon. She kicked Roby's shin, "Wake up!"
Roby, delirious, stood to attention, "Yes commander!"
Devon rolled her eyes, "Do you want anything to eat?"
Roby removed his helmet, "Oh, it's you Dev, uhh, nothing for me thanks," Roby coughed, and slumped on to one of the chairs around the table.
"You've hardly eaten anything, and the soda hasn't been finished," Devon said pulling out a six pack from the fridge, then putting it back.
"We'll talk after the assignment," said Roby rubbing his eyes.
"Fine," said Devon, "While you sink deeper into your depression, I'm going to make myself a sandwich."
Devon heard a loud thud come from behind her, she looked back, and saw Roby sprawled on the floor, and his trademark snore, breaking the silence.

Fett was repressing his emotions, he didn't want to be reminded of what happened in his past, but as years wore on, he opened up. A person in the end realizes they can't escape their past, what's done is done, and Fett obviously had enough of repressing his feelings. It's a psychological situation.


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I can't remember if I've said this before, and no doubt it's been seen and heard in the Bounty Hunter game, Jango wanted Boba unaltered, which meant he'd be like a NORMAL person/bounty hunter, also meaning emotions being intact, I know you're all attached to the ruthless bounty hunter side of Boba, but things can change, people sometimes want to see a different side to a person. And I don't think Boba would want to clone himself, besides it's physically impossible, you can't clone a clone, from a clone. Boba is the best, straight up, but there's always a background story, no matter how disappointing it may sound, the creators wanted to humanize Fett, nothing wrong there. 


"Don't worry, Dev," said Roby scratching the side of his face, "I can stand up, I've been in more difficult situations." He stretched, grumbled, and put on his helmet. "Once this mission is over, I'm going to hibernate."
"Idiot," whispered Devon under her breath.
Roby tapped the side of his helmet, "I can hear you."
Devon was already comfortable in her seat, and didn't really hear what Roby said. To her, his voice in that helmet sounded rather quiet, as she drifted off to sleep.
You're worse than a cat, when it comes to listening, thought Roby, as he smiled to himself.


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I highly doubt he'll die.

(Well at least we know)

Roby stood inside his ship locking everything, since he was going to be traveling with Devon and Lukian, he didn't want any scavengers ripping his ship apart, not that there was anything valuable to steal, except for the old holo-photograph of when he first met his wife, "I should throw this thing away, I'm starting somethin' new." Roby said to himself. He shut the image down and pressed the button to erase the image, he placed it in a disposal bin, and stepped out of the ship and punched in the final codes to keep the ship secure. He turned around and started walking to Devon's ship, where he took off his helmet and for the first time in his life he was relaxed.
"Locked away everything?" asked Devon.
"Yeah." said Roby, as he locked the ship's door behind him.


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"Bring Me to Life" that's the one. The song that started it all for them.


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((Watch the spamming websy))

I've just seen their new video, it's really cool, a bit lighter than the other songs.

It was dawn, and Roby was preparing his gear, his helmet was cleaned thoroughly, his Sabretooth cat cape was cleaned of dust mites, and his wrist gauntlets oiled. He shaved his face(a ritual he does before every mission).
Once he was finished, he put his armor on and adjusted his wrist gauntlet. Now to just wait for Dev and the rest of the team, Roby told himself.
"I'm ready Roby!" Lukian shouted from Devon's ship.
"Alright come out here then."
Lukian stepped out and ran over to Roby, they both stood waiting together.
"Can we do some target practice?" Lukian asked innocently.
Roby was wearing his helmet, so his voice sounded sharper, "Not today."
Lukian was going to start pouting, when she caught Roby look down at her, and thought better of it.
"When we're back at base we'll work in better environments."
"Is that a promise?"
"Maybe." said Roby jokingly. "Of course, I'll teach you."
A smile spread across Lukian's face.


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Ursula kicked the Sith back, but he just brushed it off as he got up, "Nuts!" whispered Ursula to herself. Morticus attacked her full on, using every lightsabre attack necessary, Ursula had taken swings at him and jumping over, using her abilities, what she did not know was that, Morticus was smarter than he looked....


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I know Kill Bill isn't anime, draco, I've seen it. I meant a certain part in the film.


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The anime I like, is the subtle violence, anything more and I tend to get queezy, but there is one violent bit of anime I like and that is from Kill Bill volume 1, when a paedo gets what he deserves.
There is a Korean anime film I do like and that is Sky Blue.
Studio Ghibli films are the ones I like. Although, Blood the Last Vampire was good.


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Even though I'm a Spidey fan, my vote goes to Captain America.


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Spider-Fett wrote:

I hope Travis makes Boba get in a final battle with Ailyn and have him put that stupid upstart in her place.


You guys who hate Aylin should be glad that Boba's legacy would continue after he passes away.

Aylin isn't stupid if she could kill a Jango clone. And what's with the upstart part? hmm

As Roby puffed away, Lukian stuck her head out of the hatchway, and made Roby jump and drop his cigarette.
"You know that isn't healthy for your heart, Roby."
"You sneaking up on me isn't good for my heart."
"I mean it Roby," said Lukian seriously,"I don't want Dev and I to lose you."
Roby stared at the lit cigarette and dropped it to the ground, "There I quit smoking, now can you get to sleep."
"Brush your teeth."
"Alright, as long as you go back to your bed and close your eyes, and wake up in the morning." Roby walked to his ship and entered the bathroom, he brushed his teeth thoroughly and stepped out again.
"Good." nodded Lukian, and she went back to her bed.
Roby resumed standing outside Devon's ship.

I've always liked Bossk, I've even got the figure of him.

Roby was finishing off his cigarette when a hooded man came out from a dark corner of the space port, "I've been hunting you down for a while now, Roby."
"Not you again," whined Roby,"I thought I blasted your hands off and that you perished in some explosion."
"Yes, an explosion YOU caused." The man now threw the robe off. Revealing robotic hands, and a bald head. He ignited his lightsabre and started showing off his skills. While he was showboating, Roby took out his blaster and killed the so-called Sith instantly. Lukian opened the ship door, "What's going on?"
"Nothing to worry about, just swatted a fly."
"Oh." The little girl returned to her bed and resumed her sleep.
"Stupid Sith, they never seem to learn."
Roby opened his coat pocket and pulled out a holo-photograph of Devon, Lukian, and himself after their hunting trip on Hoth. Roby put it away and lit another cigarette.


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Yeah that's the intention, but I would not have the stripe wrapping round my wrist, where all my skin is thin, I'll end up hurling all over the tattooist. lol

(Thanks, it's from Republic Commando)


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Oh well, they're back together. This whole thing with them breaking up, is really them taking a breather, and coming up with something new.


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My tattoo would be that of a tiger head that I come up with, and surrouding tiger stripes on my arm, but not on the side because that's where I'd have "TIGER" written. Sure it will be sore, but it would be worth it. cool

"When is Dev going to be back?" asked Lukian for the fifth time. And this was going to be the fifth time Roby tells her, "After the after party." He tried not to get angry with the youngster. "Now come on, Dev is trusting me on this, and I don't want to tell her you've been up all night."
"But I can't sleep," the little girl said, shifting in her bunk. Roby rubbed his eyes and his forehead in frustration.
"Come on, lets do some target practice." He motioned to Lukian to come out from her bed.
"But Dev doesn't want me to practice yet."
"Well its better to learn now than learn never." Roby said as he put on his sleeveless coat, and strapped on his holster. Lukian quickly put on her shoes and her coat.

They stepped outside, the air was becoming colder, and in front of Roby and Lukian were stacked up cargo crates, Roby took his gun from his holster and turned a few small dials until the red laser pointer was more visible. "Alright, its ready, now this thing can blast a hole through a guy, the size of a protocol droid's head," said Roby to Lukian as he handed her the blaster, "Now, just aim it slowly," said Roby guiding Lukians aim, "Now, you see the symbol on the crate," said Roby slowly, as Lukian nodded,"Well, I want you to aim the red point on the symbol and when you're ready, I want you to fire."
Lukian nodded again, and once the red point was on the symbol, the girl fired, and blew the crates away.
"You're a natural!" laughed Roby,"Ok now when there are multiple targets there's the rapid fire dial, you can choose the speed of the firing."
Lukian turned the dial slowly and fired at the remaining crates.
"Alright." said Roby like a proud father. "Feeling tired now?"
Lukian nodded.
"Ok, time to travel to the land of nod." And Roby picked up Lukian, and put her in her bed.
"Can you sing me a lullaby, Roby?"
And he sang to her until she fell asleep. Roby then stepped out of the ship and was about to light a cigarette, when an angry delivery man came along and saw his crates blasted apart. "What the hell happened here?!"
Roby just leaned against the ship and snickered as he put the lighted cigarette in his mouth, and watched the man swearing in some language.


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If it weren't for the Skywalkers there wouldn't be a Star Wars. And Fetterthanyou, what you've been saying is what I've been trying to get at, a salute to you(not sarcasm).

Roby stepped out of Devon's ship and walked over to En'Te, "Hey big guy, congratulations," he said as he shook En'Te's hand, "Need help?" asked Roby glancing at the writing on En'Te's brand, new ship.
"It's ok, but thanks," replied En'Te, "What's up with you and Dev, you two have been fighting a lot, but you know what it's nothing to do with me." A droid walked by, "Hey 'droid!" barked En'Te, "Clean this up will ya!"
"Right away sir."

"Devon and I are just getting used to each other, no biggy." 
"Didn't look like that to me."
"Look, En'Te did you have you're ups and downs with Jun?"
"Maybe just a few, but not as serious as you two."
"Well, we still love each other,...and,...I don't know now!"
"There, there Roby," said En'Te putting his arm over Roby's shoulder, "The thing about women is that you don't question their judgment, or underestimate them, you should know, you were married for two years, I'm new to this."
"Yeah, well you know women more than what I do."
Roby walked back to his ship, and saw Wolf Man waiting there, "You ok?" asked Kane
"I'm perfectly fine."


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I don't think Boba would go and kill himself, to save his honor, he would most likely live out the last few moments of his life doing what he does best, bounty hunting.