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He mostly lives on Slave I but he does have some property on Mandalore but the last galactic civil war a chemical agent was released and he can't go back... So I dunno where he'll live prolly Concord Dawn tho.


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If he watched TV I think that he'd be a closet fan to a few Holo-Dramas (or their equivalent) like Friends or George Lopez. Ha, JK.

I'd say something hardcore or just finance or news channels cause he's always got money to invest and people to kill.


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Hello everyone, I'm a new member as of a few moments ago but nearly a life long fan of Mando Culture. Look forward to talking to all of you. And check out my Tattoo thread: http://www.bobafett.com/boards/viewtopi … 498#p88498


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I saw one post that was forever old on this subject so I thought I'd try and start a more recent one. Here's mine:


This is my tattoo I just got on Friday on my right forearm of the Journeyman Protector's Crest. As I'm sure many of you know this is what's featured on Fett's chest plate. My next piece will prolly be a rendition of the Mythosaur Skull.

I've heard many meanings behind the crest but I liked this one the best: http://www.skywlkr.net/idc/articles/arc … 092906.asp

Post your Mando tattoos!