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Yeah Even Jeremy Bullock would like to see the statue here's the quotes:

Celebrity Quotes
Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) "Any time I can support any effort to promote Star Wars I am thrilled to do so. Especially something like this. The statue will be in a public place where all of the fans can enjoy it and since these movies were meant for the fans this seems an appropriate venture to put my support behind. Who knows maybe the next statue will be a Wookiee!"

Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett himself guys!) "I think that a statue of Darth Vader will protect Bristol and keep people in line, so Darth has my vote although Boba Fett is more dangerous."

Justin Lee Collins "Wonderful idea. Count me in!"  (Watch Bring Back Star Wars on C4 in June)

Paul Welsh  MBE "I think it would be great fun to see a statue of my old friend in his home town. I am sure Star Wars fans would love it as would Hammer film fans who remember him as the Frankenstein monster.. all of which was made at Elstree Studios of which I am the Historian.
Dave has also done a great deal of charity fundraising not to mention the highly successful Green Cross Code campaign. Long live Darth Vader!"

Jedi News "We are very happy to get behind this and give it our support!". Jedi News is a UK website for Star War Fans

"Hunter's Prey.....it's like Predator crossed with ConAir." - man that trailer kicks it! It's about time another good Sci-Fi film - and I think this one is going to be it.


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I like both - but if I had to choose between the two it would be Star Wars.
I can't wait to see the new Star Trek movie.... but I'm a Sci-Fi movie fan.
I do agree and I'm a bit pooged that it looks better than the new Star Wars stuff.


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Everettj wrote:

Boba I mean who else survived a Sarlacc

I can't think of anyone.... I've read 2 stories on this....
1 Boba "blasted" his way out and made it out alone
2 Dengar helped him out

Either way -- I just don't know anyone else that has survived the Sarlacc... good thing Boba is 'indigestible' (as he told Solo)


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Hey SciFifreak90 ... so what happened to ya? How ya end up in the worm pit? Glad you made it out wink


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I'd say he's pretty darn lucky  cool


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I think he's a bit fruity... but he might taste more like chicken. big_smile


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sad You don't like my pic?


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No, I meant in '80 when Empire came out that's my first time seeing Boba and was hooked on him ever since.
I've been hooked on Star Wars since '77 LOL

Yeah, actually, I asked him at the SW Celebration Japan when he gave me his autograph and he said the same thing. He said the Empire armor looked more menacing and fit better!

So cool, my brother met Jeremy at a convention few years back.... I haven't had the pleasure yet... you guys are lucky... I hope to one day.

LOL just a joke... that fell flat.

Mandalorians but I think outside of that I'd pick Trandoshans


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Toss up.... but Vader I guess...


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I need a bobble-headed boba - I don't have one - YET sad


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I think I deleted that email account... I had a few odd emails that I deleted not to long ago... if it's ok with you I'd like to keep this new account... I don't remember which email I had associated here. sad


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Yeah... mine is scary too..... I'd live there LOL

Skipping nights - do it all the time... up for well over 48 hours sometimes - then sleep atleast 12.... that's my usual routine...

Well meet Miba!

Sounds like you ran into some Dead Heads LOL.... yeah I've known a few too... I guess they are just not fans or simply out of touch with reality.


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I voted for Vader about a year ago but I never have received an update on this .... has anyone else?

I'm referring to the Vote Vader here: Moss 247 Vote Vader
I found it originally on DaveProwse.com (and it's still there)

I personally think it would be cool to have a Darth Vader statue in Bristol - although I'll never get there to see it if it happens.... but their would be photos all over the news and internet if it did happen.

And for those that haven't voted for Vader -- consider it....


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Both Rule -- but I have to go with Boba


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Jar Jar Binks..... they tried to hard to make him funny I think

Any! Guess if I had to choose only one:


Jeremy said that he liked his Empire Strikes Back armor better than his Jedi armor - I'll have to find that interview again....


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Mysterious, weapons master, highly trained warrior/fighter, does what he wants when he wants, strong cool looking armor, neither good or bad: neutral, unafraid of anyone or anything..... give me time and I can think of more reasons

Oh yeah and he's quite the ladies man:


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He's Neutral..... Boba does what he wants - when he wants.



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Boba 'nuff said


Boba 'nuff said