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Who? Do you both mean me? No, not a big deal. Darth Mauls ship is like a miniature. And Tyderium is little bigger. Not a big stuff. But... I can show my Boba Fett sweater later. wink

he's so damn cool!


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Im so... nothing... I only got speeder, Slave 1, Millenium Falcon, Tyderium, Luke in Endor, Han Solo, Anakin (2), Darth Mauls ship, Jango Fett, Han Solo (Hoth) and so on. And I got a Boba Fett Marc Ecko sweater... regular price was 120-130$, but I bought it for half price.


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I am 16 years old... And I've been loved in Star Wars in... hm... maybe 1-2 years... just...

I've never wanted to se The clone wars...

I've seen a red and black mandalorian armor! smile


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Yes, he was the perfekt Bounty Hunter... After his death, Boba Fett became a great Bounty Hunter, just like Jango Fett... but a little bit more...