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Gta means  Grand Theft Auto,right?So I think that for a Star Wars it should be GGOVASSLTE.That stands as Grand Galaxy Of Vilains And Such Scum Like The Emperor!LOL!LOL!


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MandalorianSpy9 has a point.The whole Dark Jedi and Sith and Darth thing is REALLY confusing sometimes.Simply there are too many characters(vilains)too remember exactly what he/she is.


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Well.I meant that we took the picture of Boba kid,so we can see little Boba and the adult,and see how he has changed...


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Well,Darth Maul made something stupid:he underestimated Obi-Wan.Although he was a Padawan,anger gave him enormous powers.But I believe the way that Maul died in the end was stupid.I mean,you have all you life training with Darth Sidious and you just get cut in two?I don't mean the move,but I think Maul had more than enough time to anticipate the attack-jump of Obi.Also the dark side seems cool,but I believe that it is like a drug.The more you use it,the more you kick *ss,but in the end you get YOUR *ss kicked!


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Yeah,Boba seemed that he would be the best bounty hunter from when he was boy.I will never forget the phrase:"Get him,dad!Fire!"or when Jango said"Let's finish him"the laugh of Boba!I love these two bounty hunters!


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Yeah.I think durasteel would come in handy,because it is the strongest metal in the galaxy.


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Thanks.True Warrior,how did you learn about this site and what made you join?


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I would choose a heavy exoskeleton suit because it gives good defence and dexterity.


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Do you like Darth Maul?I like him because he seemed a character with a past and secrets,I also read that many people wanted to know more about Darth Maul.And something else:How do you get graded?Now I'm a clone.What does that mean?I don't know how it works,really.


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I haven't really ever played Star Wars Galaxies.because I don't believe in profit games,so I turned on Guild Wars for a while.But not anymore.


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LOL  well not exactly but you know what I mean.When I say GTA I mean the freedom to do things the way I like it.


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IN all these years,many Star wars video games have been published,some good,some bad.But imagine if a Star wars came out and it was like GTA.I mean,first you choose your side.Empire,Rebels,CIS,GAR(Grand Army of the Republic).Then you build your character the way you want.And then.....You go out and show the universe who you are!You can talk to everyone,freelance,go from one planet to another and do what you want!No rules,no missions!If you want missions you could just drop by Jabba or the Emperor and take one.KOTOR gives us the feeling of this,but not at that scale!What do you think?


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My character is what it says!I like Maul,but because when Boba lived Maul didn't,I thought Clone for a more realistic approach!


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Come on let's not be strict!Jango is good!Why?Because he is the father of our beloved Boba!They're family so we can't say that Jango sucks!If Jango sucked he would have transmitted this to Boba as well!I believe they're both good.Now,as for who is the best,it's another matter...


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Sorry, Boba!What a shame!


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The thing is that when I watched the movies,I didn't expect that the Star Wars Universe would be so large.Sometimes we forget that although star wars is a fictional world,it is a world alright.That means billins of people living their lives,everyone different.It's not only clones,Jedi,Sith and bounty hunters.What do you think fellas?


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The difference between Jango and Bobba is that Jango had different training.Boba sort of blasts anything in his way.I believe that in a stealth mission,Jango would be the winner,


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Imagine if Jango had lived!He would  have trained Boba and they would go to missions together.They would be the best team of bounty hunters in the universe!


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Some other great evils in my opinion are:Darth Sion,Darth Revan,Darth Vader,Uliq-Qel Droma,Darth Baine....and others.But the real question is:Who is the best Force user and duelist?


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Yeah,I think Boba isn't evil,he's just a simple man trying to make his way to the universe like his father!But for pure evil,I think that Darth Maul is the best,cause the Emperor took him when he was young and trained him to the dark side.The Emperor sucks by the way.The first time I saw him I thought he was a witch or something!


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Who is your favourite evil character throughout the Star Wars universe and movies?


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Hey guys,what's up?It's good that I found this site.I read some posts and iI said to register because I liked it.