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Wow! That was brilliant! You really shall be a Star Wars novelist!

except one called....


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I don't know. Actually I'm not looking forward to any film....


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This a weird topic but...

Awesome tongue


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Well I'd say Indy, even if it wasn't very good...


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BFFC-Draco wrote:

CDs and cash, and a new gun. Sweet.

A gun? A gun? Eek!!!

Well, I'm at school and with my friends too. Oh, and I watch Star Wars movies of course! big_smile


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Thanks smile


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Yes I have it too. It's very cool! cool


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You can see it when you look my username, but if you're truly so stupid you still don't know my gender I can't help you.

Food, information, weapons, fuel for Slave I, fun *cough*, etc.


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I don't understand this topic; Fett is a name, not a medal of honor and bravery. And even if it would be, I think Jango would be worthy enough, he made a lot of great things.


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I think six movies+The Clone Wars series is enough. No need for third trilogy.

What the heck is this Robot Chicken thing?


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I like Boba Fett with many ways. I can't name just one thing, EVERYTHING in him is cool! big_smile


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Hello everyone! I don't know how would I introduce myself with the best way, but I'm sure that'll come up with the time.

Oh, and please don't be surprised if I know most of you right now, that's because I've followed this site for a few months....