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Katon was moving towards the area where the hidden subspace radio could be found. He took a look at the datapad.Intelligence indicated that there were Sith troopers here, under direct orders from Lord Malak.

"A distraction no doubt.That way I'll reach my goals more easily. he thought.

In the meantime, the apprentice was too hurrying to the designated point. Suddenly, he felt a disturbance in the force. There was a strong Force user, very close. Assessing the information quickly, he concluded by the blaster fire in the distance that there was a Jedi fighting.

Whoever is fighting the Jedi,is my ally.I should lend a hand. he grinned.The apprentice took out the communicator.

"Master,there is a Jedi very close and by the sound of it, he or she fights someone with a blaster or two. I will go and kill this scum, or else the Jedi may prove distracting."

the comlink crackled, then Katons soft,evil voice came through: "We need to inform Lord Malak immediately! I will join you when I have given my report. This is your first true test apprentice. Don't fail me. I won't be long."

Yes, Master....and the Jedi will suffer! the apprentice thought.

Now, the sound of the fighting was closer.

Any second now... thought the apprentice as he reached for his lightsaber. He made a Force Jump onto a building,the leaped across another, and in midair he switched on his purple blade.

"Jedi!" he said as he landed in front of 3 Sith troopers in their silver armor.All activity ceased, everyone watching this new figure that had entered the battlefield.


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A tall figured man was waiting in an alley. He made a set of strange crackling sounds. In a few moments, Katon arrived, followed by his apprentice.

" My Lord." the man said and bowed.

Katon turned to his apprentice.

"You keep an eye out. This a dangerous planet with so many fools getting corrupted by the dark side the relics have.I'll call you back when I've finished the conversation. Be in touch with the Force, and anyone that tries to pass dies. Understand? "

The apprentice nodded. "Yes Master.Leave it to me." And he strode off.

Katon turned to the tall man. "What is your name spy?"

The man licked his lips, a sign of being nervous. "You can call me Shadow my Lord. I trust with all these new developments that your mission got more complicated."

The Sith Lord let a slow, menacing  laugh. "Nonsense. These fools are nothing. They can actually prove useful, a distraction to mask our presence and actions. Now tell me what you know. "

Shadow pulled a datapad from his robes and started reading. "I haven't been able to gather specifics, but we already have concluded that Jedi are involved and are already here. More specifically, there is at least a Jedi Master."

Katon's eyes opened wide with excitement. " A Master? That could be a very interesting battle. A master negotiator no doubt, sent here by the Republic to spread peace and understanding. What else? "

"There are some other key figures around here my Lord, that you could pose a problem. However, there are some who are affected by the dark side, so you may be able to convert them to your cause. "

Katon looked at the tall man with an evil grin. "That IS my idea of fun. Give me the datapad. I have no more time to waste here. We must move quickly. The Jedi are relentless. "

Shadow gave the datapad to Katon. He put it inside a pocket in his suit,nodded, then began to walk away. Suddenly, he stopped, his back turned at Shadow.

"I wonder..."

"Yes my Lord?"

"Aren't you the one that betrayed the Republic to join the Sith?"

Shadow started sweating. A sensitive subject. "Like many others my Lord. We see the Republic has no chance."

"However, there is talk that you would.... reconsider,if you had the chance."

Shadow's voice trembled,a fear filling him.

"Of course not my Lord, I would never-AARG!!"

Shadow looked down, the Sith Lord in front of him, a lightsaber in his hand,ignited through him.

So...so fast! he thought.

Katon switched off his lightsaber, Shadow falling to the ground dead.

We can't risk it.This is  a secret mission.I have to contact Lord Malak.

He reached for his robes, took his comlink and said: "Do you hear me?"

"Yes Master.Is everything alright?"

"All is fine. We need to contact Lord Malak and give him a report of the situation. Meet me at designated point 2-B,where the subspace radio is located."

The comlink cracked.

"I'll be there Master."

Katon started running using the Force, an evil smile in behind his mask.

And when we inform Lord Malak of Jedi presence,everything will change... he thought to himself as he left the scene.


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Boubikha and mandalorian2269, welcome to the boards. Enjoy your time here. smile


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Brother of Jango. big_smile


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Miba wrote:

DMC, time has passed!!! I didn't know you'd gotten so old!!! tongue lol

And welcome to Mandalorian2269, I like your avatar. Nice to see younger people here keeping the fandom moving along.

When I wrote that I'm 15, YOU were 19.And now I'm too. I really should change my avatar. lolz


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Katon and his apprentice were walking in a busy road. The people, both native and spacers, had a look of fragility in the movements.

"An air of weakness, of unpredictable hostility. Like an animal than is driven by it's instinct. This place is going to get real bad, really quick. We must hurry. Our contact is waiting. He will give us information about the Jedi. "

The apprentice looked at him and said: " Master, are you sure we can trust someone like this? The Mandalorians' alliances with other factions is fragile at best."

The Sith walked by two men that were fighting. Suddenly, a third man drew his blaster and pointed at a woman, which she in turn began to scream. A comotion eroded, and not before long all the people in the district started fighting and killing each other. Some of the rioting turned towards Katon and his apprentice. Without a word, the apprentice ignited his purple lightsaber and got in front of his Master.

" You fools! Who dares raise their weapons against the mighty Sith Empire?!"

One man with a blaster fired at the apprentice. He deflected the shot, directing it to another man with a vibrosword who closed in. The bolt hit the man, who screamed and fell to the ground. The apprentice then leaped using Force Jump and got himself behind the man with the blaster. As the man started to turn, the apprentice stabbed him in the back, and he too fell with a faint scream.

" Who wants some more?! Come on scum! " the apprentice screamed as he faced the crowd. " I'll cut you all down! "

Katon raised a hand. " You fool! We have much more important business to do here! Stop giving in to your emotions so foolishly! "

The apprentice turned to his Master, still in a figting stance. "Being a Sith is all about giving in to their emotions! "

Without another word, Katon raised his hand and send a barrage of lightning to his apprentice. It hit him with a deadly force, lifting him off the ground and sending him to a wall. The apprentice hit with his back, and fell, face down. Katon walked near him,so he could hear.

"You fool.You don't yet know what being a true Sith is all about. And you WILL show respect... or else I'll kill you. "

Trembling, the apprentice got to his feet.He could not help but think how evil the Sith faction was. "I've been his apprentice for years, yet he would still kill me without remorse."

"Yes Master, I won't fail you again." he said.

The two Sith started walking again, passing the mayhem around them.

"We cannot delay any longer. Double time." Katon ordered.

They immediately started running with incredible speed, and few around them noticed a glimpse in the air as they passed.

"The Jedi are here.... I already feel a strong presence in the Force...they will know the power of the dark side!"


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Darth Maul Clone wrote:

Way too late,I'm 15.....


Friday, June 16, 2006 2:55 pm <-------

Saturday, June 5 2010. I'm 19 now!

I mean come on! It is seriously disturbing... tongue

Sorry if I'm off topic, but I was browsing this thread and I came by my very very old response...
and I kinda flipped. Next thing I know, I will retire and never use my lightsaber again. =/


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Name: Katon Bersek
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: ?
Appearance: Relatively tall,muscular,wearing the traditional outfit that the Dark Jedi of the era favored,plus a dark cape with hood.Also wears a mask which leaves only the eyes and the upper head show.
Weapons: Two single hilt red lightsabers.

A spaceship entered Balkest,dark with silver linings. As it descended,it slowed down until it reached the landing zone .A dark figure in the spaceship stood up from the pilot seat,looking outside the window.

"I can feel the presence Master... there are some interesting adversaries here... "

Another hooded figure was standing in the door to the cockpit, his eyes yellow and sick veins around his eyes.

"Of course... and the Jedi are involved with no doubt... fools, your mighty Republic has crumbled and you still send Jedi to negotiate peaceful solutions. "

The hooded figure looked at his master. "Peace is a lie... there is only passion..."

" You're learning fast, but the Sith code won't help you by just knowing it's words. You must feel them, make them an extension in your thoughts, live by them. Need them like water... Now let us go and see what this pitiful planet can offer us."

The two men proceeded to the exit. With a whooshing sound, the door opened, and the two Sith were immediately confronted by a hasty Rhodian.

"Now now now. Excuse me sir, are you the owner of this spaceship?" Katon looked at the Rhodian, a mocking expression in his eyes. "You filthy alien, I just disembarked from this ship. What kind of question is that?"  The Rhodian was immediately joined by two security guards. "Sir, I would recommend a more polite appro-" The docking master's phrase was cut, as the two guards started gurgling, holding their throats. In a matter of second they fell to the ground, dead.

"I don't CARE what you recommend scum. Now, we'll be on our way, and you WILL leave us alone, unless you want to have their fate."

The Rhodian said in a scared tone: " Of- of course sir! Don't let me keep you! Enjoy your stay!" and he hastily left. The apprentice turned on Katon and said in a ecstatic voice: " I must learn how to do that Master..!"

Katon shot a quick look at him and started walking towards the spaceport exit. "All in due time apprentice. For now, let us find our artifacts."


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1. Iron Man. I just love seeing Stark being extremely smart.And the action sequences rock.
2. Wolverine. One of my favourite characters.At last he got his own movie.
2. X Men 1,2,3. Many people with special powers fight. What else does a movie need?


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There is no way I'll miss that!It sounds very interesting,full of action, and of course we get to see the best bounty hunters working together....how cool is that? wink


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cloneapart wrote:

Alright, well I'm actually graduation high school this spring and I look forward to going to college to learn how to do game art/animation.  In a few years I hope to be working for a decent company (far away from evil fast food where I work now) and then maybe after that Lucasart would be pretty amazing.  I'm a pretty hardcore star wars fan now so I do not see any changes in that field.

Yeah I know what you mean.Everyone is hoping for something good,me included.Working for Lucas Arts would be awesome, although my only luck with that would be a novel or a scipt for a game. (?)


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The cookies really seem tasty!19.95 is a bit much though.I guess I'll buy anyway.


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Hey Karson, it's been crazy thE past years..I was studying a lot to get into a University so I didn't really have time...but now it's all cool so I'm back. big_smile

Relationships are tough.You will always get dissapointed in the end...only one girl will not dissapoint you and that is the love of your life...which I haven't found yet. tongue


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Well,we all grow up.Actually that never stops. tongue
But how do you actually see yourself in 5 or 10 years?Will you still be a Star Wars and Boba Fett fan?Note that this isn't just about SW,it's a more general question.It may be kind of strange,but when I think about my past I realize things change a lot- and fast. I wonder if others are experiencing the same thing as I am. smile


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Ariana wrote:

I hate the Sith.

I find your lack of love disturbing. tongue

Was it only one?I think he stole his ship from a prison colony which had enough of these prototypes.


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I am Darth Maul Clone. I only know hate,purpose and duty as feelings.And like killing people.So I guess dark side. tongue


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You avatar is very hip too man,looks very gangsta. big_smile


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Welcome crazyloop.Have a nice time here. wink


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News Update:I broke up today. tongue My girlfriend left me for her best friend.That's...cool.lolz.


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No internet?No party.'Nuff said.


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I always liked your avatar Miba. big_smile
The background is super,combined with the pose that Boba has.


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is this a corvette? yikes
epic pic big_smile


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Thanks!Happy to be back.Never shut this site down! big_smile


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I actually haven't logged in for about 2 years,and I have to say this place rocks more than before!It seems more tidy and yet with new features that don't burden the site with tons of info...congrats!