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Haha. Sorry, my mistake! Thanks for the correction Cin. And I will check out the work!


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Thank you! I noticed you commented on my last fan fic. Glad to have a fan


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And there isn't a better brothel for them than in Saturday Morning cartoons and our comic books


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Well said Maltese. Don't you just love media whores?


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Stephen Sommers....Michael Bay in his dreams....

Transformers was still an awful movie


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....I don't know...I tried to sit through it and it was frankly quite horrible. Maybe it's because I'm too old for it or something. But watching that chase sequence in Paris didn't excite me. The thing about Michael Bay's films is that while it is silly you can step out of reality with it. In this, I think this director was trying to do Michael Bay but all I kept thinking was "gee. While the heroes and villains wage war in the streets of Paris, they sure are destroying a lot more and killing a lot more civilians in the process than trying to save them." And that hilarious scene in which the Baroness' car flips over and nearly blows up, they walk out with minor injuries. Granted, the point of the adventure movie is to let go of reality, but it was beyond the point of silly adventure into just stupidity. The background story to Tatum's character seemed typical and the shaky cam thing was rather formulaic feeling...as in: ok, this is a war scene, let's do the war camera look. Everything about it seemed, well, Transformers and Terminator were the summer movies, let's make this even more so! Incorporating every cliche of summer blockbuster formula and resulting in something rather forgettable.


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Here is the prologue of my next short story. In this the story takes place in Courscant once again but through the point of view of a young boy who lives in the slums at ground level. He witnesses much of the horrors of the underworld and begins to envision a life as a bounty hunter. He begins this obsession through brief glances he sees of Boba Fett and this launches him in his journey.


     In the seconds I waited terror crept up from my guts and into my mouth and everything tasted sour.  My tongue, my lips, the roof of my mouth, even my teeth had a distinctive taste of spoiled milk. I closed my eyes and the bile crawled to the back of my eyeballs and filled my ears. The waiting, it was always so much worse than the event. And by the one-hundredth time I should know what to expect. The waiting was calculated; it was always the same length of time. But always, I suspended my expectations like my body, strapped to a cold wall and listened to the laughter of children and the guffaw of teenage boys far away and even then they pounded at my temples as I felt my body propel into the air…. faster…. faster…faster, until their sounds resembled the world of melted crayons, lights as ribbons and carnival music that undulated with the thrill ride’s dizzying spin. I held my breath, imagining I was falling, tumbling into empty space…and then steadily it slowed bringing me back to earth until it stopped and the ride operator took me down and ushered me away. But even then I still felt the pavement beneath me twirling and I found myself once again in line, hungry for another dose of fear…like a drug.


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I try to keep an open ear for all genres, I don't play favorites and am always looking for more. I can listen from anywhere from Tech N9ne to Chopin. What makes a great song or song writer is both the sound (ie melody) and the lyrics. One, in my opinion does not do well without the other. Such an example I have found myself returning to constantly is the music from Neko Case. Although country and blues may be most suitable for the genre, (country as in Johnny Cash) it is the dark lyricism I find myself attracted to most. The subject is often of forgotten places of America's past or man's plight with nature and the sound is rich in texture. Each time I listen to an album I find myself finding new things about it or being more lost in her abstract narratives which for me is always a treat. I highly recommend Blacklisted, The Tigers Have Spoken, The Fox Confessor Brings the Flood and Furnace Room Lullaby.


If you got any weird vintage clothes stores around I recommend going there for the pin striped suit. The ones I've got around here have tons of old suits like that. Keep up the good work!

Don't forget to make em pin-stripped! boyaacaa!

Thanks, again Terra! I've also learned another really good dish of Black beans and rice. I had recently had a large potluck with my fellow animators and brought it over. It fed the whole group and I've been getting calls from people either asking me to cook it for them or teach them how, it's a good buzz that I get when I know that people are enjoying what I"m making.

for that,

Bird's Eye Southwest blend (it's got black beans, onions, red and green peppers, and corn)
olive oil
boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 lb of ground sage sausage
chicken stock
can of diced tomatoes
large pot

if you can get the southwest blend, all the vegtables come canned or frozen and can save you a ton of money

sear chicken in pot with olive oil, remove and set aside
then, cook your sausage in oil, keep in pot because it adds for great flavoring
mix in your southwest mix, rice (1 cup) and chicken stock (2 cups) and chicken, stir together
add in can of diced tomatoes.
put on very low heat and allow rice to cook with all the ingredients. This allows all the flavors to mix together, causing near euphoric tastes. This should be about 30-mins to 45 mins. MAKE SURE THAT YOU COVER THE POT TIGHTLY. You can do this aluminum foil and then place the lid on top or at least make sure your lid is snugly over the pot. You can eyeball how well the rice has been cooked, it generally is fluffy. Sometimes, depending on how much you mixed together it might take up to an hour.

serve with sour cream garnish and grated cheeze...yum!

cecilia, cooking this stuff can be quite simple, it just takes not being afraid of the oven/stove and as a result can be your best friend. I found this to be helpful when...still being a starving artist and helps you eat better than quick trip or top ramen. I've only made this a few times and surprised how well it turns out every time.

Thanks Terra. I have an image of it on the Tshirt and black or very dark brown would be the colors of choice. I'll pull that off my external drive and post it.  I should also post the original etching from where I first worked on it, that may be a better image more suitable for a t shirt. I thought about the blue half-tone pattern being an embossed texture, or each color being a separate level of raised texture to help add definition between them.

This is my attempt at steam punk. So I designed this steam mistress. I had originally done an etching, but then scanned in the print and did work with photoshop

Note. The Left hand image is a detail, the right hand image is the entire image. The woman/steam mistress would be in the left hand side of the shirt and the smoke would trail up into the right hand sleeve. I'm almost tempted to say that the detail would look better on the shirt than the whole thing. hurm

This is a T Shirt Design I recently completed. I had submitted it to Designed By Humans, but unfortunately was rejected. I supposed it may have been to detailed and I should tone back the amount of texture, however many of the designs of the website can get quite intricate. Anyway, I thought I'd post it here in hopes to get some feedback.


If there were to be a new bounty hunter game, I agree with the sentiment to go a gta route. I'd love a hard-boiled, noir approach to a new game...I recall saying this before in another thread, but here I am again...the game is long overdue. I'd love to play as Boba...or perhaps Boba's paranoid partner that slowly loses his mind believing Fett is going to betray him, very Jim Thompson-esque or Mikey Spillane...something ripped from the classics and then reincorporated into a gritty, dark, drug and dame infested bounty hunter game.

I'd like it to be first person, I'm more akin to that, It's a lot more immersive that way. yeah, put me on the list if it means a bounty hunter game like that

I think that it was the very fact that the animation was soooo weird and not exactly good which was why I like it so much. There is a lot of it where there are some obvious bad skating and glitchy loops. I think it was how the characters moved--so unnatural that I liked it so much. But yeah, The Holiday Special itself was so bad that it arced around and became awesome. I'd watch it for a good laugh

tachyonbladeI wrote:

I couldn't agree more. The company that produced it, Nelvana, a Canadian company, produce some incredible animated films and shorts in the 80s. As you said, the SW sequence had a Heavy Metal feel to it.
I also recomend "Rock and Rule." another Nelvana production with a fantastic soundtrack, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Debbie Harry.

They were a great company, Unfortunately, they only distribute these days.

I had gone to the Ottawa Animation Festival in September and Nelvana had been a part of a lot of excellent kids shows--or at least they were excellent in terms of animation and aesthetic, as far as concept I don't know. Nelvana also has a big part in the animation festivals out there--it's just nice to know that someone knows something about that, and even though they only distribute these days at least I know that the animation that comes from that is good. "Rock and Rule" is awesome, I just recently watched Watership Down after many a years and it also has that surreal, nightmareish quality like that era. If you haven't watched The original Raggedy Anne and Andy television series, see it. It also has many of the motifs in that era of animation history, but it borderlines on the heavily drug induced state of mind. I'm thinking of the "Greedy" episode explicitly and puts Jabba the Hutt to shame. Don Bluth's work is very similar to what happened to Nelvana. Anastasia was sort of the turning point of his films like The Secret of Nihm, All Dogs Go to Heaven, etc. And then Titan AE came out and it was almost unrecognizable as to where he had taken his animation and I didn't like it at all when comparing his work on a whole.

I have only seen the animated segment and a collection of the live action sequences. It isn't a movie, and it was produced right after the first film. Often the criticism is given out of context and with more modern conventions placed on it as well. It's campy, it's hokey, but it's also fun and those that made it intended it to be so. Of course the acting is terrible, of course the set ups are quite frankly stupid. But if you were to watch it then, with the kind of television and the standards of it then, see it as the party after the movie was made. Everyone was still high on the excitment that was Star Wars and did something that would bring the cast and the crew back together.

As for the animation, I thought it was quite unique. You don't see things like that being made today, and it had a very artistic and bizarre way that it was executed. The color palatte was of Heavy Metal and The Wall, or many of the cartoon series that came out in the early 80's. But some of the animation--particularly of the characters themselves while speaking and while they interacted was more articulate and surreal than much of the conventional animation for its time. If anything, the animated segment is the most engaging of the whole series and the most adventureous.
on a whole, yes, The Holiday Special is stupid and it's laughable at how trite and ridiculous it reached the camp level, but it's also fun and entertaining and it came out when Star Wars was fun and new and everyone was happy to be apart of it. And most of all it's important to consider that it's goal to bring kids and family into that world.

Gamecube is about 30 depending on where you go. But if you're wanting to get a more recent system, go for the Wii. I'm an NES fan myself but with the Wii, you can get those games for the gamecube cheap, and still play some awesome games for the Wii.

HAHHA. Jabbas palace...yeah.
I agree that Manhunt was extremely intense and playing it in the dark was terrifying. But I guess I'm more into plot driven games/stories/ than the visual. And while the premise is dark and psychological, the brutality of the killings was something I couldn't get in to. It's been a few years, I could probably get into it approaching it from a different perspective than I did then.

Anakin/Vader: DO NOT WANT!!!!

I agree. I wasn't sure how far I could go if I purposed such a game, i don't really know the age demographic in the forums and so to suggest an M game I wasn't sure. I'm glad someone agrees with me. Sometimes when one thinks of Rockstar, Manhunt comes to mind and to me that game was senseless gore. However, their latest release of the GTA games is showing that they're developing into better, more involving plots and character development.

For the hunting system in BH, I thought it was fun--especially in the Coruscant area, because you could look out across the landscape and maybe tag up to 5 people at once and then the annoying thing of trying to capture all of them while yellow and orange arrows are bouncing around the screen. But yeah, fun is all I can say about it.

revan, play the game, have fun and be tickled when Jango falls off from things and he flails about and screams pathetically--I never tire of how ridiculous that was.

If you were to speak in a Star Wars game context, it's entertaining, and given the release date, it's better than many of the lucasarts games that have been released. It fills in a good background story for Jango, how he was hired and how/why he made the choice to have Boba...although in continuity with the comics it's debatable.

However, and this may be because it is in fact a Star Wars game, there is a level of maturity it doesn't venture into. It has all the capabilities of being a really gritty Bounty Hunter game that we've all been waiting for, but because of the very fact it is Star Wars it is limited to a young audience. Jango's journey through the criminal underworld and eventually to his final hunt taps into some dark places, but it's holding back and results in Jango's motivations, psyche and his moral dilemmas not that interesting--or at least I don't empathize with him as much as the creators want us to.

The more recent star wars game and the Republic Commando game are beginning a new wave hopefully of real gritty, intense psychological games. What I would like to see is a bounty hunting game with Boba Fett and the other hunters that is completely noir, the criminals scathing and nasty and Fett just about if not as bad as some of the criminals you have to hunt down. Not that I want a mature rated Rockstar developed game, but something that brings a more artful or dark storytelling than the entertainment ones of the earlier Star Wars games that mimic the films.

Awesome. This was something I had learned from me mum and took the recipes with me when I moved. I often go to the allrecipes site, it's great. Another great thing to make--in a very similar way to lasagna would be Egg Plant Parmesean, it's something worth trying for him and I'm sure he'll doubly love.

Sorry for posting in the wrong section, I'll remember to next time.

Recently moved out and want to know what to do to keep alive? Want to show off? Just want to enjoy doing something and feel good afterwords? One great solution is COOKING! and I am here to provide a great recipe that can be cheap and very tasty!

1 box of jumbo pasta shells
1 can of Del Monte Chunky Spaghetti Sauce
1 lb of Jimmy Dean's Italian Sausage
1 bag of 5 Italian cheese
Parmesean Cheese
15 oz Ricotta Cheese
1 egg
1 tsp pesto
garlic salt
a cube of spinach

Preheat oven to 350 F

Alright, you want to start by thawing out the block of frozen spinach and drain thoroughly, then get a dish towel and sqeeze out all the excess water and juice. Set aside.

Then, cook your pound of Italian Sausage and when that is well done take off the heat and let it cool. Set aside

Cook your shells al-dente, that means not thoroughly and still a little hard. A good time would be about 5-6 minutes.

Take the ricotta cheese, egg, pesto, a tsp of pepper and a tsp of garlic salt and mix with the spinach and ground sausage you had sitting on the side

Then get a large oven pan and cover the bottom (no need to go completely overboard) of it with the sauce.

Stuff the shells with the concoction of ricotta chz etc and stuff the shells (a spoon would be a good tool to use). Then place those on your cooking pan put the rest of the sauce over that. Sprinkle the 5 Italian chz over the shells and cook for 20 mins, or when the cheese it nicely browned.

Remove from oven and sprinkle the parmesean cheese over that (yes...I love cheese...mmmmm...MMMM) and let it cool a bit and VOILA! ENJOY

Learning how to cook can be very rewarding and zen like. You can be a chef in a matta of no time! smile