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Ummm.....that means he collects lightsabers...?Wow,to tell the truth I...didn't expect that.


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I say Maul would win.And don't ask me why I don't say more,it's obvious!!!!

lol just kidding,I still go with Maul because he feels the Force.That gives him a huge advantage.And to all of you who will say"Oh but he beat so many Jedi"I will tell you that he uses the Dark Side of the force.That gives him more power and aggression at hand,and that's what is needed in order to beat the "techological miracle" Grievous.


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Devil Girl wrote:

Thank you very much big_smile http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v176/ … lowers.gif

Valthonin, he is made out of material. I have got bags full of material that I cut up and use for my collages, toys etc.

If I am going to sell them then I have to speed up the production as that one took a long time to make. I think though as the more of them I make then the easier it will get. I will start the Darth Vader for my son soon and I have decided which ones I will make for my other children.

Well?Aren't you going to tell us which ones you have decided to make for your children? wink


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Well,don't they have parades or clubs?That's not what I actually meant in the first place but whatever.


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Why should he?He is a bounty hunter,not a sadistic prick like Grievous.


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Karson Fett wrote:

V for Vandeada
Saving Pvt. Rayne(I think thats how its spelled)
School for Scoundrels
Napoleain Diynimte
I Robot
King Arther
Men in Black 2
All the Rocky Bowbowa Movies

You really need to improve your grammar Karson.You're not retarded I guess so you just don't try to type correctly.You know S for Spelling(like V for Vendetta)?

As for my favourite films:

All SW
All Terminator
All Indiana Jones

.....I just can't remember others now!I will add the rest later.


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What about "having fun"?


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Why not?Boba would kick a$$ in a Hummer.

I agree these stats are good and the points make sense.


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Favourite Jedi:Kit Fisto,Mace Windu,Aayla Secura.
Favourite Sith:Darth Maul(ahem),Darth Revan,Darth Sion,Darth Nihilus,Darth Vader.


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Karson Fett wrote:

Hey! I edit that stuff!

What stuff?Wikipedia?Now I understand draco... tongue


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The Yautja wrote:
Karson Fett wrote:

And 1971Ford LTD!

Yes.  We know.  You like that car.  Whoo-hoo.  Repeatedly posting the same thing over again is not going to get your point across further, or get you attention.  So just stop.

Spam-hunting aside, I would say that Fett would pick something extremely customizable, and not too noticeable. 

This topic is called "What's Boba's favorite car"  Not "Just say what your favorite car is because you want Boba to drive that."  Try to think of what Boba would actually use, and give your reasoning.  Otherwise this topic is just stating what your personal favorite car is.  Make a new topic, if you must.

Agree with Yautja.I believe Boba's favourite car would be a Pagani Zonda or an American muscle like Chevrolet Camaro.


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lol<--------One word like this is considered spam.The user doesn't offer anything by just saying lol.(giving an example,ya know...)


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A fine piece of art indeed.You are very talented,Devil Girl.If this was for sale,I would certainly buy it. smile

I believe Boba is for speed,and Freeman is for stealth.

I'm afraid I have to admit that Boba doesn't stand a chance against a Gundam.It's like trying to cut a tree with a feather.


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I would like to congratulate draco fett.He reached 3000 posts.Good job friend,keep this interest alive for BFFC in the days to come. smile


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BobaFett Fan wrote:

Match depends on what Yoda you speak.
Fett would win verse the aged Yoda from 5-6
Fett would lose to Yoda from 1-3

I agree too.Welcome to the boards.Have a nice time friend. smile

You're right draco,but it wasn't helpful.Let's just leave it at that,please and continue with this fine(like Alo Fett said after he insulted me)topic.I won't speak of this any longer.


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Fett_II wrote:

does anybody know how old Yoda was when he became head of the order?

He became Master at 796 BBY,and was granted seat in the Jedi Council at 200 BBY.

Fetterthanyou wrote:
Karson Fett wrote:


Sweet job of contributing. (try to use more ?'s next time, it really gets your point across)

Darth Maul Clone wrote:

I really don't think I need your permission to say anything here.So don't ever say something like this again,because the way you say it,you sound like the boss.And certainly you are not the Boss.

While I don't always agree with his methods, FMR (snazzy new nickname for Force Master R) was most likely trying to point out the fact that your post was sorta useless. Why do you think Freeman is stupid? Why are the other two smarter than him? Questions that need to be answered.

If  everyone explained everything in one post,then this wouldn't be a conversation,right?More like an essay.And sorry but I won't accept criticism from you,fetter.Just do your job and let me do mine.As for indulging your never ending curiosity,I believe that Master Chief and Boba have the experience and tactical skills that Freeman can't match,even with his tremendous I.Q.

P.S I quoted Karson to point the fact that I don't make useless posts(no offence in any way.)


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lol enough with the VS!You made 3 different VS topics at the same time,Bounty Hunter Kaiza!

Force Master R wrote:
Darth Maul Clone wrote:

Freeman is dumb,that's all I can say,compared to the other two.

Well who asked you?

I really don't think I need your permission to say anything here.So don't ever say something like this again,because the way you say it,you sound like the boss.And certainly you are not the Boss.

Freeman is dumb,that's all I can say,compared to the other two.


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Sev Fett wrote:

I believe they have the picture of him being blasted on wikipedia.

I trully,deeply love this picture.I do.I used to like Wolverine,but now that this thread is about Wolverine vs Boba,I forgot about him and 100% go with Fett-man!