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The Fruits of life tongue


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i hated halo 3, the game was too short, a crap ending, and there was just too much hype about it.
oh, and i finished it in four hours on normal difficulty


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jean grey from x-men

id like to see a real working boba fett suit, with 360 vision and blink activated stuff, flamethrower, and darts that come out of the neecap guards. oh, and a working jetpack with the rocket launcher

Fett_II wrote:

Um.. um.. um.. a life-sized Slave 1? C'mon, you know you want one too. Actually, I think it'd be freakin' awesome if LEGO developed more EU sets, such as KotOR and Clone Wars.

MORE eu sets?? i didnt know they did any


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i got hte holiday special one for christmas

theres also ask.com


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well, i got a boba fett bobblehead, and a star wars holiday special boba fett action figure!!!


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1 - duel of the fates
2 - obi wan vs jango fett
3 - order 66
4 - mace windu vs palpatine ( so funny)
5 - obi wan vs anakin
6 - obi wan vs vader
7 - luke vs vader ep 5
8 - luke vs vader ep 6
9 - anything with boba fett
10, when the death star got blown up


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when i first watched star wars episode 5 when i was about 6 smile