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Does any one know why Zuckuss and 4-lom have a similarity in the face?

Darth Maul Clone wrote:

Wow!Qui-Gon is my favorite Jedi although I killed him..I mean Darth Maul killed him.I liked him because although he defied the Council he was wise and a good person.I'm still pissed that they didn't put him in Battlefront 2!

yah! he should be in bf2, they should have taken out Ki-Adi-Mundi (no offense for those of you who like him) and put Qui-Gon instead smile


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...I don't think so


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I have to say that my favorite ship is the hound's tooth! smile

Bossk is cool!


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...I'm not sure...What photobucket is hmm


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Sadly, I don't think I have one...


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MandalorianSpy9 wrote:

There is no contest when it comes to the BEST BOBA FETT SITE EVER!!!!! This one holds the most info, has the most true fan worshiper people, and just is soo much of a better layout than the other sites i've seen. THAT   is why im here.   (All thanks to Aaron!)

                                                            {MW} MS9

I also agree big_smile

This site is THE best to get all yuor info on the best bounty hunter in the galaxy!


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oh those books are good too!


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Hey Tw, which one are you on? I just started slave ship:)


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True Warrior wrote:

BTW, I was skimming through my Bounty Hunter Wars books, and I saw a quote of Boba's. When he's in the ship with his bounty, he says "My ship is made for speed, not luxery." Is this true?

                                         {MW} TW

That's a really good book! smile


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I have to say Luke,...but I like niether of them


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I'm going to have to say yoda on this one wink


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hmm...I think I'm going to say 4-lom, I think he has more experience...


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I never play Zelda games because I find them too difficult. sad


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that laugh seemed evil to me...and he was kinda annoying...wait, i take that back this is boba fett im talking about


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Man! Chewie takes forever to kill in that game!... I agree


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boba is still alive to this day!:P


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Aayla Secura switches off with her lightsabers for some reason, in starwars battlefront2 she has one green and one blue and in the movies she only has one blue one.



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yah, like 92% of the kids have it at my school


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Please read that book if you have interest in dragons

good book by the way


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i dislike myspace.com, everyone in my school has one, it's annoying...


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i am 13


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hey i think i have that toaster!

...is it Han Solo?