Kot merely glanced toward the exit when the sirens blared. He watched the Trandoshan's back recede toward the exit. Kot looked up and jumped up to the fire escape, grabbing the ladder. He began making his way up to the diva's floor.


He looked in the window. He didn't see anyone. He began opening it slowly.

Kot saw the murder in the Trandoshan's eyes. It came charging at him with all its might. Kot was still struggling to regain his breath after the massive punch to his stomach, thankfully his armor took most of the blow and broke the lizard's knuckles. Kot finally regained his breath and looked up, the Trandoshan smashed into him with all its might. It knocked him on the ground and began pummeling him. With each blow he heard something crack, not knowing if it was the lizard's or his. Kot finally got his arm up and he grabbed the Trandoshan by the neck, holding it still. He wound his arm back and delivered a smashing blow to the face. The Trandoshan flew off him, smashing into the permacrete. Kot jumped up and snatched his knife. He looked at the Trandoshan, its hands and knuckles were bleeding. So it was his bones that had broken, although Kot did feel as though he had a cracked rib. He walked up to the lizard.

"Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade..."

Kot chuckled, allowing it to pass beyond his helmet.

"Have you ever met a Mandalorian my good lizard?"

"No, but I've heard that they're not as tough as they are cracked up to be. Now, once again, why did you walk in here?"

"My friend, believing those rumors was your first mistake."

Kot didn't bother answering his second question. He merely whipped out one of his knives, throwing it with perfect accuracy through the gun aimed at his head. The knife carried the gun out of the lizard's hand, pinning it to the wall.

Kot ejected the blade in his gauntlet, catching the handle and charging forward.

Is the scene happening outside of her window the fight between me and Sev, or something else?

Kot once again checked the 360 degree view on his HUD. The Trandoshan was still following. He scanned for weapons, a SE-14r Blaster pistol, and a knife. He chuckled inwardly, not like anyone would have heard him through his his helmet's sounds setting though.

He wandered on for a while, looking like any tourist would, well..if tourists wore full beskar'gam. He could tell the Trandoshan's intents, they were the same as any would-be assassin/trailer. He would try and make Kot go into a deserted alley, then take him out and let someone else clean up the mess.

So that's what he did.

Kot walked down the main street, turned off onto a side street. He checked to make sure the Trandoshan was still behind him. He was. And with a massive grin on his face.

Kot slowly turned into an alley, walking quite a way into it. When he deemed himself far enough in, he whipped around. The Trandoshan had his pistol out, sight's on Kot's head.

"Well, hello there." Kot said.

Alright Sev, you're turn


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Sweet. Thanks.


Oops, my bad. I guess I didn't read closely enough. Ok, change of story and a few minor character traits. He now has only concealed knives for weapons, and he isn't silent.

Kot Kun'hall sat listening to the constant yammering of the people assembled around him. They were talking about the demise of their former associate, client, partner, whatever. It was different for all of them.

He tuned back into the conversation, once again glancing at the "bug" that the dancer had undoubtedly had placed there. They were discussing whether they wanted her dead or alive.

He could care less, he got paid either way.

Without warning, he whipped one of his knives out and sent it through the "bug". A perfect bullseye.

"What was that for?" One of the conspirators asked. "You just put a hole in my wall!"

So it was the owner.

"I could call the authorities on you!" he threated.

Kot ejected the small knife from his gauntlet, catching the handle. He charged forward, slamming the complainer into the wall, holding the knife up to his throat.

"Yes, you can...but you won't."

Kot slid the knife back into his gauntlet. He walked out of the room.

"I'm going to her hotel to slot her, if you don't want me to kill her, comm me."

With that, he left. He walked out of the arena and started toward Jaylah's hotel.



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Is there a way someone could make this an avatar please? http://i185.photobucket.com/albums/x25/ … l1copy.png

Name: Kot Kun'hall
Species: Human Mandalorian
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Assassin/Mercenary
Appearance: 6' 4" Husky build, very athletic, short brown hair
Armor: Dark Green Beskar'gam with orange accents. Gray bodysuit. Jetpack
Weapons: 1' long vibroblade and Blastech EE-33 rifle. Various throwing knives.
Personality: Calm under pressure. He usually is silent, but he can talk his way out of almost anything. But even then he prefers to use violence due to a short temper. He is extremely smart. He usually works alone but is capable of working in groups of two or three.

Kot Kun’hall looked around the small meeting room in the back of the Yellow Crystal Arena. He had come to this Force-forsaken planet to take care of a few targets. And the only reason he had even taken those jobs was because of the large amount of creds they put out.

He was just about to leave when he got the call about the diva worth 1.5 million creds. He had rushed to the site to scope the place out, believing he was late to get the notice. But apparently he was the first.

His new employers were still discussing some last minute details. They didn’t think he would be able to get the job right, so they opened the job to everyone. He glanced out the window to see where the diva was. She was listening to a girl who seemed to always be talking.

Kot noted the Trandoshan standing near them. He seemed tough. Too bad he would be going down with his little charge. He glanced back over at them. The talker had moved away and Jaylah was checking her headpiece. He took note of the small dagger hidden in a hairclip.

He glanced back at the conspirators, they had been continually glancing nervously at him. They resumed talking. He looked back toward Jaylah. She was checking a datapad that she had pulled out. She glanced over at the meeting room for only a fraction of a second.

“OSIK!” He yelled, startling those around him.

“What’s wrong?” One of them asked.

He didn’t answer, he just began checking his helmet’s HUD for bugs around the room.

He looked in the corner of the room and found it. But too late.

The Trandoshan was already halfway to the meeting room.