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cool thank you that help alot smile


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I actually have 2 questions:
1) I have a jango fett 2piece helmet that I was going to repaint in boba fett colors,but have seen different color scheme for his helmet and was wondering what is the  true color scheme of his helmet?
2) because its plastic do I have to put on a primer coat on it before I paint it or can I just spray paint it as is?

ya i'd bet with the armor on it would make for a harder workout. which means they may also do their martial arts training or combat training in their armor---heck of workout smile

it wouldn't matter if they wear the silver armor or boba fett's kind of armor -you got admit their armor is a little intimidating ---if you were to see a bunch of them comming down the street ---I can honestly said I wouldn't want to mess with them ---they look cool smile and just by design you can tell they are built for battle smile

boba fett is not a villian,like his father. he's just a guy trying to make his way in the universe. the enemy of my employer is my enemy---besides its just a job----it just so happens that he has to deal with alot of bad people  smile that dosen't make him a villian--- they are trying to evade capture and even trying to kill him if they can :-(


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yaaaaaaa my avatar worked  smile thank you, thank you , thank you, thank you, thank you --by the did i forget to say thank you smile


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I tried to upload my avatar and it says it wont upload it because it's too large ---how can I make it smaller so it will upload?


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count me in  sounds like a real winner smile


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by the way thanks for nice welcome


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so how do i get from where it is to my avatar?


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cool that would work just great thank you


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hello all  can someone please make me an avatar--I have an idea what it can be ----a kubrick boba fett----thank you:)