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Everyone must be congratulated!Good posts,good people....what else does a fan club want?I'm proud to be a member of this fan club because I get to know Boba better and I also had the honour of meeting you people!All HAIL THE BOBA FETT FAN CLUB!!


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Yeah,personally I would never sell mine.Except of course for a higher purpose...


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Yeah,we always get off topic,lol!So my lightsaber would be quite unique.And maybe a Kaiber(or something)crystal would do the job done.And of course much training!


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Yeah,me too.I'l kill my friend btw!LOL


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TY Miba.And what about a tag battle?Let's say Boba and Jango VS Darth Maul and Darth Vader?(Wow,that's tough!)


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I see.Who do you believe would win,a guy with a double bladed,or a guy with dual lightsabers?


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I don't really see something odd...Or do you have something particular in your mind?


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And something else.I have seen in KOTOR that some vibroblades can withstand lightsabers.Is that for real?I mean come on!A lightsaber is the strongest weapon(melee)


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I don't really know,but a friend has told me that The Hound's Tooth is the escape pod.Makes sense I think...


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Wow.Really cool!Thanks for giving me a new perspective for this!


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Yeah.Really cool
Congrats on finding it!


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Well truly I don't believe it's really the shape or the  color,but the crystal that you use.A good crystal can make your lightsaber far better than the others.


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Well I also like Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus from KOTOR.They have some special powers.


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I would choose a double-bladed red lightsaber where it can split in two.Then you have dual lightsabers or use just one of them.


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I guess Maul is like Mazda RX 8.Cool looking and with potential,but eventually gets beaten by Lamborghini Calardo or Nissan 350 z.lol


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I'm looking forward reading these!Any other suggestion on reading?Also on which site can you find the cheaper lightsabers?


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That sound cool!I haven't really read the comics though...


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It is snowing and the blonde is outside.Her mother sees her,comes out and says:"Sweetheart,come in,it's snowing!"And the blonde says:"What's the difference?It snows here too!"
Another one:
There are 3 soldiers and the sarge tell them:"You will go to the woods and hide.If I find you before 12:00,you will go to jail for 1 month.If I don't find you,I'l give you 1 month vacation."They agree,and they go and hide.11:57 nothing.11:58 nothing.11:59 there is a scream.They catch them,and they talk in the jail:"You idiot,why did you scream?There was only 1 minute left!"He says"I'l tell you what happened.I was naked and I disquised myself as a tree.First,a dog comes and **ses my leg.I took it.Then a couple comes and they carve on my *ss Julie and David=L.F.E I took it.But when 2 squirells came and they said to each other"You take the left nut,I take the right"I didn't take it!"


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And what happens to Maul in the end?


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I agree with the martian here.It is difficult.


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I believe that this book would ROCK!But not only this..Maybe "The code of the Sith"? OR

            BE LIKE
        BOBA   FETT


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Do you know the game freelancer?Also that would be a hell of a game if it took place in the Star Wars universe!Sithlancer!<<LOL>>


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Thanks True Warrior,didn't know.And yeah I have seen a picture of Maul with robotic legs.Also did you knew that Maul comes as a ghost and attacks Luke Skywalker?"Die,Jedi!"he says!But I don't really know the end of this story,and I believe that most certainly Maul got his *ss kicked again!*sniff,sniff*


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LOL,Boba is VERY cool,because he seems evil and that he cares only for himself,and then sometimes suddenly he does something good and confuses us.By the way,does anyone know what Boba did just after the death of Jango?He didn't have enough experience to survive in a harsh environment like that I believe.But if there is a story-explanation,I sure don't know it...


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LOL!No worries,This will happen until you get familiar with the site.