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Si Titran wrote:

Time flies. I just remember turning 18, and now look at me. A supposedly "resposible" adult of 24. Enjoy it. Don't force your self to get older to fast. The years they come with or without your help. (Thats for all you youngins)

24..that doesn't seem too bad.Does it?


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Si Titran wrote:

What honor is there in being a Fett? It is not a birth rite but a name. One that was given its reputation by the likes of Jango, that Boba merely made his own.

Jango has an importaint legacy. Those clones would not be the skilled soldiers, ARC's etc with out his genetics or knowledge. Jango was very intrumental in the development process, down to training ARC's himself, and hand selecting the Mando's that would train his elte Commando squads. To even be selected as the clone template Jango displayed impressive feats on the battle field, and survived to be chosen for the job.

I know some question his ethics., but as he said himself "Im just a simple man trying to get by in the universe" ( or something to that effect.... its early and im at work). He did many things that we question that mostly came down to an act of survial in Jango's perspective.  So I tend to excuse more.

Yes very true Si.He has an important legacy.And a very tough life if you ask me.So I don't think that a few drawbacks make Jango a bad character.And imagine training an entire army.That surely needs a lot of skill.And patience. tongue

I haven't played this in ages.I loved the Coruscant levels,because I love Coruscant. smile


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lol this is hilarious!The poor guys propably had it coming. tongue


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Last time I had posted in this topic I was 15!:P
Now I'm 17. big_smile
22nd April, i can't wait till I turn 18. smile


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Oh.Never mind I still like him. tongue


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Here you are mate. smile

It seems pretty good.I hope your efforts reward you. smile


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BFFC-Draco wrote:

I've never said he wasn't a Fett. I've just stated I don't like him, and defend my reasoning.

Can you remind me why you don't like him?


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Boba FTW wink


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lol you live in UK..No worries,you'll get it. wink


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Cool!Although I don't have a DS. tongue


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I don't understand why there is so much...hate towards Jango from some people.What has he done that is so bad?He is a worthy and skilled bounty hunter,and he is the father of Boba.And he had a very glorious death.So why some say he isn't worthy? hmm


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green helmeted fett wrote:

Hey! I remember you, Darth Maul Clone.

You were the person who gave out great ideas and thought a year ago, I think.

Nice to have you back! big_smile

Thanks mate. smile


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Here you are. wink


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BFFC-Draco wrote:
Darth Maul Clone wrote:

WOW!I finally did it!:D Does anyone remember me?:P

No, now go away. tongue Good to have you back.

Same old Draco tongue.Metal is alive and kicking in you I see tongue
Thanks Ralin.This time I stay. smile I guess BFFC is like family,you may leave for a while but you never forget it.
Hey Trewqp!Welcome to the boards!From my experience,you should check the rules of the forum,although you started ok. wink


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It seems to me that Halo sure has many fans though....The games in the main Halo trilogy have sold over 20 million copies!That's a lot of money folks. tongue


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WOW!I finally did it!:D Does anyone remember me?:P
Whatever I'm Jangotat.But I love Darth Maul better...;)
To those who think I'm crazy I just couldn't remember this account so naturally I'm happy. smile


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Surely you can prove it....?If Sev could beat 38,then Sev would be squad leader.


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Here is Sev,the Republic Commando: http://i109.photobucket.com/albums/n55/Darth_Maul_Clone/Sev.jpg


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Vader is evil,but he was eventually redeemed.What about Asajj Ventress?I believe she is very Evil,maybe considered for no.1!


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Obi Wan is not the best Jedi.Yoda and Windu can easily defeat him.I only liked him in his Padawan form.He was very cool.


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I use Opera. tongue


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Unfortunately I can't play either.


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It's very cool.Nice job Cecilia.