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I had a girlfriend but we broke up,so now I have another girlfriend.And the cycle goes on and on until the wheel of fortune stops at a girl who will actually make me mad with love...so poetic. tongue


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I am...a Jedi?! tongue


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Jar Jar as a pimp?Yikes tongue Lando obviously. tongue


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BFFC-Dracö wrote:
Ralin Drakus wrote:

Yup, you would have been called a witch and burned at the stake.............................who's turn is it to bring marshmallows?

*Welcome to the site btw  tongue   don't mind us, we're just a bit insane*

I would never do such a thing! Lies!? You be a witch!

Oh come on draco.We all know you very well here. tongue


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Trojan wrote:

definetly jar jar binks. he was a sucker. i wish mace windu chopped of his head instead of jango's head.

lol exactly what I thought. tongue One useless scum less.


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Werda Verd,extremely nice avatar!I love RP! 9.8/10 big_smile
I like yours too Fett_II. smile 8.5/10

"Would you like Boba Fett if he was a chicken?"
Um...no.If he was a chicken he wouldn't be famous.Unless the chicken had implants that granted it the skills of Boba.And a translator that gave the famous voice.And the flamethrower attached to one...leg?! tongue


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A whole new level of insanity. tongue
Btw welcome Trojan. smile

Fett_II wrote:

I saw the Special Edition releases in '97, and all the prequels. I don't think I'll be seeing Clone Wars in theaters, just watch it online.

With everyone complaining about Clone Wars,I'm seriously considering doing the same...I'm beggining to think that it will be a waste of money. hmm

I have seen all the prequel trilogy...I'm so glad that I managed to see TPM...that changed my life forever...:P


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I don't know what Jango wanted Boba to do,but I certainly can't imagine Boba working in a cantina serving juma juice....:P

revan07 wrote:

According to Rotten Tomatoes.com th critics like the holiday special better yikes

The holiday special gets 43% while clone wars gets 18%. Though there are more reviews for clone wars.

However a good movie like Empire Strikes Back goes and gets almost 100% on that site so go watch that over Clone Wars or HS.

18%?:S I guess Clone Wars isn't so good after all...:P


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Are you kidding?Don't insult St.Lucas. tongue

BFFC-Mel wrote:

I read one story where it said IG-88 was one of a series like IG-88a, IG-88b etc that's why I wondered if he was substandard.

But I can imagine him being something like HK-47 out of KOTOR - perhaps a little less evil though tongue

I love the HK-47 smile as for IG-88 I believe he's a good bounty hunter,although I don't really like him...


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Right now I'm more interested in reading Order 66 than Imperial Commando.It seems so great. smile


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A what if version huh?Well,if Bossk killed Boba(which would be completely out of luck)then I would find Bossk and send him to Boba in afterlife so  they can fight forever. tongue

I haven't seen anyone who said that,but I've definetely seen people saying Star Wars sucks and that it's very childish.They don't have a clue.:P


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I'll propably see it when it gets leaked online..:P

My favourite clone troopers are:
Delta-38 (the Boss)


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Hello Mandalore Hunter!Welcome to the boards. wink Nice name btw. smile


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Devil Girl wrote:

Happy birthday Darth Maul Clone big_smile

I am 33 today big_smile

Here is my birthday Boba picture big_smile

http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3063/274 … e07849.jpg

Happy Birthday!!! big_smile big_smile big_smile


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Si Titran wrote:

Time flies. I just remember turning 18, and now look at me. A supposedly "resposible" adult of 24. Enjoy it. Don't force your self to get older to fast. The years they come with or without your help. (Thats for all you youngins)

24..that doesn't seem too bad.Does it?


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Si Titran wrote:

What honor is there in being a Fett? It is not a birth rite but a name. One that was given its reputation by the likes of Jango, that Boba merely made his own.

Jango has an importaint legacy. Those clones would not be the skilled soldiers, ARC's etc with out his genetics or knowledge. Jango was very intrumental in the development process, down to training ARC's himself, and hand selecting the Mando's that would train his elte Commando squads. To even be selected as the clone template Jango displayed impressive feats on the battle field, and survived to be chosen for the job.

I know some question his ethics., but as he said himself "Im just a simple man trying to get by in the universe" ( or something to that effect.... its early and im at work). He did many things that we question that mostly came down to an act of survial in Jango's perspective.  So I tend to excuse more.

Yes very true Si.He has an important legacy.And a very tough life if you ask me.So I don't think that a few drawbacks make Jango a bad character.And imagine training an entire army.That surely needs a lot of skill.And patience. tongue

I haven't played this in ages.I loved the Coruscant levels,because I love Coruscant. smile


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lol this is hilarious!The poor guys propably had it coming. tongue