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Hey Maltese!Long time no see! smile Yeah I completely I agree with the whole digital recording thing.It has saved me from a lot of work a thousand times.I mostly enjoyed the 2nd Death Star construction and Admiral Ackbar.


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Yep sorry,that's what I meant.It must be the time since it's 2:35 am here....Why not?It may not be in his basic equipment,but he could certainly use a stealth field generator,right?A one fight addition,I might add.


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You did?Well,I guess it was a bit cheap...but we should keep it to ourselves,eh? tongue


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Fett_II wrote:

ok, i've made a title. it will be called Star Wars: Legacy Lost.

Nice name,catchy.


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Gustavo_Perez wrote:

I think he would have hurt Obi-Wan and Obi would've lived so then they both confess their love for each other and end up sharing Padme and each other lmao

lol?!That's an interesting perspective.....and a bit...ya'know.Strange.


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Ok then.Stealth.By stealth this time,I mean completely invincible.You cannot fight what you cannot see.


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Yeah but you'd only call that a cheap shot for Jango,draco. tongue


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draco fett wrote:

he does not rank above Jedi masters. He was able to kill one, with a cheap shot. In a one-on-one battle, just about any Jedi master would kill Jango.

It wasn't a cheap shot actually.Trebor managed to deflect the first few.


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Yeah but the advantage goes to Boba,because he would go with stealth behind him(not close of course)and this advantage can be enough to give victory to Boba.


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I mean that Boba has such high skill in marksmanship,and would fire so fast,that Wolverine wouldn't even have time to move.


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Not by X-men.Wolverine can dodje,I don't deny that.Pretty well too.But Boba wouldn't GIVE him the chance to start dodjing.Cyclops?A weakling!Boba could kill him with one blast,he just throws rays.Professor X can control minds,but he wouldn't kill Boba.He's good that's why.He spares,he has compassion.Boba doesn't.That's why Boba would beat him.Also he has  tremendous willpower,he would give Xavier a hard time getting into his mind.As for Jean Grey,I believe she would pose a real threat to Boba,she could even kill him,I agree with that.


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I didn't say if pal,you did. smile I'm 100% sure that would work.


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Fett_II wrote:

but wolverine would easily best fett. any x-man would best fett.

That is tottaly wrong,a huge mistake.No other X could beat Boba,no matter what.As for Wolverine,I believe that his healing factor doesn't count!Why?Check out this scenario:Boba shoots him with a paralysis dart,he falls(and I don't want to hear that it won't work because it worked for the scientists.Also the healing factor doesn't have anything to do with paralysis.)He binds Wolverine with durasteel ropes(all over his body so he can't use his weapons,either way he is drugged)puts him into Slave 1,goes to space and then just jettisons him.Wolverine dies from lack of oxygen,end of story.If conventional weaponry and nuclear explosions can't harm Wolverine,something simple will do the job.


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wookiehunter wrote:

Nice signature Dageen.

That is completely out of topic,wookiehunter.Please stay more focused and try not to spam.

As for the topic itself,I'm not sure about this,I'll search a little.


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Karson Fett wrote:

Sev is the best commando..

Actually,38 is the best.


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BFFC Admin wrote:

draco, such as? Or is it posted somewhere else on the boards? tongue

Actually you can find draco's complaints almost in every thread that mentions  Jango. tongue

In the SW world,Jango comes first.In the real world,Boba comes first because he was created so long ago by Lucas.


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I want to nominate draco fett!He's the person with the largest post count,and a dedicated member to BFFC.Also he keeps a LOT of topics in check.


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Sounds good,but with all these heroes it might get a little confusing.


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He would say:"At last..."


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The Godfather theme.(lol)


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Welcome to the boards,wookiehunter. smile I completely agree with you,all the levels should be included plus some new.


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Cheers for Stuart!I hope he does fine!Your brother seems very skilled D.G! smile


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Fett_II wrote:

can i be revan?

No he is too powerful and a hero.You can be someone that is related to Revan,like a friend.As for your questions BobaFett243,the RAC could use the same fuel as the old republic ships.Also,the ship re-appeared in deep space so we aren't crash landing-yet. tongue Also,I think clones don't know that they somehow(since they're clones)belong to the Mandalorians,and I don't think anyone would hate us for that.But there are a lot of other reasons....

My profile

Name:Lieutenant Barow
Weapon:Modified dc-15 blaster,thermal detonator.
Info:Second in command of the RAC.the Valiant.

Barow got up."My head..."he thought.Suddenly a clone trooper approached him and said:"Sir!Sir!Are you alright?What happened?"Barow got up and looked around.Everything seemed to be working just fine."I was about to ask you that,trooper.What's our situation?Report!"he ordered.A clone that worked on the deck said:"The ship is just fine sir,but we can't get a signal from any of the other republic ships."Barow thought for a second,then said:"Communicate with Coruscant then."The clone began the communication sequence and said:"To Coruscant,this is the Valiant,position 5 parceks from the Boz Pity central.We have a situation.Come in."There were only distortions.Suddenly,someone replied:"A small or large juma juice can?"The clones all looked at Barow."Sir?"the clone said."Position 0-0-0.We're going to Coruscant to report.Something is wrong here,and I'l find what!"The Valiant began hyperspace preparation....


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I have been stung several times by bees and wasps,the worst is one summer that I was strolling through a very narrow path at the countryside and an idiot had the bright idea of leaving a box full of sweets there!My friend made it through and when I tried running through too,I got stung by one of the wasps on the forehead!Terrible pain,I was also dizzy,and the spot where it had stung me had become like a little mountain.


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Unfortunately he's right.

Shortly before the Battle of Yavin, a dark side splinter group called the Prophets of the Dark Side managed to resurrect Darth Maul. It is unknown whether this Maul was created through cloning techniques, by using some form of Sith alchemy to restore and reanimate Maul's actual corpse (which was destroyed in the Naboo Reactor Core Room), or through other means. The Prophets themselves stated that "there are techniques to mold a being in every way." As an example to the lesser vassals of Palpatine's Empire and to put an end to the tainted Sith Apprentice, Darth Vader was chosen as the first target for the dark warrior. These dark side worshipers believed Vader to be too much of a Jedi to be a worthy Sith Lord.

On the shadowy volcanic moon Kalakar VI, Vader thought he would intercept a Rebel courier with the stolen plans to the first Death Star. Instead, he was met by a reborn Darth Maul and the observing dark acolytes. Darth Maul then dueled Vader on equal terms, but gained the advantage late in the duel. Yet, in the final moments of the battle, Vader surprised Maul by stabbing his lightsaber through his own body (and, through proximity, Maul as well), damaging his own circuits and almost losing his own life in the process. With Maul defeated, the observing acolytes were executed by Palpatine himself for their "treacherous" act towards his rule.