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Urr you can re-load the weapons in his gauntlets. Plus the stuff about leading the Mandalorians jango should have been a much better leader since he grew up with them, Boba was obviosly not going to be a great Mandalore because he knew almost nothing of there culture. But atleast Boba thinks logically about there future.

Yeah but what if Jango didn't have a spare with him at the time? Besides, I know you can reload the weapons, Urr....

you'd think he'd have spare weapondry aboard the Slave for emergencies, and he certainly had time to access said hypothetical spares during the hyper-drive jump to Geonosis... On the other hand maybe Jango was stupid and didn't keep a back-up, making that yet another lesson for Boba to learn from...I'm pretty sure he'd have a spare though, its a fairly common precaution.

dracofett: whipcord! *lightbulb* thank you^^


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OK gonna toss in my two cents worth here. Some of what I've read I agree with, some I don't...unfortunately not going to get into that as it would take an age-and-a-half and I'm doing this one-handed (no, not an amputantion or anything equally drastic, just tendonidis....little advice; try to avoid it, it sucks). So I'll just bring up the new thing I thought of while reading:

Jango is, if nothing else, a father who shows Boba the way to being the [add long stream of adjectives praising Boba's skills here] bounty hunter, by:

1- Being a prime example of what Not to do (i.e. kill two guards w/one rocket instead of two, when you have the chance to poison-dart a Jedi don't pass it up,  shoot them when they drop their weapon then recover dropped weapon, approach all situations w/ a cool detachment instead of being cocky, don't stick around for the opera...er execution, take the bounty then get the hell outta dodge, Don't. trust. people...especially the ones who use you as bait. ---Interesting note; Remember how Boba reacts with anger by being used as a pawn by Mr. Spider -not gonna try and mutilate his name- and Xizor? He doesn't go emotional or ridiculous, but he does react w/anger...maybe some left-over resentment of being used as bait in the past?*---, wearing silver armor is like painting a target on your back...and it makes you look rather like a twit)
2- imparting basic hunting and flight skills
3- giving his son a cool name

Not saying I'd nominate him for father-of-the-year, or that I hate him...but all in all there has to be the flawed Jango for there to be the perfected** Boba.

There's my two cents, now for a question that's semi-off-topic:
Why did Jango dive for Mace's weapon instead of using the wire-thingi-magige (can't think of the name for it...damn that's gonna bother me the rest of the day>.<) like he did in his fight with Obi-Wan?

*I know they were published out of chronological order, I'm not asking about author-based-pyschology, but purely character-based
**perfected as in best-there-ever-was, not that he never makes mistakes


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But either way I'd like to !@#$%slap him so hard that it'd make Jango sit up and rub his face.

this one sides with the "true Fett."  Let the jihad begin...   wink

1-Now, now, no need to slap Boba. Slap Travis. She created this...this...blasphemous plot line (actually the little infidel didn't even create it she stole it from Tales. Then made it 'canon' *shudder* and making Tales canon? that's just wrong to start with...)

2- big_smile "true Fett" yep, let us go forth and smash the infidels...or at the very least poke them a bit. cool

Well, I think that your a Boba Fan first then a fan of the culture that spawned/created him. It's like my Spartan obsession. I'm obsessed with Sparta first, then the specifics of the 300 at Thermopalyae and Leonidas...

So...really to be a good Fett fan you have to be a Mando fan first...

'Cause my Sparta goes Culture->Specific...


I got it turned around the first time around. You should be a Mando-obsessed fan THEN a Fett obsessed fan!!!

Thanks guys, for unscrewing my order. ^^

and yes, he is the "NUMBER #1 MANDALORIAN BAD-ASS!!!"

He's the Ernie Banks and Ron Santo of Mandalorians, all of Star Wars for that matter really.

mando316 wrote:


Hi, My names Mando316, and Im a Mando-Holic.

ONE of my secrets is that I wear Star Wars Boxers.  I have two pairs.  If I had more I would wear them everyday.  The worst part is that I have to shop for them in the BOYS section because thats the only dept that has the REALLY cool stuff...  Hey, Ive accepted the fact that Im a Mando-Holic and also the fact that  I wear a BOYS 18 HUSKY!!

Hey! Veni-Vici-Fett myself, feel free to shorten it to VV-Fett.

I'm a Fett-aholic, which is a Mando-Holic in training. I just haven't gotten my hands on the Republic Commando books yet. (curse my small-town bookstore) I feel thine pain sister, and bow to your awsomeness as well. I end up in the boy's section all the time, for pants and T-shirts, because as you said that's the only section with the cool stuff in a good cut >.<. Star Wars Boxers Rule!!!!!!!!

I just have one pair >.<, they've got the little Emplire symbol on them....

Nice hearin' I'm not alone in my weirdness^.^


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There was this thing...
*sigh* Ok folks, story time, bear with me here.
I was about 5 when I first saw Star Wars -the whole Trilogy- (in school, teacher was lazy, last days of school).
I was fascinated with the 'guy with the cool helmet'. I later found out, from my dad, that 'his' name was Boba Fett.


Here comes the sillyness: I was confused as to why everybody thought Boba was a guy. If this dude was as cunning, ruthless, and all around kick-ass as everybody said he was...then it had to be a girl.

So yeah, the first 6ish years of my StarWars fan life I was abosolutely and totally convinced that Boba Fett was a girl. And wouldn't that be the ultimate disguise? If everybody thought you were a *guy* in Mandalorian aromor, and you were a *girl*. Then nobody could find you out-of-armour. They'd be looking for a human male....

So...yeah...don't laugh...please...I was young and wanted a strong female hero...

And the nagging doubts in the back of my mind despite numerous cannonical proof have no validation....or so you think....

(and yes, yet more sillyness....I have a lot):
1- I jumped up and yelled "Nooooo" when Mace cut Jango's head off....then stalked out of the theater muttering about 'that Flanneled-shirted SOB', Lucas was of course forgiven latter....
2-shortly after afore-metioned incident my sister bought a Mace Windu action figure...my dad still doesn't know how those little flecks of melted plastic came from in the drive-way...and my sister doesn't know why her Windu figure is sans-head....
3- For most of first grade I ran around with a bucket on my head with a black T painted on it...and was continuely amazed by the fact that I couldn't see and was running into stuff.
4- ....I have a replica blaster under my pillow....no reason...at all....just.....it seems cool.... >.<[such a dork], but a dork with a blaster.
5- I bribed a theater owner for his AOTC movie poster, it's huge...and cost me $50...but it was *movie poster* not the 'movie poster' that you can buy at a Wal-Mart. *the* poster for the movie....


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Spider-Fett wrote:

I agree.  It is totally out of character for him.  If he wanted legacy, he would have made a clone of himself like Jango did.

Oh, one thing before you continue reading, Just read Bloodlines,
THIS POST HAS SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPOILERS!!!!!!
Now you can't say I didn't warn you:
The thing I hate most about what was done was the fact that Fett 'walked out' on Sinatas (wife...think that's the right name, I suck at remembering names). Now there are later attempts to explain this by saying he didn't think he could be a family man, he "didn't know how to be anything else [other than a hunter]" ....hmmmm. Since when in the Fett Legacy has Boba (or Jango for that matter) run out on something that they couldn't tackle at the offset. Fett...he's the epitone of perseverence, of taking things apart until  he can figure out how to make it work. I don't think his honor would allow him to disregard whatever vows were made to his wife, or let him walk away from his own progeny, especially with the 'ghost'* of Jango. As I said above, he would have *made* it work. He's Boba Fett!

So there's my little rant.

He would have gotten a clone if he wanted a legacy.

*Those not familar with my attempts at Fett fiction, the 'ghost' of Jango is very simply this little 'voice' of his father in Boba's mind, not an actual voice, a 'voice', Jango defined him, and Boba took the lessons of Jango very much to heart. Hence a 'ghost' Jango, seeming to watch his son's every move.


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Atari (my dad's)
Super Nintendo
Gameboy (original)
Gameboy Color
Gameboy Advance

and the most recent additioin:

Bounty Hunter (of course)
Final Fantasy (all)
Laura Croft: Tombraider
All sorts of D&D stuff.


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Alright this needs a story to explain:

Imagine yourself in a room with a bunch of fourth graders. It's the end of the year, and a bunch of kids decide to have a few movie nights. One of them digs up a dusty set of something ancient called: Star Wars, Special Edition. The first movie delights everyone. Kids are running around making lightsaber sounds and destroying the Death Star. So the second movie is watched... The kids turn towards others and talk exitedly about the movie, and a friend of mine turns toward me, "That was so cool!" I nod. Then I ask a question that leaves everyone in the room with a confused looks on thier faces. "What was the cool guy in the helmet's name?"  *chirp chirp* An obnoxius "Darth Vader, duh!" I shake my head and, rather huffily, reply "No not him. The guy with the cool armor, and the awsome ship...the voice was all scratchy...his helmet had a T on it."

No one had a clue who I was talking about.

The movie was rewound to the Fett part. Silence again. Then the same obnoxious voice "You mean the guy with the bucket on his head?"

Things were thrown, and thus the my Fettish was born...and I gained the unfortunate nick-name of Bucket Head. (I'm in High-School now...and am STILL called Bucket Head.)


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Veni, Vidi, Vici means I came, I saw, I conquered (originally from Ceasar, I got it from Terry Pratchett). So I made it more...Fett-esque: I came, I conquered, Fett.

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